Red Dress & Statement Clutch

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Dress: Nordstrom, Here as well in stock! | Boots: Old, Similar | Bag: Sole Society [c/o] | Bracelets: The Styled Collection [c/o], Beehive | Necklace: Moon & Lola [c/o] | Lipstick: Blankety | Earrings: Tory Burch | Sunglasses: Similar

Photography by: Angie Garcia

 Good Morning, girls! I hope you all got to grab your favorite coffee on the way to work this morning or stop at your favorite bagel spot, anything to make a Monday better! Anything!

Let me start off this post by saying, I am not a red person. I know, I know! Statistically speaking, it is the most flattering color on a woman from a male and female perspective. But, I’m always nervous about being too loud in it or appearing washed out. I splurged on a Gucci Red Disco Bag when I was in college and I ended up just giving it to my mom because I never carried it enough. However, every now and then I force myself out of my comfort zone to reach for it on the rack. This dress is one I grabbed because I loved the fit. Anything with a little drop waist, a sleeve and a fun hem is perfect in my book. I wore it to an event for work two weeks ago and y’all were so nice saying how much you liked it! Touché and point taken. I need to get over my red aversion and just buy more of it, because it really does make you feel more confident once you actually wear it!

Sadly, this dress is almost sold out since Nordstrom put it on sale, but the good news is I found a ton of other red dresses just like it and some for a lot less! I’ll share them below.

 I paired it with this statement clutch I shared was a great dupe for the Clare V. leopard one and this one is from Sole Scoeity for 1/4th of the price!

Lastly, I have a question for you! Since the weather has gotten nicer I’ve been taking Peaches on some walks in the morning and for the life of me I can’t find a Podcast I like. I can’t be that picky, right?! I must be searching the wrong ones. I’ve listened to a few on The Real Housewives and I’m just like, “Wait, this is a thing? This is so boring.” haha. So maybe I’m just out of the loop on the best Podcasts to listen to. I’d love to know yours if you have any favorites!


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  1. Emily wrote:

    Happy Monday, Katey! I really love the podcast “Stuff You Missed in History Class.” Definitely worth a listen!

    PS and yes, the red is great on you!

    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  2. Alex wrote:

    Katey I’m taking my engagement photos Friday and I have no idea what to wear!! HELP! We will be outside in a garden

    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  3. Lyra wrote:

    Young house love has a podcast
    Chris loves Julia
    Redemption Church- Chesapeake,VA

    All amazing! First 2 are about design with great entertaning banter and the last is real gospel centered truth. Try them all, you won’t be disappointed❤️

    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  4. Elizabeth wrote:

    I LOVE Straight Up With Stassi, with Stassi from Vanderpump Rules! She is so funny!

    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  5. Courtney wrote:

    If you liked Serial here are my favorite true crime podcasts:
    Undisclosed – Season 1 has to do with all the stuff Serial left out
    Truth and Justice with Bob Ruff

    Housewives/Pop Culture:
    Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald
    The B*tch Bible ( it actually has the “i” in it, but I don’t actually ever say curse words so I’m not comfortable writing it out lol)

    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Oooh!! I love Serial! Will have to listen to Undisclosed! Thank you so much girl!! xo

      Published 10 Oct 16Reply
      • Courtney wrote:

        I just remembered there’s also a book out called Adnan’s Story by Rabia Chaudry. Rabia is one of the hosts of Undisclosed and the book goes into a little bit of the behind the scenes of Serial and so much more info. I listened to it as an audiobook. I might be slightly obsessed lol.

        Published 13 Oct 16Reply
  6. Leeann wrote:

    Love the red dress with the leopard!!!

    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  7. Heather Balsamo wrote:

    A few podcasts that I listen to are . . .
    Bitch Sesh (It is about the Housewives but the hosts are hysterical and they chat about other things)
    Big Boo Cast (They are two bloggers, Big Mama and Boo Mama. I love how deep their southern accents are plus they talk about football, faith, parenting and everything in between)
    Girlboss Radio

    Also check out Pinterest, I saw a bunch of new ones listed that I have yet to listen to!

    Good luck!


    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  8. Hannah wrote:

    Love this on you! I know you said you were nervous to wear red, but it looks so good on you! I only have one red dress in my closet, but I need to pick up another one!

    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  9. Hi Katey–

    Listen to Serial Podcast! Season one was so good! It is so interesting I definitely think you’ll enjoy it!


