Spotted Skirt

Skirt: J.Crew | Sweater: Banana Republic | Necklace: J.Crew | Shoes: Schutz, Similar | Bag: Gucci [c/o] | Lipstick: Lovesick | Bracelet: Goldbug  [c/o]

Photography by: Angie Garcia

Lately, I’m obsessed with two types of blog posts: extremely long reviews and a mess of random thoughts. You’d think I’d find a happy medium in there somewhere, but those are the two types I keep wanting to write! It’s midnight here so I thought I’d share all the thoughts on my mind just as if we were chatting on the phone.

1. Yesterday I planned all my blog posts until February. FEBRUARY. I’m nuts. I’m so extreme in work and in organization that’s it’s probably overkill. I just sleep well with a plan, people. I sleep well.

2. Paul sleep talks and I make notes in my phone of what he says to mess with him the next day. It kills me because I’ll be working and he sits up and will say, “I love you so much.” I think he is being sweet and then he says something like, “I was saying we should drive here but then we made a u-turn.” It’s happened every single night we’ve been married.

3. I really want to wallpaper some room in our home. But then the cost to remove texture, install, pay for wallpaper and I’m back to saying, “Oh these beige walls are fine. More than fine! They are stunning!” Also hating my pricy taste in wallpaper. Deeply hating it. But I torture myself and look at my favorite wallpaper fabrics each and every night.

4. Speaking of fabrics, give me all the velvet. I have eyes for this bag and these jeans.

5. In a tale of very practical purchases, I want to buy this for next summer. I figured if I want to get in it, Maxi would too!

6. I’ll be honest, I was a little on-the-fence to go to bible study tonight. Maxi was fussy from teething, I was exhausted, the upstairs [where we stay at my parents’] was a WRECK from packing. I kept thinking of 15 more reasons to stay home in order to get ready for our move. But I knew I needed to go for me and I always feel like you just hear the best messages when you were distracted earlier in the day. We are studying 2 Samuel and we were talking about how we don’t necessarily always understand just how holy God is. It’s easy to open up our bible and dive in, then get a text, check out phone and 5 minutes later we are on Instagram. We feel hurt when people text at dinner with us. I just kept thinking, “I can’t imagine how God feels when I get so distracted taking a few minutes a day to meet with him in his word.” I’m always in such a rush before Maxi gets up to get my devotionals in because trying to get in my quiet time while she is awake is a hot mess, let me tell you! I’ve got some V-Tech toy singing in the background or Peaches eating all her Puffs. lol! But I decided I want to challenge myself to do my quiet time with my phone on airplane mode so I can’t get distracted by a text or call or e-mail. I would LOVE any tips you mamas have on getting in quiet time!

7. I’m also tempted to start “recycling” pieces on the blog. For example, I want to restyle a certain dress that costs over $100 that way you get ideas on how to get more for your money. Would you like that?

8. As we finalize how we want to fix our kitchen island [I’ll show once we move!] I keep looking at kitchen blog posts. This is so beautiful and classic! Our island was supposed to be exposed wood. Growing up, my sister and I would sit at my parents’ kitchen island and eat and kick our feet against the wall. My poor mom was constantly scrubbing/repainting and fixing that island. Eventually she just added a tile to the island and it looked great. Her problem was solved. I *hope* to fill this house with more kids and figured they would kick their feet eating their breakfast, too. Our kitchen is all white so we thought the exposed wood would give a nice, warm element. Think this! Well, wood wasn’t used and it’s not my favorite. Not necessarily something that needs to change immediately but it’s on my list of things to do. I keep going back and forth. I’ve talked to a lot of girlfriends that are interior designers and they’ve given me two really great ideas, but I think we have to wait on both. One option we need to order more material which would take a bit. Another option would be a much bigger change so I would need to wait until we had a free week. I get scared to commit to either so we will see what happens! I definitely want to blog it.

9. Paul and I decided to keep Christmas pretty low key and just do stockings for one another with a gift we would both use. Everything we want is “home related” so we just didn’t think it made sense to go overboard, when all we care about for Christmas is enjoying Maxi! But one thing we both agreed we want to get [as our joint gift? Is that a thing?] is a new blender! This smoothie looks amazing as I’m on a turmeric kick! Any blenders you love?!

