Styling a Bodysuit

Jacket: Tularosa [xs] | Bodysuit: Alice & Olivia [this isn’t the exact style as that is no longer sold, but it’s the most similar cut] [wearing S], Similar, Similar | Jeans: Shopbop | Shoes: Schutz, Similar | Bag: Gucci [c/o], Similar | Sunglasses: Beehive Boutique, Similar | Lipstick: Perla, Jouer

Photography by: Angie Garcia

I’ve shared before that up until last fall when I saw a bodysuit in store I thought, “Okay, that’s nice for college girls. Moving on.”

It seemed impractical at best, and honestly the last thing this new mama wanted to try on.

However, I’m the worst at shopping in store. It’s part of the reason I rarely do it. I’m a people pleaser and so if a sales associate starts chatting I feel this inherent guilt that I should buy something because I know they have sales goals to meet. No, seriously. I feel guilty because I don’t want to waste their time and hurt their goals. It’s a huge reason [and budget reason] I rarely shop in store.

Over our anniversary weekend, we popped into a store so I could grab something for an event the following week. The sales associate handed me a bodysuit and I thought, “Oh no. Oh no. I need to try this on but I’d never wear this.”

She handed me a pair of boyfriend jeans [another thing I rarely wear] and I walked into the fitting room thinking this was going to be a hot mess.

3 minutes later? I bought the bodysuit and because I wanted to. It was amazing. And this is why sales associates are so good at their jobs…they can get us out of our comfort zones! For starters, it’s an incredible piece to layer. I have so many statement jackets like the one in today’s post and I feel like a marshmallow in them because I typically have on something bulky underneath. The body suit allows it to be the focal point. It also shows off your jeans because it doesn’t compete for attention which most tops do. I also love this with longer skirts. Half the reason I avoid full skirts is that I’m always smoothing my top because it starts to bunch.

Do you have a bodysuit?! What are your thoughts on this trend? It’s definitely not something I can pull off everywhere, but it’s so fun for date night or dinner with the girls!

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  1. I’ve always thought bodysuits were so impractical, and the first time I saw one, I was like “how does that even work?” But it sounds great from your review and you wore yours really well. ❤️ Maybe I’ll get one too? Haha! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 19 Jan 18Reply
  2. Your sunglasses are sooooo cute!! I love them! <3 

    Published 19 Jan 18Reply
  3. autumn wrote:

    I have quite a few! I have been wearing them a few years. As a mom of 2, I like that it keeps my stretch mark stomach covered when I lift my arms haha. Plus it stays tucked in when I want a nice clean look.

    Published 19 Jan 18Reply
  4. emily wrote:

    had the same experience with bodysuits! thought no way, and then i tried one on and was hooked. wearing a turtleneck bodysuit now actually with a big cardigan. they are SO versatile!! love!!

    Published 19 Jan 18Reply
  5. Amber Y wrote:

    My torso is way too long for bodysuits 🙁 I love them though!

    Published 19 Jan 18Reply
  6. Catie wrote:

    Love your hair in these photos! Please share how you get this awesome wavy texture 🙂

    Published 19 Jan 18Reply
  7. Bodysuits are my faveeee because I hate when my tops get bunched up but there’s no denying that they’re just gonna do that! My one pet peeve though is that so many bodysuits are full coverage, which is fine for skirts, but I really like to wear bodysuits with jeans and I hate the lines! That said, when I find a good thong bodysuit, I am all over it like white on rice.

    xo Mary-Katherine

    Published 19 Jan 18Reply
  8. McKenzie wrote:

    These colors look gorgeous on you! I don’t own a body suit, but you are rocking it! Loving the coat! 🙂


    Published 20 Jan 18Reply
  9. I love that body suit! I think I’ll give them another shot. Those glasses are adorable, too!

    Published 20 Jan 18Reply