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I always preach you can get a luxury look- for less. Personally, my favorite way to style my looks is to mix high and low. If I find an $18 blouse and pair it with a designer tote, I feel more myself than if I’m in head-to-toe designer. Does anyone else feel that way? So how do you achieve that look, stick to your budget, and find exactly what you want?! You let me research for you, that’s how. 😉

I’ve been buying designer items on eBay for YEARS. I remember buying my first fancy handbag with babysitting money on eBay. I bought a Dooney & Bourke bag and that’s when the bag bug bit me. About a year later, I bought this velvet Juicy Couture bag to tote around college. I remember feeling so luxurious I couldn’t handle it. ha! To this day, I have no idea where that bag is and that still makes me sad!

Fast forward to now and I’ve bought Chanel Earrings, LV goods, David Yurman cables for my mom, and much more. I think one of the more exciting processes of shopping on eBay is the surprise factor. If I go into a store and know what’s currently in season, there isn’t much surprise as to what I’ll find. But it’s nice to track down a bracelet from 2 seasons ago that you can’t stop thinking about. Or maybe in my case a Juicy Couture bag that I irrationally miss and have no idea what I would do with it?! ha. But it’s also easy to shop there, 81% of their product is new and available with the “Buy It Now” option.

So whether you still need something memorable for your mom or your husband told you to treat yourself to your dream baby diaper tote, today I’m partnering with eBay to tell you my favorite luxury brands to buy there! It’s the holidays and self gifting isn’t ever a bad thing. 😉

A top reader e-mail is always, “Can I guarantee my bags from eBay are authentic?” YES! You can! So let’s get to all my tricks on how you can find your perfect little gift.


First up, let’s talk jewelry. You all know I bought my Chanel CC Earrings from eBay this year and they were one of my favorite purchases of 2018. Did you also know I’ve purchased some David Yurman cables for my mom from eBay and they’ve been in fabulous condition? Some, like my earrings, I have purchased brand new, which you can sort on the side through the filter. Browse the jewelry section here, pick your brand by “Shop by Brand” on the left side, and then under “Condition“, you can select New with Tags or without.

To get the look of my favorite DY pieces, browse the below!


We’ve checked jewelry off your wishlist, but now let’s answer your question all about handbag authenticity. First, with all the filtering options of “new with tags” eBay makes it really easy to find a seller that shows you great photos with date codes on LV bags, authenticity cards, dust bags, the works. But did you also know they have an Authenticate Program? These bags are expert-verified and eBay guaranteed. Browse the selection here.


If you’re looking for a Louis Vuitton bag this season, here are my top 3 picks on eBay.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM: I always recommend buying your Neverfull bags resale! These bags hold up incredibly well, and the leather straps will get broken in, so you might as well pay a better price than brand new. I have my MM in the Damier Azur color and have no issues with color transfer! You can 100% use this bag as a diaper bag, too. This is great for an everyday handbag or work bag, as it fits my laptop, as well. I don’t recommend this for travel, because it isn’t as large as the GM and so I can’t “shove” a ton in it. I also wipe the leather down with a baby wipe after I carry it to keep the leather in great condition. Many say if you are under 5’4″ you should carry the MM, I am 5’3″ and I find that I can carry both. However, the GM can get a little heavy if I’m loading it up daily.

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis: The Pochette Metis {my LV crossbody} is without a doubt the most “popular” bag on the blog. LV stopped making it for a while, and then there was a HUGE waiting list, and now it is back- but in the process, it has become pretty rare! I’ve been at the mall before carrying mine with strangers asking to buy it because it can be that difficult to track down. However, eBay always has it in stock and in incredible condition, so I link to it there for y’all. I purchased mine before I had Maxi and it still looks brand new. The inside can fit a wallet, a makeup bag, keys, a phone and have plenty of room to spare. I’ve even fit a sippy cup, wipes, and a diaper. This is the bag I always take while traveling because I know it goes with anything from jeans to a dress.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM: The Neverfull GM is my most carried LV item as I always recommend it for a diaper bag. On a typical week, I generally carry this 6 out of 7 days since it fits everything I need as well as what Maxi needs. This is also a great travel bag if you travel a lot. I can fit a change of clothes, my laptop, and Maxi’s items. This also works as a daily handbag if you don’t need to tote around diapers and wipes, but I would keep in mind it can be larger if you are shorter.

I can’t necessarily recommend one over the other as I love all the same! I think you just have to look at your lifestyle. If you already have a work tote and you want a smaller bag, go the Pochette Metis route. If you travel or have kids, get the Neverfull GM. If you just want an everyday tote, my suggestion is the Neverfull MM.

Another brand I recommend gifting yourself from eBay is Gucci. The Gucci Soho collection has probably been my favorite handbag collection they’ve done and you can find nearly anything from that line on eBay. The Disco crossbody is a bag you’d get an unbelievable amount of use out of. My mom and I share the nude one, as we’ll buy a bag on eBay, split the price and then trade off every few months. Do you do that with your mom or sister?! It is seriously our favorite thing to do with bags!

My second favorite Gucci collection is the Marmont collection. The Marmont Wallet on a Chain bag makes for a fabulous holiday gift or bag to wear to parties as you ring in 2019! I bought mine around Easter and reach for it each time we have a special date night or evening with friends.

I hope you found this review helpful whether you are deciding between two bags or narrowing down what you are going to buy with your Christmas money!

What’s your favorite brand or item to buy on eBay?!

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  1. Believe it or not, I’ve actually never shopped on eBay. I think I might have to start now!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 18 Dec 18Reply
  2. Stacy Shivers wrote:

    By a miracle – I finally snagged the Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis bag in the Monogram Canvas on the LV website. Since I don’t live near a Louis store (Lubbock) I was calling almost daily and stalking their website. Finally hit refresh at the right time!!! So excited to receive tomorrow!!! Whoop! Merry Christmas to me!!!

    Published 19 Dec 18Reply
  3. Ally wrote:

    Off topic from the post but I love your laptop cover! Where can I get the same? Thanks!

    Published 08 Feb 19Reply