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While you do a little spring cleaning {I’m in the thick of it!} I thought I’d share a few of my wardrobe staples I love to purchase from Amazon. Now Amazon can be trial and error, you can find an incredible gem from one vendor and then be stunned with disappointment from another. You’ve got to read reviews, ask some girlfriends, and just know that if you have to return, it’s okay. When you shop with that mindset, you will be happily surprised when you find something that everyone is asking, “Where did you get that?” on a really affordable gem.

I get quite excited when I can tell someone where it was from and the price! From leggings that feel like Lululemon to the famous winter coat, if you take the time to dig around, you will find the best pieces. But in an effort to make that time a little easier for you, I’m reviewing my Amazon Wardrobe Staples today! {And no, this isn’t an ad. I just really love a company that can deliver everything from milk to diapers to my door.}

  1. Lululemon-Like Leggings: I ordered these leggings back in December after hearing everyone say they were the perfect Lulu “dupe.” I had tried a few and thought, “No way these are like Lulu!” So I ordered these with low expectations. I ordered an XS {my typically legging size}, got them in, put them on, and liked them. I did! However, I didn’t say much back then because I’d tested at least 7 different styles of leggings and knew the proof would be in the coming months. Well, 3 months later and I MIX THESE UP between my Lulu leggings. In fact, I kept asking Paul where my Lulu leggings were all day on Sunday after church. He kept handing me a different pair and I was thinking, “No these aren’t it.” So I put these Amazon leggings on thinking they were Lulu and said, “See, I found them!” I checked the tag and nope, they were Amazon. This happens a few times a week if I don’t check the tag. I always think these are Lulu and my Lulu are the Amazon. haha. They wash beautifully, don’t stretch out, and smooth everything so your workout tops don’t bulk anywhere. For $24 via Prime, I’d have to say this is one of my favorite Amazon finds.
  2. Fuzzy Slippers: I *have* to have on house shoes all the time, but they do wear down over time if you religiously keep them on. Normally when the insert has faux fur on them {as most do} the fur can fall out over time and look at little worn. A few weeks ago, Maxi reached up and grabbed a glass off the kitchen island and dropped it on the ground. Well, in typical mom fashion, I picked her up within half a second and in turn stepped in the glass to keep her away. I got glass in my foot, she giggled having no clue what was going on. A reminder for me to keep house shoes on! ha. So I ordered these and love that the insert DOESN’T have faux fur. These will last so much longer because they are a slide, but incredibly comfortable. I sized up to an “8” but I do like to size up a bit in a house slipper. It feels cozier. These are great because you could walk to get the mail or walk over to a neighbors house or do carpool pickup and not feel like you are wearing a true slipper. The bottom can be wiped off with a Clorox wipe if need be.
  3. Orange Bikini: I am so happy I found this brand on Amazon because I don’t like to spend a lot on bikinis. I will on a one piece as I feel those are so versatile {throw jean shorts on over while you play with your kids}, but bikinis are another story. Styles change, so for $15 on Prime, this is something I won’t be sad over if I don’t wear it in 3 years. I ordered both the small and medium and preferred the medium. I gave the small to my sister! For size reference, both fit, but I felt the medium gave better coverage as the top ran a little small! To me, this looks like a suit I’d spend $80 on, so I was thrilled with the price. It also comes in other shades!
  4. Love Necklace: This is a great alternative to my “Maxi” necklace if you don’t want something as custom or to spend as much. The “O” has little diamonds on it, so it shines when you turn your neck in the sun and ends up being ultra flattering. The Maxi necklace is one I wear daily and I keep seeing these letter necklaces pop up everywhere, so if you want to have fun with the trend, try this option.
  5. Rainbow Ring: Speaking of jewelry trends, you all know rainbow jewels are having a moment. I have a rainbow ring I have shared on Insta Stories and it is $100, which isn’t too bad in comparison to other prices, but I wanted to find something more affordable.Β  This is $34 on prime and the reason I found it was I was at lunch with a friend and asked what jeweler she got her’s from! She laughed and told me she got it on Amazon trying to find a better-priced version of mine. She said it hadn’t turned on her skin or anything.
