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While I’d consider myself a perfectionist, I also know one of my biggest personality traits is that I make decisions quickly- or so it appears that I do. I’m very adamant on what I like and don’t like. When we purchased our first home my parents joked that I moved in and decorated the entire thing in a day, which I nearly did! And while I personally will always be the kind of girl that redecorates spots and hunts down every last gem at Homegoods, I’ve taken forever to even THINK about how I want to decorate this home.

When we moved into our first home we always knew it was temporary. We chose a fun location and an older area. Lack of space meant we knew we wouldn’t be here long past baby number 1, so I never felt like I was in an extremely committed relationship with furniture or decor. I budgeted and had fun with the process. There was also a lot of trial and error. I moved into this home by myself as an engaged girl and I moved out a mother. I’ve learned that sometimes it really is best to skip the budget find and wait longer to get what you want and that not all prints mix equally. In this next house, I want things to last for years to come and at the end of the day, be baby friendly.

So when it came time to think of how I’d decorate [which started back in March when we began this process!] I was stumped. Did I go French Country? What about Traditional? But Eclectic and Glamorous accents are always so fun. I really can’t just marry one style, but Parisian staples and European finds kept appealing to me. My mom and I hunted dozens of antique malls and I have spent every night for the past 5 months playing scavenger hunt on the internet after Maxi goes to sleep. Mind you, I was doing all of this while trying to find pieces for Paul’s office AND help my parents start the process of redecorating their master bedroom and bath. All three projects have completely different styles, so when I tell you I’ve seen every single nightstand currently on the world wide web, I am not lying. I finally got to sit down with a furniture designer and while showing him my vision for this home he told me that it was more transitional, but we will see how it all turns out!

My mom and I decided that I’d keep furniture more neutral and focus on greens, blues and camel. I mean…that’s neutral to this girl! This way, if I ever want to decorate a little more traditional or even a little more southern, I totally can! Eclectic accents can always be swapped out. For example, our dining room is actually going to house my parents antique dining table they have had in storage for years. We will have it refinished to allow the wood to shine a bit more and I’ll pair it with lucite chairs and this Chippendale chairs at the head. See where I’m going with this? We are bringing back the bar cart, but this time I’m having more fun with it. Lucite and brass detailing seems fitting for a cheeky piece of furniture and this will be in the dining room away from Maxi. My favorite thing about this house is her playroom is right by the living/kitchen/dining room. I’ll always be able to see her play…AKA redirect her to her tornado of a room when she wants to climb on the dining table. 😉 I really wanted linen dining chairs, but at the end of the day I know that isn’t practical with kids. Lucite is easy to wipe clean, so ghost chairs it is!

Now, let’s talk about Paul’s style. If you’ve followed this blog for a bit you probably already know he has no opinion when it comes to home decor. I push and prod and beg and it’s just not something he cares about. Makes it easy for me, but I also want it to reflect him. At this point in our marriage, I’ve learned the best way to reflect his style is to accommodate his requests. I asked him what mattered to him in the new home and this is what he said:

1. No More Duvet Covers or White Bedding

I’m a huge fan of white duvets and white bedding. They are so easy to bleach! But he was sick of helping me put the duvet cover on so I raised my white-bedding flag. We found this bedding from Anthropologie and got it while it was on sale. I’m adding this leopard bolster from Little Design Co. and I think it will be perfect and cozy.

2. Keep an Ottoman in Family Room

I shared that the buyers requested a lot of our furniture and so our ottoman didn’t match what we were left with. I gave it to a girlfriend and started from square 1. One night in Colorado I was scrolling on Pinterest and found cowhide ottomans. He told me he thought they were “cool” so I said, “Bingo!” I finally got a request! I think we are going to get this item sourced or custom made. But he really wasn’t opposed to a brown zebra print and I think it will pair beautifully with this Hermes throw. I do miss styling a coffee table, but we have a formal living that I’ll place one in. I like this round coffee table [makes me feel better not having the sharp corners] and it’s the perfect size for that room. I’m also baby gating the formal living so we have officially deemed it “mommy’s room” as Paul will also have an office in this home as his space.

