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Today we are chatting guest rooms! I secretly love a well-decorated guest room for a few reasons.

  1. I’m in a season of life where my home isn’t necessarily “tidy” and won’t be for quite a few years to come. I work from home, I’ve got a toddler, there’s always going to be toys or fingerprints, etc! It just happens and it’s totally okay! But, it’s also quite nice to have a few spots here or there that are always clean, inviting and evoke a sense of peace. I think it’s important that you find those little pockets of your home that create that comfort for you. Maybe it’s your back porch or a reading nook in your master. Wherever that spot is, find it and cherish it- it’s your home and you should enjoy every single space, not just the ones you live in daily! My formal living and guest room actually serve as that space. I’ll go in my guest room to take a phone call when I need some quiet or when everything else is such a mess, I can’t think straight. I do the same in my formal living and funny enough, those are the two spaces I use to host others.
  2. I love to have people over! From girlfriends that don’t live in town, to my sister and her friends, I like my guest bedroom to be inviting to anyone. My sister or her roommate will sometimes call me if they want a meal made for them, I’ll cook them dinner and many times my sister will take a quick cat nap before she goes back to the library to study. Being her big sister, it’s important to me that I have a space she can always rest in.

However, the past few months my guest bedroom was a bit…unfinished. When my sister got into her apartment for school it all happened pretty quickly and so she needed furniture and things for her space. I gave her a side table, chairs, art, bedding, and decor and just grabbed it all from my guest room for her. If you follow her on Instagram, you’ll see a few snaps here and there. It’s like my old guest room 2.0. 😉 What are sisters for?!

As our family started to discuss holiday plans and when people would be staying at our house, I went into the guest room and thought, “Well this looks like we just moved in!” I partnered with Walmart to show the pieces I purchased and styled for our guest bedroom for the holidays. Not only could I find pieces that aligned with my personal style at home, but I found them quickly, and at a great price.

To get a room guest-ready and quickly {Christmas is just less than 2 weeks away!} has styles grouped for you so that you don’t spend 2 hours scrolling. You can shop from your personal decor style of glam, bohemian, mid-century, etc. here. They also have styled shoot photos, so you can get inspiration if you aren’t necessarily sure which home category you fall into. Remember, I always love to blend! I like glam and French Country. I found this French Country chair to add as an accent and placed metallic accents throughout like the beautiful lamp and the Christmas Trees. The trees I bought just sold out, but they also have the cute bottle brush options this season, too!

Another holiday addition to the room was this felt wreath! I tied it with a festive ribbon, but you could also use a command hook if you didn’t want anything to show. I love wreaths over mirrors as a way to subtly decorate for the season, if you don’t have a ton of space- as our guest room is smaller.

Another brand I love and purchased from was Safavieh! If you don’t have a ton of space for a nightstand, use a garden stool. Guests can still place their book and phone on it and you can fit the dimensions of a shorter wall. This garden stool had been on my wishlist for nearly a year and I couldn’t find it in stock anywhere, so I was thrilled when I ordered it for this space.

Ultimately, you don’t have to NEED TO spend a fortune decorating your space and you also don’t have to spend a TON of time. I love how this space turned out inviting for the holidays, while still neutral and staying true to my personal home style of glam and French Country. My girlfriend, Diana, has dubbed it “French Country Chic” but I don’t think I’m quite cool enough to pull that term off. 😉 ha! also has free shipping over $35- which never hurts. I’m telling you, I found all these pieces within a span of 20 minutes just by shopping in their styled section.

If you want to recreate this look in your space, I’ll pull the direct items and some similar below for you to browse! You can get your rooms guest-ready…or hey, I won’t tell if it’s just for your room, too!

Lastly, I think a wonderful way to get a room guest-ready is by giving them a little welcome gift. Even if you have family staying with you, it’s always sweet to have their favorite baked goods or an ornament waiting for them. I got this ornament personalized for Maxi, but the same sentiment can be used for guests and it is small enough they can put it in their suitcase if they are flying back!

Do you get your guest room ready for the holidays or do you travel to family?!

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  1. Lacey Randall wrote:

    Since when does Walmart have these cute pieces?!?! I am literally dying right now, knowing that these options are out there. So fun to know you can get cute pieces for a fraction of the price.

    Published 12 Dec 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Girl, RIGHT! Their online store is unreal right now. I could decorate an entire home! xx, Katey

      Published 12 Dec 18Reply
  2. I wish I had a guest room to prep! Your room looks amazing and super festive, Katey! Any guest would be lucky to be able to stay there during the holidays! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 12 Dec 18Reply
  3. Laura Leigh wrote:

    Looks so cute! I am loving the white wreath over the mirror. So chic!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

    Published 12 Dec 18Reply
  4. Liv Scherer wrote:

    Hi Katey! Where is the zebra rug from? I’m obsessed ?

    Published 12 Dec 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Liv! I got it from Rugs USA! 🙂 I hope that helps! xx, Katey

      Published 13 Dec 18Reply
  5. LOVE the little Christmas trees! <3

    Published 13 Dec 18Reply