5 Beauty Products to Beat the Heat

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photography by: angie garcia

We shot this look while it was at least 102 and I was thrilled I had purchased this dress. I wore it at least 4 times the first week I got it because it’s so comfortable. It’s breathable without being flimsy and versatile enough you can go from the pool to dinner with your sister- or that’s what I did this day! 😉 It reminded me of those Juicy tube dresses back in the day- ha! But in the BEST way. As I got the images to post, I started to be quite relieved I was wearing it because who takes blog outfits in this kind of heat?! Hence, why I had to hide under shade! So let’s talk heat and humidity…

Maybe you live in Houston {girl, bless you for your humidity tolerance!} or maybe you’re about to take a tropical vacation, but one thing is for certain: heat and humidity usually overpower our beauty routine. From foundation breaking up to sticky lotions, it can be hard to enjoy tacos on a patio when you just don’t feel your best. Today I’m sharing my 5 favorite beauty products to beat the heat!

  1. Native Deodorant: I switched over to Natural deodorant last year and y’all, I can’t ever go back. I actually tried my old favorite when I was in NY this past March and HATED it. I felt so gross and sweaty! When you find the right natural deodorant for your body, you truly regulate your sweat. I know that sounds TMI, but once you get through the detox phase it is heaven. I find I *rarely* sweat now, and would have never thought that in 102 degrees and 68% humidity 2 years ago. I have an entire blog post on this magical bottle here.
  2. blotterazzi Blotting Sponge: One question I get quite often through DM is in regards to keeping makeup on throughout the day. In heat and humidity, foundation can break up and look oxidized. It’s tempting to apply more, but then you’re just walking around with layers of powder causing your skin to look drier. Here’s my secret: First, you want to make sure your makeup is set properly throughout the day. I love Laura Mercier Translucent Powder and I use that after foundation on really hot days in my T-Zone. Then I set my makeup with either MAC Fix + Finishing Mist or Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. I use MAC Fix + {although not technically a makeup setting spray, but read my post here!} on regular days, and UD on days I’ll be outside or have evening plans. Then, throughout the day I will use this blotterazzi. First, I spray my rose spray directly on my face to freshen makeup and then take this sponge and *press* into the skin. This will give the effect of fresh foundation, but you’re not applying any additional pigmented product! Seriously, if you’re in the heat, you must have this in your purse!
  3. Kopari Rose Spray: To piggyback off the prior product, this is the rose toner spray I keep in my purse. I did a review on it here, and it’s a humidity must have. It’s really refreshing and helps blend in any makeup that has broken apart due to the heat.
  4. Purity Tanner: Personally, I think self-tanner is fun! I enjoy it like I enjoy a new gloss. I have different ones that give me different shades and then some weeks I just pass it over altogether. A girls got to have options, no?! Recently, I bought the Purity tanner by St. Tropez. This is a tanner with naturally derived DHA that doesn’t give you the self-tanning scent or smudge your clothing. I repeat, no bad scent or smudge! That’s quite unheard of in the self-tanning industry as the scent is what allows the product to develop. Now, do you get incredibly dark with this? No, and I think it is because this is more natural. If you are already really olive, you may not love this. However, you get a lovely glow and I’m using it in this shoot as an example! It’s nice if you are a little intimidated of self-tanner. I have a post on my self-tanning tips, here. What I love best is that I don’t have to do the whole “shower, wait, apply, wait, apply sweats, wait, sleep, rinse off in the morning” routine. You can apply this product in the morning, it develops in 4 hours and requires no rinsing off.
  5. Coconut Wipes: In my natural deodorant post I preached about the importance of these! If we are going to the pool and dinner, I make sure to toss these in my pool bag along with this setting spray. I’ll use the Supergoop! spray to refresh my face, reapply sunscreen and then the wipes to freshen up after a day at the pool. This just feels a lot cleaner than spritzing on more perfume before we grab a bite to eat and head home.

So as I go about this warm day, I must know, what beauty products do you use to beat the heat?!

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  1. The rose spray you mentioned sounds really good, especially since it’s so humid where I live! Definitely need to try it out! 🙂 ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 11 Jul 18Reply
  2. Laura Leigh wrote:

    Thank you for sharing these! I’ve been trying natural deodorant but haven’t met my match yet! I will be grabbing native today and those coconut wipes.

    xo Laura Leigh

    Published 11 Jul 18Reply
  3. Caroline wrote:

    I started using Native after you first posted about it and have been a devotee ever since– I’ve even got my girlfriends using it now!

    Published 11 Jul 18Reply
  4. Jazz wrote:

    I love Native! I didn’t experience a “detox” but I do use the sensitive variation instead of the original. It has held up to everyday heat here in Houston as well as trips to Cancun and Lagos, Nigeria–which were both quite hot!

    Published 11 Jul 18Reply
  5. Kathy L wrote:

    These products are great recommendations! I love Kopari products, but have not tried the rose spray yet. It’s in my Nordstrom cart now! I’m also very interested in the sunless tanner because it is more natural and doesn’t have the yucky self tanner smell. 🙂

    Published 11 Jul 18Reply
  6. Hannah wrote:

    Katey, I live in SC and I feel you on the summer heat! Always melting lol! Do you have the Tula aqua infusion gel cream/ recommend it for using as a moisturizer under makeup in the summer without that heavy feeling or greasy effect? I’ve heard it’s great!

    Published 11 Jul 18Reply
  7. I’ve never used a setting spray or even heard of the rose spray! Definitely adding to my list now though!

    Published 11 Jul 18Reply
  8. I have wanted to look into the health benefits of switching over to natural deodorant. Going to read you post on it now!

    Published 11 Jul 18Reply
  9. Sydney wrote:

    I’m so tempted to try out Native deodorant, everyone and their mother have been raving about it!
    xo, Sydney

    Published 11 Jul 18Reply