10. I’ve watched The Today show this week instead of GMA. My friends keep bullying me into it and I feel like a traitor. Still not convinced.

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  1. I love the “mess of random thoughts” reviews. Love getting to know a blogger I read better! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 27 Oct 17Reply
  2. Alex wrote:

    I looove making smoothies. I’ve never tried it with turmeric though?!

    Published 27 Oct 17Reply
  3. Julie wrote:

    Blue is a fabulous color on you! Also, these posts are always some of my faves!

    Published 27 Oct 17Reply
  4. Leesha wrote:

    My favorite blog post in a long time!! <3

    Published 27 Oct 17Reply
  5. Lynnlee wrote:

    I love random thought posts. Keep trying the Today show, especially the last hour with Hoda & KLG, that’s the best part! LOVE the idea of “recycling”, I tend to get stuck wearing the same look with a particular piece, so ideas on how to change things up would be great.

    Published 27 Oct 17Reply
  6. Brooke wrote:

    Totally a GMA girl also! My roommate is trying to have me make the switch to The Today Show and it’s not happening. Happy Friday!

    Published 27 Oct 17Reply
  7. Michelle Fitch wrote:

    Going to follow up your “phone chat” with some of my own randomness! What do you think about these loafer slides?! I have very similar style to you and love all of your fashion picks! I’m on the fence about these because they are cute but I fear they’ll be a little overwhelming. Would you buy or pass?!

    Published 27 Oct 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Michelle!

      Those are so cute!! I have a few bow slides and love them! I will say I do have a pink pair from Target and I don’t wear them as much so these may be a bit more difficult to style day to day, but I say go for it! xo

      Published 30 Oct 17Reply
  8. Irina wrote:

    You look so cute in this outfit! I’m constantly at war with myself for my expensive taste. I want to be adult and practical, but the heart wants what it wants.

    Published 27 Oct 17Reply
  9. Gracie wrote:

    I’m not sure if Chinoiserie/Chinese silk wallpaper is what you’re going for, but my mom recently installed Griffin and Wong into her dining room and it looks absolutely beautiful! She has always loved Gracie wallpaper but didn’t want to pay the hefty price tag– Her new dining room looks exactly like the Gracie wallpaper she wanted at a fraction of the price!

    Published 27 Oct 17Reply
  10. I love your kitchen idea! My husband and I are currently searching for a home and are considering building. An all white kitchen is a must!

    Xo Mindy

    Published 27 Oct 17Reply
  11. Taylor wrote:

    Omg i can totally relate to Paul in this post because apparently I talk in my sleep like crazy! Just this past weekend my boyfriend and some of my girlfriends all went to my other friend’s college for their homecoming game and we all slept in the same room. When we woke up the next morning everyone couldn’t believe how much I sleep talk!! oops.

    Published 27 Oct 17Reply
  12. Katie wrote:

    This skirt is so cute on you, Katey! I love how you styled it!


    Published 28 Oct 17Reply
  13. Ellen wrote:

    My mom has the Vitamix, and while it’s pricey, it’s amazing. And you can use it for so many other things than just smoothies. She’s made delicious soups with it!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

    Published 29 Oct 17Reply
  14. Sarah wrote:

    I would love to see recycling posts, especially if you were to link to previous wears with a “last seen here” type of reference!

    Published 29 Oct 17Reply
  15. Lindsey wrote:

    This is easily my favorite outfit you’ve posted this month! I love it because it’s very wearable at work! While I work in an office, it’s very casual (i.e. a lot of jeans and tennis shoes). I never want to be too dressy, and don’t feel my best in workout clothes every day. I feel like this is a good mix of cute and stylish without being too incredibly formal!

    I also love that you and your husband are doing a combined Christmas present with stockings! That’s what my fiance and I do each year. We pick something we really want as a couple, but that would may be a bit pricey for one of us to buy each ohter and we buy it together! I love doing stockings because it forces us to think out of the box, and be creative!

    xoxo – Lindsey

    Published 30 Oct 17Reply
  16. Dorian wrote:

    First of all, I love the random thoughts! I would also really enjoy some recycling posts. That’s so funny that Paul sleep talks. My fiance and I both do, and I’ve actually woken up once to us having a sleep talking conversation, it was hilarious!

    Published 30 Oct 17Reply