5 Things I’ve Recently Purchased for Maxi

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In partnership with Nordstrom, all opinions and purchases are my own!

Today’s post is for the toddlers! I always joke I wish I had Maxi’s room AND closet, and this post makes me wish that even more. 😉 I ordered two play dresses from Nordstrom as she is has gotten SO tall lately and found a few precious toys to add into the mix. While I generally reserve presents/toys for holidays and celebrations, I figured with all this time at home, we all needed a little bit of happy. This post is in partnership with Nordstrom and might just be some of my favorite finds I’ve ever purchased for her, plus quite a few are on sale. So whether you are a mama or need a birthday gift for a little one, I hope you enjoy these photos. Everything is cuter in mini size, right?!

Play Dresses

You may notice lately in photos, but Maxi is SO tall. I joke she will be taller than me once she is 7. You also may notice this girl loves a dress or gown. She LIVES in this Barbie nightgown my mom got her. We have 2 because I can hardly keep up with washing them and when the Barbie gown is dirty, there are sometimes tears. ha. The same goes for her play clothes. She always wants to wear a dress, so I ordered some soft dresses for her to play in. They are also precious for church or school, too. This pink one she is wearing is so soft and she can play, nap, and go outside in it easily. She’s happy in a dress, and I’m happy she can play in it. The blue one is my personal favorite and it is a little dressier.  I got her the size 3-4 YR and I love the sizing on these because she can continue to wear them into next year. I honestly wish all brands sized like that for toddlers, because with shorts for example, she needs a 2T in the waist and a 3T in length, so it’s nice to not have to guess when it comes to ordering.

Ice Cream Cart Toy

I ordered this trying to think of a surprise that would entertain her for quite some time. It’s wooden, which makes me happy because I know it will LAST. Don’t we secretly wish all toys were wooden?! Easy to clean and they don’t show wear and tear so sudden. She plays with this for hours. I wish I could say I was exaggerating, but I’m not. She goes around the house pushing it, pretending she has an Ice Cream Cart. She asks everyone {her dolls included} what flavor they would like and then she charges them. The little entrepreneur. 😉 I wanted to include this because if you are cleaning out toys right now or need a little refresh for your tot, they will love this!

Toddler Tweed Purse

I’ll do a blog post on Maxi’s purses soon, I promise! But I just added this tweed one to the mix. I mean…can I get a purse this gorgeous for $15?! It looks very Chanel! Maxi loves to store all my lip glosses in her purse and then walks around with her baby stroller in tow. These also make wonderful birthday party presents at a great pricepoint for little ones if you need to stock a gift closet.

Claris Book

I can’t believe I’m late to the Claris book game! A few weeks ago I went through all her books and moved the baby board books to her baby brother’s room. I ordered her this Claris book from Nordstrom and it is the cutest story with the most gorgeous illustrations! Maxi loves to find all the details in the pictures. A friend of mine told me she actually gets this and framed the pages for her daughter’s room, and I included a photo in this post to show you what the illustrations look like. They are gorgeous and this would be such a fun DIY decor idea for a playroom.

Heart Sunglasses

Last but not least, Maxi has been so into sunglasses lately. We have set up our kiddie pool in the backyard and she stays out there for hours. She even requested to eat her lunch in it last week. Hotel Hellman, anyone?! All her baby sunglasses were too small, and while she still forced them on, I went ahead and got her a toddler pair. With the weather being so lovely, we are grateful to enjoy it, and she rocks her little heart sunnies outside for walks and playtime.

Have you ordered anything lately you love for your toddler?! I’d love to see, drop a link below!

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  1. Great choices! Such cute photos too! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 16 Apr 20Reply