3. Muhammad Ali Print

He really, really wants this print in our home. And I really, really want to get it for him but I have no clue where it would go! Other than these panels [they were the first things I found back in March when looking at this home!] we have decided to wait on art. Because he always requests this art I want it to be a focal point in a room so I just want to wait and see where we can place it. I’m thinking it will look great in our dining room which opens up to the entire living space.

I feel like this post was so much of me babbling, but I want to share my mindset while decorating with you all because I think it will be even more fun to watch it come together. I pulled the items that we have either purchased or 100% decided on above. Keep in mind, these items are spread out all over the entire home so they may not “jive” all in one mood board. But that’s okay, because none of this is just in one room. Some of this is just inspiration and I’m on a hunt to find more affordable options, but I am just placing things to see how it all flows. Thank you so much for reading, I’m so excited to share all the details of this process with you all.

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  1. Really cute picks. I can’t wait to see how the pieces will be arranged in your home!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 24 Jul 17Reply
  2. Sierra wrote:

    Could you link your new bedding please? Love seeing all of these updates! You are such a talented interior designer. I am NOT skilled in that area and Fixin to get married and move into my fiancée bachelor pad (!!) soooo I’m needing all the redecorating help I can get.

    Love your blog, per usual!!

    Published 24 Jul 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Sierra!

      Oops, I apologize for the mistake! Just added the link! 🙂 Aw you’re so sweet, thank you!!! xoxo

      Published 24 Jul 17Reply
      • Sierra wrote:

        Thank you so much for adding the link! Adore your style

        Published 25 Jul 17Reply
  3. I can’t wait to see how the new home comes together!!

    Published 24 Jul 17Reply
  4. Alex wrote:

    We just moved into our new home last week too!! We have no kids and just got married so we are in the phase you and Paul were in a few years ago! I am futnitute shopping all thd time too! I love lookong at your bedroom posts for ideas. If there is any chance youre selling your ballard design mirrored nightstands please let me know!!

    Published 24 Jul 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Alex! Congratulations!! Okay, so funny you say that! Paul and I went on a walk last night and we were discussing how we were decorating the guest bedroom and I think we decided to sell the nightstands. So feel free to e-mail me! They are somewhere in the back of our storage unit! lol. But Paul can dig them out!



      Published 24 Jul 17Reply
  5. Leigh Ann wrote:

    Girl, duvet clips! Game changer in getting the duvet on and settled right and you can do it by yourself. These were a godsend when I was still fooling with duvets. Switched to quilts because I just get too hot under a comforter.

    Published 24 Jul 17Reply
  6. Amanda wrote:

    I absolutely love the colors. They are soft yet rich. They are inviting and I know your home will be too. In your new home will you have a closet office again? I thought that was really wonderful. Scott and I are house hunting in a “charleston sc” themed neighborhood and closets are one of the first things I look at, lol. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Published 24 Jul 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Amanda! Aw thank you so much!! I won’t actually. This home has separate his and her closets which was so exciting as our old home barely had closet space, except for my office. haha! But I do have a little office area which I can’t wait to share! That’s amazing! I love those types of homes!! Have a great week! xo

      Published 24 Jul 17Reply
  7. Ashley wrote:

    Good luck with that Ballard Designs chair. I just ordered 8 of them (2 arm and 6 side chairs). While they are darling and the only ones I could find in that style – the arm chairs arrived cracked and my husband described them as the most uncomfortable chair he’s ever sat in. Needless to say – they went back :/

    Published 24 Jul 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Oh no!!! Our friends have them at their home and we love them when we are over there. I just ordered yesterday so I hope ours don’t come damaged! 🙁 I have no idea what I’d replace them with! What did you get instead? Sorry, I’d love a backup plan! I’m convinced there are more horror stories about furniture companies being incapable of delivering non-damaged furniture than there are of home renovations! haha.

      Published 24 Jul 17Reply
      • Ashley wrote:

        The side chairs were passable but the arm chair’s cushions were SO HARD and the back pattern stabbed both of us in the back. Did your friends have the side or arm chairs? Look at them super close where your hand would rest on the arm – all 4 arms had massive cracks at the joint.
        We also ordered a zinc table from Ballard and the table arrived with a bug ingrained in the top – like it had landed there as the metal cured. I think our experience was unique but I won’t be purchasing furniture from there again. We still don’t have dining room chairs – I am going to stop in at brick and mortar stores (Ethan Allen/Havertys) to try to find something that will work. The chippendale chair is probably not going to happen – there just aren’t retailers carrying them.