  6. Suede Jacket Dupe:Β You know my Blank NYC jacket? This is a fabulous dupe for it and it comes in a huge array of shades. I personally don’t own this, but my girlfriend does and I always comment on it! I haven’t bought it myself since you all know I have 3 of the Blank NYC jackets and I have to draw the line of restraint SOMEWHERE. However, my sister always steals my brown suede jacket, so I ordered her one. πŸ™‚
  7. Lululemon-like Jacket: This is probably THE find of the year for me on Amazon and we are only in March here, so that’s a bold statement. This is a dupe for the Lululemon zip-up jackets. Just like Lulu, this runs small. I’m wearing a size “S” and it’s definitely fitted, so size up! It comes in a ton of colors and I can’t feel a difference in the quality of fabric whatsoever between this and a Lulu jacket.
  8. Cotton Maxi Dress: If you try one thing from Amazon, definitely try cotton maxi dresses. I’ve purchased a few over the years and I am always happy. If they are long on you, just tie them like I do mine! This is the most recent one I’ve ordered.
  9. Nike Sneakers: These are the Nike sneakers I have been wearing recently and love to run around the park with Maxi in them. I took a size 7.5 which is what I normally take in Nike. In a sandal, I am a size 7.
  10. Bodysuit: Calling all the ladies here, this is what you need for girls’ night! I’m a big fan of bodysuits because I think they are very versatile. Throw them under jeans and top off with a blazer for dinner with your husband. Pair them with boyfriend jeans and sassy wedges for brunch with your girlfriends! The options are endless as it is the perfect layering piece. This is my most recent bodysuit buy {wearing a size S, but it runs SMALL!} and I wore it last weekend to my friend’s comedy show. I have a photo below wearing it!
  11. Joggers: I live in joggers at home with Maxi and I had a pair with a hole in them for a solid year and a half. Paul was like, “You have no issue going to Ulta 3 times a month, but WHY will you not replace these hole-y joggers?” I told him because I was “frugal.” LOL. It was mainly because they were so comfy and why fix something that’s not {too} broke?! To his surprise, I did replace them with these and I love the blush hue. And I’m proud to report they are very comfortable.
  12. Tan Sweater: Do y’all remember when Victoria Secret had a clothing catalog? Do they still have that? Shows what I know! But I remember buying a tan sweater in it in college like this one. I adored it and everyone always raved about it. Well go figure, 9 years later, I don’t have it anymore. I found the similar sweater on Amazon for $29 on Prime and I’ve worn it countless times this Winter. You can see me in a photo wearing it below. Mine is in the Khaki color.
  13. Belt: If you like the “loop” logo of a Gucci belt, but not the price, and aren’t for replicas, try this brand! B-low The Belt is a really wonderful accessory line of belts and this belt is one I’ve had for about 7 months. The quality is great and since I don’t wear black enough to justify a Gucci belt, I love the look of this.
  14. Swing Dresses: This dress hasn’t come in for me yet, but the reviews are great and I had to include “swing” dresses as part of Amazon staples. Like their cotton maxi dresses, you can find plenty of affordable sundresses without spending Free People prices. Be sure to read reviews and look at images to see the quality of the fabric. I am so excited about this one!
  15. White Sweater: Around January, I got pretty sick of dark sweaters. I bought this white one on Amazon in a size S. I will say, I wish I had gotten an XS, because this sweater would be so cute fitted and tucked in. But the look feels very clean and coastal all year long. The neckline pairs perfectly with a ponytail, so you feel polished as opposed to frumpy with you 4-day dirty hair!
  16. The Coat: This is THE coat the internet talks about. It’s lovingly referred to as The Upper East Side Coat since every mom/woman in NYC has one. I have raved about this coat on stories and how it’s cut so different than a traditional parka. I don’t feel like a marshmallow wearing it, I feel warm and honestly, a little edgy! I took a size XS. I know we are going into March, but I share it because this coat has Chanel Bag syndrome. It gets more and more popular and the price has been increasing. Now, it won’t be Chanel-like prices, that’s why this bag is so popular, it is more affordable. But as it has only continued to go up, you could get it for next winter since I fear it may be closer to $200 if the price trend continues.


