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I used to have a series called, “Ask Katey” here on COF, but somehow I lost track of it and can’t remember when I stopped. It’s the “when you lose your sunglasses but you are wearing them” sort of feeling. I blog daily so how on earth did I forget to keep it up?!  I really do try my best but unfortunately as social media grows {can you believe Instagram DM used to not exist?!} I can’t answer all the questions I receive. In an effort to try to get more questions answered via social media, I decided to take this series back. We are starting “Dear Katey, Girl Talk for the Modern Girlfriend” today and I’m so happy about bringing this sort of content to you all. Not that I’m great at advice {I am not!} but it makes me feel like we are at dinner as friends and in turn I feel more connected to you all! Each month I’ll select a few questions that cater to different aspects on the blog that I believe others may be curious about. If you ever want to send a question, feel free to just put “Dear Katey” in the subject title or when you send me a DM. I’m happy to throw it in a future post! 🙂


Good morning! I have a question for you about under eye skincare. I’ve been using Tula products lately, which I love, but haven’t tried an under eye cream yet. I’m about to be a first time mom in May, so I know I’ll be needing something for those lovely dark circles and bags haha! I’ve noticed they have several to choose from and wanted to get your opinion on which one you think is the best/strongest for combatting those types of things. I appreciate any feedback for advice you have.


Katey: Congratulations on your baby- so, so exciting! Under eye cream is a tough one, so excuse me if this is more of a wordy response- I have a lot of thoughts! I’ve heard from some top industry leaders that it is all a hoax and some say it is the most important step. Dark circles are mostly going to be based on your genes along with water consumption, so as much as we want to blame the baby we probably need to blame our mothers. The skin under your eye is also the most sensitive, so it will probably be the one area of skincare you experience the most trial and error with. What works well for Sally may not work for Suzy, you see?! Once I tried a really popular one and had a rash for 2 weeks. This was right when I met Paul so I tried to keep pushing off our dates so he wouldn’t say, “Um, you’ve got a little something under your eyes there!
I love the TULA Eye Renewal Serum for brightening and I’ve used different brands of creams on and off. I typically go back to the TULA Eye Cream, or whatever my mom isn’t using/hands off to me. Right now, I’m currently testing this new serum that lifts and I apply it towards my eye area {not directly}, so if that works well I will blog it.
If you’re going to be nursing, I would recommend a Beautycounter Eye Cream as that is going to be safe for pregnancy/nursing and not be filled with retinol. I would also grab this product for application before makeup. It’s GOLD in a tube.


Hey Katey! Do you have any day/work appropriate eyeshadow palettes that you use? Thanks and Happy Easter! 

Katey: When looking for a daytime eyeshadow palette keep two things in mind: application and finish. Ultimately, a matte finish is going to be more work-friendly than say a shimmer, but you can create an appropriate look with both based on application. A light hand will be your bff for work. With that being said, I’d try to choose a palette with more matte, neutral hues. The Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette is going to be very office appropriate and a bit more affordable than a larger palette. However, if you do want some shimmer my best recommendation would be the Lorac Unzipped Shimmer & Matte Palette.


Hi! Such a random question, but I LOVE your gift guides. My best friend just found out she is pregnant. What was your favorite gift to get as a “Congratulations” when you found out you were pregnant? Or what is your go-to gift?

Katey: That is so sweet of you to be thinking of your friend at this time and congratulations to her! With you thinking ahead like this, I’m just going to go ahead and say you’re a fabulous friend and whatever you do will be perfect. But here are my two cents anyways. 😉

I may be in the minority here, but ultimately I think the best gift you can gift someone during pregnancy is support. Everyone’s pregnancy is so different, but each mother deserves the same amount of compassion whether she has a healthy, happy, easy pregnancy or not. So if your friend is nervous about delivery, listen and encourage her that she can do it. If she is sick, validate how strong she is. If she feels great, help her enjoy every bit of pregnancy! And I can tell you will do that for her since you’re already wanting to help her celebrate.

But this is Chronicles of Frivolity after all, so you know I’ve got a tangible gift or two to recommend. I love Lola James for anything motherhood related. I got my “Maxi” necklace there, but you could get something that says, “Mama.” If she likes to read, get her this and tell her to take it to the hospital. It’s a book she reads daily through her baby’s first year. If she is into fashion, she would love this jacket. Here is a post for more baby-related gifts.


Hi Katey! I’m looking to invest in a designer bag, but torn on which direction to go in? If you could only have one bag, which one would it be?

Now THAT is a tough question. I did an in-depth designer bag review on favorites and flops, and I think most of it still remains true today. Ultimately, I’d still go with a Louis Vuitton Neverfull as it is the most practical bag for me. You can carry it for work, travel, office, weekend and running errands. I have both the MM {medium size} and GM. I am 5’3″ for reference and you can see me styled with the GM here. I apologize as I don’t think I have ever photographed the MM. If you want to use it for work, travel or as a diaper bag- go with the GM! If you are very petite and just want it as a daily handbag, I recommend the MM. I think the nice thing about the Neverfull is that as it gets “worn” it still looks wonderful. With my Prada bags, I get anxious when they get nicked or get scratched. However, the Neverfull just starts to look like vintage goodness. I’ve had my GM tote for 7 years and I don’t plan on repurchasing it any time soon. I’ve used it through two different fields of work, plenty of flights, road trips and now a baby.


Hi! My fiancé and I are doing one of our wedding registries on Amazon and I wanted to put a clothing steamer on it and was wondering if you used on in particular you liked? Thanks in advance and I hope you are having a good weekend! 

Yes girl, I am so in love with my steamer I travel with it and no other travel-sized one will do. This is the reason I can’t check a bag! I love this one by Conair. I use it for clothing, bedding, you name it.

I’m excited to make this series a bit more consistent on COF, so I hope you all enjoy!


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  1. I love posts where bloggers interact with us readers and answer our questions! Thank you for your answers this week, Katey! So glad you brought this series back. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 03 Apr 18Reply
  2. Kensey wrote:

    I really like this type of post! It is very direct and easy to find a variety of answers in one post!

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  3. Sarah Kolk wrote:

    Can’t wait to see more of these posts! Love that you’re bringing it back.

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  4. Amy wrote:

    What a great series to start! I love this!


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  5. Kelsie wrote:

    These types of posts are my favorite!! Thank you for sharing!

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  6. Kelsie Fox wrote:

    I love these kinds of posts! Thank you for sharing! Xo –

    Published 03 Apr 18Reply
  7. Romi wrote:

    Thank you for including us in your Gift Guide! We are so happy you love your Maxi necklace 🙂

    Published 04 Apr 18Reply
  8. Brooke wrote:

    I love this post! Informative and easy to shop. I am considering purchasing the Neverfull, and using it as a diaper bag for a baby (due in July) and a toddler. Do you use a Totesavvy organizer or some other type of insert/organizer when using it as a diaper bag? Thanks!!

    Published 05 Apr 18Reply
  9. Jennifer List wrote:

    LOVE this post, Katey!

    Published 08 Apr 18Reply