Pink on Pink in NYC

The older I get the less apologies I make for my personal style. I remember getting anxious when people would come over to my first apartment. I’d get worried they’d make a comment over how many printed pillows I had or something along those lines. When we first got married and would go on double dates, sometimes I’d change because I thought the wife may wonder why on earth I was wearing sequins to a fried chicken spot. You get the idea.

Isn’t that hilarious? I mean I’d seriously stash throw pillows in linen closets and change my top just because I’d let my nerves get the best of me. Now, I don’t think a thing of it as age along with motherhood has given me more confidence.

I am who I am and while I won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, I know I’m SOMEONE’S cup of tea and I think we should all feel that way!

Hence, why I wore a pink on pink look to meetings in NYC. Originally, I had packed a few neutral looks just because it was what I had in my closet. Then I stopped mid suitcase fold and thought, “This does NOT look like me or my brand.”

I got on Instagram for some inspiration and my girl Teggy French had posted this pink coat to her shop page. I love when bloggers sell their clothing- I sell my accessories here sometimes!

I commented in 30 seconds and purchased it from her. This is a designer coat I would have never purchased in a million years or justified, but I was able to get it from her for 75% off, ladies. 75% off! I was thrilled.

Paul surprised me with this bag for my birthday, so I went full on Elle comma Woods. And remember these booties? They came along for the trip and I’m pleased to say you can pounce around pavement all day in Halogen booties, feet still in tact. No blisters here!

Moral of this post is, be confident in your personal style. You get far more compliments wearing something that feels like “you”, than wearing something that feels like “her.”

Coat: Robert Rodriguez, Similar for $30 | Sweater: Revolve, Similar | Denim: Shopbop | Booties: Halogen, Similar | Bag: YSL, Similar | Brooch: Chanel, Similar

Photography by: Felicia the Photographer

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  1. Only you could work a pink on pink look so stylishly! Beautiful, Katey! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 13 Mar 18Reply
  2. Your new bag is gorgeous!!!!

    Amanda |

    Published 13 Mar 18Reply
  3. Kristen wrote:

    “Wear something that feels like you, not her” Such a wise statement! Thanks so much for this post, it’s nice to have the reminder now and again 🙂

    Published 13 Mar 18Reply
  4. Heather Manderson wrote:

    I love this so much!! Do you have any recommendations for similar white leather booties that have available sizes?

    Published 13 Mar 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Heather! Yes! I linked a similar pair right next to the original that have sizes in stock! I hope that helps! Thank you for reading. 🙂 xo

      Published 13 Mar 18Reply
  5. Allison R wrote:

    Love everything about this! The pink looks unbelievable on you- this should be in a magazine. And I loved what you said about being true to your style. I always worry that I’m overdressed or that an event is too casual to wear a dress, but in the end my husband always reminds me to wear what makes me happy. <3

    Published 13 Mar 18Reply
  6. Katelyn Clark wrote:

    “I am who I am and while I won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, I know I’m SOMEONE’S cup of tea and I think we should all feel that way!”

    Yasss!!! I am just waiting for you to get a book deal!!!! I love that you share your stories of personal growth in such an elegant way and how you tie it in with your style. Genius!

    Published 13 Mar 18Reply
  7. Ashley wrote:

    I love this! So true. I come across this all the time- will this make other uncomfortable because it’s so out there? Then I end up wearing an outfit I hate and don’t feel confident, when I wear something crazy that I love people usually compliment it anyways- and you hope it gives someone else confidence to wear something they usually don’t!

    Published 13 Mar 18Reply
  8. Brittney wrote:

    Love this post! Cute, simple and powerful!

    Published 13 Mar 18Reply
  9. Christine wrote:

    I LOVE this “full on Elle comma Woods” look!! I am a color girl too and feel my most self in something bright or sparkly! I love and appreciate my friends who are more neutral girls too (they can totally rock it!) or whatever color of the rainbow they enjoy. I think one of the perks of getting older I am learning is that you enjoy “being you” even more and are unapologetic about it! God created us each so differently and how beautiful is that! Keep on rocking that hot pink girl, you look fabulous!

    Published 14 Mar 18Reply
  10. Ashley Whitten wrote:

    Hi Katey, I love love this post! I am such a pink girl and a very over the top wear sequins and high heels to all situations type of girl. This post and your sweet reminders reminded me of the saying about how you’ll always be too much of something for someone but if you round your edges you lose your edge and I just love that. Lots of love from Atlanta

    Published 14 Mar 18Reply
  11. I love all the pink with the white boots! It’s gorgeous!! I use to be the same way worring about what other people would say about my clothes. Let’s just say I like to dress up a bit more than people in my town do. But as i’ve gotten older (34) I dress like I want to dress no matter what. One day I could be in a sweatshirt and the next I could be in a dress. I have many different styles depending on the weather and how my mood is.

    Published 15 Mar 18Reply
  12. Katie wrote:

    I love it. You really rock the color. Makes me even happier for Spring.
    xo Katie

    Published 19 Mar 18Reply