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In Texas, we’ve got great Tex-Mex, big hair and, a loyalty to football season! If you’ve seen Friday Night Lights, you know the culture and it is one we look forward to all year. I joke my sister’s high school had better tailgates than anything I’d ever seen.

Back in February, when I was in New York, I had a meeting and was talking to a brand manager that was from Australia. Before we started chatting she goes, “Okay, I just have to ask! Do people in the south really go all out for tailgates?” I laughed and told her, “Oh yes!!

Growing up by TCU, we spent our weekends tailgating at games and enjoying time with family and friends. You’ve got to have great food, decorated cookies, plenty of appetizers, and customized cups to match! My friend, Austin, could probably win an award for the most detailed tailgate as he and his wife prep ALL year for it! It is one of our favorite parts of fall and I know so many of you can agree. I wanted to share a post on what we wear to tailgate for the first half of the season. Let’s be real, it is SO stinking hot the first half of the season so I’m all about shorts and tanks. This breathable gingham tank is perfect and I wanted to share it as it is black and white and can be worn for so many different schools! It stands up to 100+ degree heat and you’ll still feel comfortable. This year I’ll be chasing around a toddler, so I’ll reach for an all-white pair of sneakers. However, if you don’t have a toddler on your hip you may want something just a tad bit fancier. This white romper is perfect for football season and I’ll share how to implement your school color. First, a mini bag is a must, or these are my favorite clear bags– if you are a Fort Worth girl, grab this. To show school colors, go with jewelry! If you don’t naturally wear a bolder color like red, purple or burnt orange {I don’t}, this allows you to dress for the day while keeping true to your style.

So what jewelry should you go with?

I paired this look with the Victoria Emerson wrap bracelets I have blogged before. She’s got just about every single color for whatever game you are prepping for. Many of you know, my sister loves this brand and my mom gifts these bracelets to us in our stockings. I love these two options for TCU {here and here} but I’ll pull some more options below for another school! My dad went to Auburn and lectures there a few times a year for his job, so we try to make it to a game there each season. I haven’t been the past 2 years because #Maxi, but maybe I’ll get a wild hair and take an 18-month-old on a plane this year. haha. Or maybe I’ll just throw a party at the house for the Auburn, Alabama game….that sounds like a safer bet. 😉 My dad makes us go to his college house EACH and every time we are there and the poor college guys just getting ready for the game. He invites himself in and relives all the memories. Do your parents do that?! haha.

But no matter how you celebrate football season, you know I’ve got to share a few tips and tricks for feeling stylish. The nice thing about these bracelets is that they aren’t fussy! You aren’t going to be losing a bangle in the parking lot while you tailgate, etc. You can also make these bracelets fit your own wrist, so if you wanted to match your younger sister, cousin, whomever these could fit them!

Victoria Emerson Picks for Football Season

Even if you aren’t one for football, I’ve always said these make wonderful gifts {probably because that is how I was introduced to the brand} for a new graduate or teacher! She could wear it on Friday for her spirit day.

Want something for every-day wear? I saw a friend of mine mix this and this together on one hand for fall and now I’m wanting to do that.

So tell me how you do football season! Do you love to tailgate if you live in a college town? Do you throw parties at your house? Any favorite recipes I must know? Austin usually puts me in charge of the desserts- which I doubt that surprises anyone. 😉


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  1. Sam wrote:

    I went to Alabama and my husband went to Georgia, so we’re big into football in our house! Our sons first college game was a UGA bowl game back in 2015..he was still little and was asleep by the last quarter so it was good! We’ve only taken him to the Georgia and Alabama spring games since, and my husband and I will pick one game each to go to just the two of us, but are planning on bringing him with us to at least one this year! I think he’s finally old enough to be somewhat interested! I’m always needing mom-appropriate gameday outfit ideas and love all of these!

    Published 09 Aug 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Sam! Oh I love that- y’all ARE a football family! Haha isn’t it so nice when they sleep at the games?! I feel like last year was so easy, I just put the little earphones on her! haha. Love that y’all are doing that! We are going to the TCU/Tech game just the two of us {Paul went to Tech} so I think it will be so nice. Y’all will enjoy that time, too! Thank you so much for reading, girl! xo, Katey

      Published 09 Aug 18Reply
  2. Gorgeous girls! 🙂 I’ve never been tailgating before – I never even knew what it was before I began reading American blogs! It sounds so fun and your outfits are on point! ?

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 09 Aug 18Reply
  3. Kristen wrote:

    Ha! What timing! I was thinking about you because my cousins and I just booked a trip to Texas for our first ever college football game at my Aunt’s alma mater — TCU!!! Anything I should know before I go?! Best tailgating spots? Are people friendly and let you join in on theirs? I’m not sure how big of a tailgate the four of us will get going haha 🙂

    **starts to search for purple face paint on amazon**

    Published 09 Aug 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Kristen! Aw yay!! You will have so much fun! Oh yes, people are so friendly! You won’t have an issue at all! If you see me, stop by!! xo, Katey

      Published 13 Aug 18Reply
  4. Laura Leigh wrote:

    Adorable tailgate look! Agree that shorts and tanks are necessary for the first few games. Cannot wait for football to start!!!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

    Published 09 Aug 18Reply
  5. Amber Carole wrote:

    War Eagle! I can’t wait for football season to start. Everyone knows I’m a happier, better person during football season. Until Auburn upsets me that is 😉

    Published 09 Aug 18Reply
  6. Jessica wrote:

    OMG- TCU alum here and pregnant with a little girl. Where is Maxi’s doll from? I have to have that!

    Published 09 Aug 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi girl! It is from @cowtownmade on Instagram! 🙂 xo, Katey

      Published 10 Aug 18Reply
  7. Hannah Johnson wrote:

    WAR EAGLE! My husband and I met at Auburn and girl you aren’t joking about the southern tailgates!! We get all done up to stand out in 100+ degree weather, and I’m already planning dips/apps to bring for this year’s tailgates! I too will be chasing around a toddler for the first time this year and I love this outfit!!

    Published 09 Aug 18Reply
  8. Cecilia wrote:

    Ahh war eagle! I go to Auburn, so tailgating for me is SO fun. Def one of the things I look forward to most in the fall! Since the Iron Bowl is at Bama this year, I’ll be watching that one from my house… prob on the edge of my seat.

    xoxo, Cecilia // sunnysidececilia.com

    Published 09 Aug 18Reply
  9. Lauren wrote:

    Hi Katey!
    LOVE this post! My husband and I are Univeristy of Kentucky alumni and football season ticket holders. Football Saturday mornings are an event in our house! My husband has been counting down to the first game all summer. In the fall, I feel like I spend all week getting ready for tailgating on Saturday. I’m always looking blue items and accessories to wear and recipes that won’t melt in the heat! Go Cats!

    Published 12 Aug 18Reply
  10. Caroline wrote:

    You need to post some orange and blue for the auburn gals 🙂

    Published 12 Aug 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      I do!!! 😉 War Eagle! xo, Katey

      Published 13 Aug 18Reply