Best Top for Pregnancy and Nursing

Free People Lovely Day Shirt Shutz Patrycia Wedge Sandal Gucci Belt Free People Top Louis Vuitton Musette Free People Top Louis Vuitton Musette The Lady Bag BLANKNYC Shorts The Lady Bag

Top: Free People | Shorts: BLANK NYC

| Shoes: Shutz, Flat Versions | Bag: The Lady Bag [c/o] [Use code KATEY15 for discount] | Sunglasses: BP | Necklaces: Etsy, Etsy | Belt: Gucci 

Photography by: Angie Garcia

There are rarely times I will say that you need something I blog. I mean, I’m the one naming my blog “tales of frivolous spending”. I might say something is a bargain or it’s flattering, but I’m not going to tell you that you have to have something.

Until today.

I’m breaking my rules.

Don’t let the title of this blog post fool you, even if you aren’t with child, been there done that with pregnancy or don’t plan on having kids for quite some time, you need this top.

I’ll be honest, I have yet to really share a blog post on tops that are nursing friendly because I’m not a huge fan of most tops that are! In general, I don’t love button-up blouses. I’ve got broader shoulders and so, button-up blouses never feel just right. But in an effort to save my sanity and make nursing easier, I ordered about 10 different button-up blouses to test. 9 were returned and this here is the winner! I went down a size as this brand generally runs a bit larger and as you can see there is still a lot of room! You can wear this over white jeans, but I front-tucked it in shorts for an edgier look with a statement belt. If you order your normal size this top is perfect for pregnancy as many of my friends are pregnant now and wearing it!

Even if you don’t have a little babe in your arms, this top is extremely effortless for summer! I think the entire reason I don’t like button-up blouses and just blame it on broad shoulders, is because they feel too structured. I just associate them with work meetings, not date night! This shirt is so lightweight [perfect for summer heat] and feels very relaxed.

I paired this look with my vintage Louis Vuitton Musette bag from The Lady Bag. Many of y’all have asked to see it styled again because you’re using my discount code [Katey15] so here is how it looks as a crossbody! [You can see it styled here, too!] Here is a version of this bag with pink detailing if you want to make a statement and here is the Monceau with strap that is ALWAYS out of stock. This bag fits SO many diapers along with my wallet, keys and a pack of wipes. Speaking of a pack of wipes…..I about had a heart attack the other day. Paul’s Grandmother watched Maxi for an hour while I had a meeting for work. I was setting up her bottle and items at her house before I left and I opened my diaper bag and couldn’t find wipes. Zero. None. Nada. All I could think was, “HOW do you forget wipes? You have teething toys in here she doesn’t even use yet and you don’t have a basic necessity?! The entire point of a diaper bag is diapers and wipes!” Lol! Thankfully, I had a pack in this purse but oh my gosh my palms got sweaty. Normally, I wouldn’t have stressed over that but if you’re a mom I’m sure you understand how it is when someone else is watching your baby! It was SO nice his grandmother was helping us out and I would have felt bad if I had just left her without something she needed. Like, “Okay! Bye! Hope you figure it out! I’ve got a meeting in 10 minutes so….” haha!

So regardless of what stage you are in life, I hope you love this top! As I type this post in the morning I’m thinking, “Yep, I’m going to wear this again today!” Have a wonderful Thursday!

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  1. It may be a good top for the nursing ladies, but it’s also a cute top in general!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 11 May 17Reply
  2. Katie wrote:

    I am dying over your shoes. They are just too adorable. Palm tree print is my favorite for Summer. Have a nice day.
    Greetings Katie

    Published 11 May 17Reply
  3. Clarissa wrote:

    HA, I am wearing this top at work right now! It’s seriously the best! Can’t wait to style it front tucked with shorts when the temperatures start acting like May again! I love how versatile it is and I’m not even feeding any little babies!


    Published 11 May 17Reply
  4. Allie wrote:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you are just absolutely killin’ the new mama game!!


    Published 11 May 17Reply
  5. Laurient wrote:

    I’m literally losing my mind over how much I love your wedges! Not preggo or nursing, but still feel like I need a flowy button down like this in my life.

    Published 11 May 17Reply
  6. Irina wrote:

    You look great. I’ve been seeing this top all over the blogs, I may just need to snatch it up.

    Published 11 May 17Reply
  7. Jane wrote:

    You just look FAB, as always!! Headed to Ft. Worth this weekend for a fun Mother’s Day weekend with family and nephew. I swear…..from some of your pics…….I would swear y’all live in the same neighborhood…..right near TCU !! I Want to wish you a WONDERFUL FIRST MOTHER’S DAY, KATEY !!!! ENJOY!!!!!!

    Published 11 May 17Reply
  8. Skye wrote:

    I have been looking high and low for over-sized aviators! I can’t believe how affordable these are. I just ordered them and can’t wait to get them. Thanks for the link girl.

    And seriously though, those shoes are adorable! 🙂

    Published 12 May 17Reply