10 Favorites under $50

Sweater: H&M [under $40! shade: light turquoise] | Jeans: Shopbop | Shoes: Yosi Samra [c/o] | Bag: Givenchy, Similar | Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Earrings: Lisi Lerch [c/o]

Photography by: Angie Garcia

You all know I love to mix high and low! My closet is a mix of, “I can’t believe I spent that.” to “Can you believe this was only $14 at TJ Maxx?!” I’m an extremist, I tell you! An extremist! Recently, my sister and I have been texting about all the steals we find. She is in college and on a budget so she has been finding the best items at places like Nordstrom Rack and Zara. I tell her I want her to share them on the blog but no such luck. I will tell you all she bought a Juicy Couture jumpsuit at Nordstrom Rack. At first she did it to be funny but then it was a great price and she says it’s super comfortable. [She was too young for the Juicy Couture suite phase. But back when I hit it I begged my mama for one so badly and she said no to overpriced sweats- lol!]  Then my girlfriend, Diana, did the EXACT same thing the other week and bought one for lounging. Is this the Lord telling me to get one for hanging out at home? I mean if they are on sale….?! All in favor of bringing Juicy back?! Do I hear crickets? Moving on…but back to budgets. I was inspired by a few H&M purchases I made lately and my sister’s finds so I wanted to share a post on recent purchases. Here are a few less frivolous favs that I hope you enjoy! What are your favorite finds under $50?!

  1.  I wore this lavender sweater last weekend and it was so soft! The sleeves give it a bit of a mod look so it honestly looks far more luxe than it is.
  2. I’m obsessed with the new line at Target called, “A New Day.” We popped into Target last week after date night for diapers. I ended up getting lost in the clothing department. This cardigan under $25 is a wonderful find.
  3. This. In. The. Beige. It doesn’t look $24, y’all. It doesn’t look $24.
  4. Last Christmas my mom got me a pink pom beanie. I adore it and it makes those days you have to bundle up feel a little less gloomy. These come in an array of colors and are a great gift for a girlfriend.
  5. My mom has a few of these blankets and Maxi loves them! She wants nothing to do with our 50 other blankets, she is sassy and just wants this one. She plays with the tassels so go figure. However, these come in a ton of different shades to fit your home decor and feel like butter! With these being $39, my mom ordered a bunch for Christmas and got them monogrammed for her girlfriends.
  6. A lace-trim camisole is a wardrobe must have! They make layering a breeze and my girlfriends all wear them under blazers for date night. This one is $49.
  7. THIS is such a fun take on the long cardigan. I lived in long cardigans during my pregnancy and want to start wearing them again. I pair them with jeans and a v-neck or something thin like the camisole above.
  8. Mara Hoffman is one of my favorite designers and I always talk the Shopbop sales to get her pieces for a better price. When I came across this sweater I thought it was from her line, but it’s only $40!
  9. Most of my blog posts feature me wearing Stila liquid lipsticks! Many of you ask about when they go on sale, so you can try my favorite shades for less. This gift set features 3 of my favorite shades [okay, who am I kidding? I love them all.] all for $20! They are smaller sizes
  10. It’s that time of year for my favorite holiday candle. I burn this candle each November and December, just the scent of it reminds me of all my Christmas memories in my old apartment, our first home and now. This only has to be burned for about 10 minutes or so and your home will smell for hours! I just need about one a season!

Tomorrow I have a fun little announcement on social media, so be sure to check out my Instagram tomorrow morning!


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  1. I love the pop of yellow from your purse. Such a cute and cozy outfit!

    Published 16 Nov 17Reply
  2. Same, I can’t get enough of candles this time of the year. Can’t wait to add a new one to my collection! 😀

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 16 Nov 17Reply
  3. Kate wrote:

    First, I love those distressed jeans you are wearing! I love mixing high/low pieces too so I will definitely have to check out that line at Target. Thanks for sharing!

    Kate | katelovesmakeup.com

    Published 16 Nov 17Reply
  4. Britt M wrote:

    Girl, I have kept my Juicy track suits (yes, plural) from college and refuse to get rid of them. I tell my husband, “they remind me of better times” in my old Rose from Titanic voice. I say, “GET THE SUIT!” Just maybe get the ones that don’t have “JUICY” all over it 😉

    Published 16 Nov 17Reply
  5. Kristin wrote:

    I love this! I will be gifting the candle and blanket for Christmas.

    Published 16 Nov 17Reply
  6. Kim wrote:

    Hi Katie! Is h&m all sold out of the grey sweater at the top of this post? It only shows turquoise and a light green! Or is it just photographing grey?

    Published 16 Nov 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Kim! It is light turquoise! It’s just such a light color that in person it even looks grey! xo

      Published 16 Nov 17Reply
  7. Kristina Lahti wrote:

    LOVEEEEEE the bliss blanket! I got mine for $15 during the anniversary sale!

    Published 16 Nov 17Reply
  8. Poonam wrote:

    I stilllll have my Juicy velour jackets from high school, and they definitely come in handy once in a while ????

    Published 16 Nov 17Reply
  9. Shelby Boykin wrote:

    I wouldn’t be mad about Juciy coming back ???????? Love the candle and ligloss set—I can always count on you for fabulous gift ideas for those who are hard to shop for!


    Published 20 Nov 17Reply