I Ordered a Designer Bag off eBay- Here’s How It Went

The Details

White Dress | Leopard Mules | Similar White Blouse | Similar Jeans {same brand} | Sandals | photography by: Angie Garcia | In partnership with eBay. Selection, purchase, and opinion all my own.

I was in the market for a light summer bag with silver hardware, so I took one for the team and got one. You know- for blog RESEARCH, friends. In the name of research! 😉

No, but truly, I had a partnership with eBay where I could talk about any products I had tried and I thought, “Why not try their authenticate program?!” I’ve shared before about their authenticate program, where industry experts authenticate, sell, and list handbags so you don’t stress about making sure your purchase is genuine. Whether you shop direct or consignment, buying a luxury handbag is a big thing to think about, so removing one stressor adds to the enjoyment.

I wanted to review this process on the blog today as you all know I LOVE to buy designer bags resale because it’s easy on the budget and also makes me feel like I am making a wise decision in some purchases in regards to sustainability.

First off, let’s break down the Authenticate Program:

  1. Independent {so they are unbiased!} experts authenticate eBay handbags through this program. In case of any doubt, independent third party experts will inspect your item. If the authenticity of the item can’t be verified, you will receive a full refund. This is part of their eBay Money Back Guarantee.
  2. If you choose to sell your handbags, first start by checking eligibility here. You get a prepaid USPS label to mail in the handbag- or you can drop it off at specific participating FedEX offices. They pack it up and ship so that’s one less thing on your to-do list. The independent expert authenticates, and you are paid once the handbag sells. They take a 20% fee off the sale {very competitive in the resale market} and THEY take the professional sale photos. Photos make all the difference in selling handbags, so this majorly helps the process.
  3. Another great offer running right now is 90% of the selling price when you send in your eligible luxury handbag by May 31st, 2019

They have an FAQ on selling your bags through this program here if you want to check more!

What Did I Buy?

Saint Laurent Monogram Cabas Downtown Leather with Crocodile Embossed

Through YSL these retail for about $2490, with eBay Authenticate I paid $1800 and my bag arrived to my doorstep within 3 days of placing the order. That’s nearly a $700 savings- and the most shocking part? I can find no imperfection in the bag.

A major factor in buying resale is determining the quality you want. Is this a bag you want like new? Do you want to spend less and don’t mind a more vintage look? Would this bag probably get damaged quickly with your lifestyle, so you’ll take a bag with medium wear and tear?

My item specifics mentioned creasing, small stains, darkening of handles, light cracking, pilling and scratches on hardware.

Upon inspection of this handbag, I feel that eBay’s program was very generous in regards to the seller’s found imperfections. I couldn’t find the stain, the darkening, pilling or scratches on hardware. Maybe I could with a microscope, but this bag appeared to be no different in my eyes than one right off the shelf of a department store. For roughly $700 in savings- I’m beyond impressed.

The seller of my bag was REBAG, they are one of the most popular sellers on eBay Authenticate, along with Luxury Garage Sale- in case you want to check out my same seller. REBAG packaged my bag with the dust bag, authenticity card, strap, and a protective air-tight sealed wrapping. They know they are shipping precious cargo. 😉

While my listing ended due to my purchase, there are a few others part of the Authenticate Program I am loving if you want to see my selections:

With the array of brands, you can see if it’s happening in luxury- it’s on eBay! This is also a wonderful option for gifting your guy. I always say how if your guy is hard to buy for, purchase him an elevated basic. Paul loves everything from watches to nice wallets- so this is a perfect way to make it a little softer on your budget.

I hope this review was helpful if you are ever considering buying or selling eBay Authenticate!


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  1. I am sold on Ebay Authenticate! I was searching last night for a designer fanny pack that I can wear at the weddings I work so I can be hands free and would have never thought to look at Ebay. The bag you chose is gorgeous and looks brand new, what a steal!! Thank you for sharing with us!!

    Published 19 Apr 19Reply
  2. I’ve never heard of buying luxury items off eBay before! Seems like you had a great experience – love the bag too, it’s super cute!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 19 Apr 19Reply