        Published 24 Jul 17Reply
  8. Ah! How fun (and probably a little stressful at times) to be picking out new home pieces! I love everything you rounded up here!!

    The Classic Brunette

    Published 24 Jul 17Reply
  9. Kaytlyn Ferrando wrote:

    Hi Katey! I love that you are bringing back the bar cart and that one is SO cute! I can’t wait to see how you style it. I have been looking for one for our dining room but haven’t had any luck. My style is more shabby chic but my husband can’t stand gold accents (insert crying emoji here). Any suggestions? Thank you!!

    Published 24 Jul 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Kaytlyn! Oh no!! haha! That’s so hard. But I totally get it, we are actually doing more silver accents in the next house because Paul liked those more. With that, I always suggest compromising. I’ve had girlfriends say, “Okay you can pick the couch, but I pick the coffee table.” Sow with gold accents and those being more minimal, I’d say you get to pick the accents and he can pick a piece of art! I also think brass is a nice compromise, it isn’t as bright and “glam” as gold and can also appear “industrial” for men! xo

      Published 24 Jul 17Reply
      • Thanks Katey! I love the compromise piece and I will look into brass accents!

        Published 25 Jul 17Reply
  10. Kelsey Harrington wrote:

    I absolutely love your interior decorating style! I am overly OCD about things matching, but you combine pieces and styles so effortlessly!

    You cannot go wrong with bedding from Anthropologie! They have the softest quilts ever… Not sure if they still carry Lazybones USA but their Rosette quilt feels like butter too. Would be perfect for Maxi down the road 🙂

    Published 24 Jul 17Reply
  11. Kim W wrote:

    Fun, great post!! Keep ’em coming!

    Published 24 Jul 17Reply
  12. I cannot wait to see pictures of your new home, your picks are amazing. I’m sure it will be gorgeous! I have been following you, since you lived in your Dallas apartment and it has been so fun to watch you get married and become a mother.

    Courtney Byers

    Published 24 Jul 17Reply
  13. Jamie Lou wrote:

    Thanks for sharing! I always love your decorating style! Gorgeous!

    Published 24 Jul 17Reply
  14. Gillian wrote:

    I also struggle putting the duvet covers on after I wash them weekly, so I completely relate! How do you plan on washing your comforter though? I like to clean my duvet once a week and I don’t know how I would do that with a quilt… Thanks!

    Published 24 Jul 17Reply
  15. I think I’ll be done with white duvet covers soon, as well. They can definitely be a pain!

    Published 25 Jul 17Reply
  16. Kabinda Foster wrote:

    Hi Katey! I really enjoy your posts ????. I’m new to the Fort Worth area and thanks to one of your posts, I found out about Polished (among other things!). I’m now hooked on their podcasts and am looking forward to attending their fall gatherings.
    When we moved here, we bought an older home that we are totally renovating. Living in dust and rubble isn’t fun, but we live in the most gorgeous area and it’ll all be so worth it when we’re done. I noticed in this post that you said you would be refinishing some of your grandparents furniture. I have some old furniture that I would like refinished too. Do you have any suggestions of anyone who can do it? Thanks!

    Published 25 Jul 17Reply
  17. Madison wrote:

    I LOVE that bedding! I just graduated college a year ago and I went budget friendly with most everything in my apartment (Wayfair and Home Goods of course!) but the one thing I splurged on was that exact bedding and it was the best decision. I have it in the Artic Ice color and it’s beautiful and soooo comfy!

    Published 25 Jul 17Reply
  18. Tessa wrote:

    I absolutely love your style and can’t wait to see your new house! So exciting!
    I saw you were selling your coffee table and was wondering if it had sold yet?

    Published 25 Jul 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Tessa! I have one girl that e-mailed me about it but I’m going to follow up with her this morning and see what she says! xo

      Published 27 Jul 17Reply
  19. Lindsey B. wrote:

    Will you be keeping with this color scheme for Maxi’s room? I’d love to send her a custom crib sheet from my Etsy shop Peapod & Nate – I can do pretty much any theme/print/color you can think of.

    Published 26 Jul 17Reply