    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Love love love Serial!! Seriously the only good podcast I’ve ever listed to!!



      Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  10. Emilee wrote:

    I drive two hours one way every other weekend to see my boyfriend and podcast have become what keeps me sane on the drives. My favorites are: Stuff you Missed in History Class, the memory palace, The Black Tapes, Limetown, and Mystery Show.

    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  11. Nina wrote:

    Ah I haven’t listened to a podcast since serial but all of my friends like Straight Up with Stassi.

    Love that dress on you, you should wear red more often!

    xo, Nina
    Law of Fashion Blog

    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  12. Carrie wrote:

    Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald is my guilty pleasure of the moment!
    Dishing up Nutrition
    Dr Lo Radio

    Hope you and baby are feeling great, you look great 🙂

    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  13. Madison wrote:

    Oh my goodness you HAVE to listen to The Him & Her Podcast. It’s Lauryn Evarts and her fiancé from The Skinny Confidential and it’s beyond fantastic. They are hilarious, they give tons of blogging & business advice and it’s so much fun to listen to. You 100% won’t be bored. Also Serial is really good if you’re into crime!

    XO Madison

    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  14. Britt M. wrote:

    I used to be a little shy to wear red, so I would wear maroon, burgundy or rusty reds to transition to feeling comfortable wearing red. I find that I like wearing cranberry red a little more and I think that color seems to really flatter most gals better than actual red. 🙂 Red does look great on you!

    As far as Podcasts, I love Heather McDonald and I like these for empowering women:
    -The Great Girlfriends
    -The Read

    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  15. Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey is by far my favorite podcast ever! She’s a pastor’s wife from Austin who chats with a girlfriend every week to talk about all God is doing in their lives and so many other things. It’s always encouraging and such a fun listen. Every girl needs to listen to this podcast!

    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  16. Kathleen S wrote:

    The accused!! such a good murder mystery podcast 🙂

    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  17. Lauren wrote:

    You will love “The Happy Hour” by Jamie Ivey. She is an Austin based gal and she hosts various Christian authors, artists and business women/philanthropists and they chat about everything from favorite TV shows to deep theological beliefs. It would be perfect for a morning walk.

    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  18. Red is such a powerful color–you look wonderful in it! Cast your worries aside and get another red dress to add to your collection.

    I spend two hours each day on my commute. I listen to a lot of podcasts to kill the time! My all-time favorite is Awesome Etiquette. It’s witty, charming, and you learn so much just by listening. By the ends of three episodes you will feel like you know Lizzie & Dan, I promise!


    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
    • LHW wrote:

      +1 on Awesome Etiquette! I love it.

      Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  19. Hilary wrote:

    The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivy! It’s funny, entertaining, and inspiring all at the same time! Feels like you are chit chatting with your best girlfriends and she always had great guests on the show

    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  20. Mariah wrote:

    You look so fabulous! I totally understand about being cautious wearing red. I feel the same way. It’s hard sometimes to wear such a loud color. However, you are totally rocking this dress! Love a good dupe!

    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  21. Girl, you need to rock red more! You look stunning!! I love Podcasts, This American Life and Serial are so so good! Happy Monday <3
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  22. Amanda wrote:

    You look lovely in red! Xo

    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  23. Red looks so pretty on you! <3

    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  24. Ellen wrote:

    You have to listen to The Lady Gang!! Its so entertaining and funny!

    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  25. Iyanu wrote:

    Family Life Today and Focus on the Family are great Christian podcasts that feature guest who share an area of struggle whether it be parenting, marriage, self esteem issues, etc. and how they overcame it. Some episodes are more interesting than others but I enjoy both of them very much!

    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  26. Amy wrote:

    You look so gorgeous in anything, girl! But, especially this red dress!


    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  27. Mary wrote:

    You look like a million bucks in red, girl!

    I love this outfit together! I think blondies look so great in red, always!

    Podcast: This American Life! Amazing. There was one a few years back on Harper High School (my first teaching job out of college). Give it a listen– it’s incredible!


    Published 10 Oct 16Reply
  28. Hallie wrote:

    I LOVE Havilah Cunnington’s podcasts….she only does them once a month but I wait for them and it always feels like you’re listening to your best friend talk about Jesus. Lot’s of churches put out weekly podcasts also! Some of my favorites are Gateway and Elevation Church.

    Published 11 Oct 16Reply