Bodysuit | Jeans | Earrings | Heels

Our friend Emily is in 4 Day Weekend, so last weekend we went to cheer her on! Here is my said Amazon bodysuit getting to go on girls’ night out! πŸ˜‰

Tan Sweater

Here is the length of the khaki sweater I mentioned above. I wear it with my Spanx leggings or black jeans!

Nike Sneakers

This is quite the candid photo Paul took on his phone this weekend, but it’s just about the only photo I have with these sneakers- ha! I always wear them to the park or working out which doesn’t equal any photos! I went up half a size in mine since I’m always a 7.5 in Nike. I love the warm tones in them with orange and pink. I wear these no-show socks from Amazon with my sneakers.

White Sweater

This is the white sweater as linked above and you can see how it isn’t super fitted but not oversized. The neckline lends to a ponytail, which I’m a proponent of! Plus, this paired with white jeans would work just as well in the spring as it does the fall.


Do y’all like my look I wore to Home Depot?! πŸ˜‰ ha! This is what the coat looks like not zipped and I’m telling you, you will feel the coziest you have ever felt in life! I wear an XS in the coat.

Jewelry Organizer

While this isn’t a wardrobe item per say, you all know I keep my earrings in drawers in my closet. I love these insert trays to organize earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. I have it in this size for small earrings, this for statement earrings and bracelets, and this for necklaces.

Lulu Jacket, Leggings, Slippers, Mug

Here’s a full look at the Lululemon look for less if you wanted to see it all on! This is what I wear at home pretty regularly, slippers included. πŸ˜‰ Oh and these clear mugs are a new Amazon find this month that I have really been enjoying. They remind me of a Tervis Tumblr for coffee. The Maxi necklace I’m wearing is like the “LOVE” necklace above.

Robe & Slippers

I’m kind of laughing posting this photo because I sent it to a friend to say, “See, I’m getting ready!” haha. But it’s another photo you can see the slippers in and this is a robe I got from Amazon. The robe is an XS and I do wish I had gotten a Small. It’s TTS {fits like the model online} and very cute, but because it isn’t “silk” I wish it were a bit larger and cozier. Shop it here.

Do you have any Amazon wardrobe staples you love?! I’d love to add to my list! Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. I am saving this post! Can’t wait to try the lululemon dupes! I have never bought lulu (it’s so expensive!) but I’ve been wanting some more atheleisure clothes so this sounds great!

    xoxo A

    Published 21 Mar 19Reply
  2. Amazon is like a treasure trove – if you know where to look! Thank you for sharing your wardrobe staples – those Lululemon-like leggings sound great! πŸ˜€

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 21 Mar 19Reply
  3. Laura Leigh wrote:

    Such a great round up!! I have that white seater in navy and am completely obsessed. I didn’t realize it came in white as well. You may have just introduced me to my new favorite sweater!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

    Published 21 Mar 19Reply
  4. Alyssa wrote:

    Hey Katey! Those leggings seem awesome, I read some reviews and a couple people mentioned VPL. Do you have this issue? Thanks for the awesome post! Can’t wait to try some things out!

    Published 21 Mar 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi girl! I had no issue with the hanky panky undergarments! πŸ™‚ Hope that helps girl! Xx, Katey

      Published 21 Mar 19Reply
  5. Gretchen wrote:

    Hi Katey! Did you feel like the leggings fall down at all? Everyone kept saying the Aerie ones were a dupe but they fall down every time I work out in them! Just wondered if these were more of a casual pair or a good workout as well! Thanks so much!

    Published 22 Mar 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Gretchen! These don’t fall down on me! To be honest, that’s why I like Zella leggings from Nordstrom but I don’t think they are a dupe or better than Lulu because they fall down on me too. My smaller part of my body is my legs and so leggings normally fall and I’m always pulling them up, but I finally don’t with these! xx, Katey

      Published 22 Mar 19Reply
  6. Patricia Mills wrote:

    You are TOO CUTE! And I love all your picks, Katey. When I saw the title of this new post I thought for sure you would include the darling pink caftan with leaf print you wore in an insta story a week or so ago(?). I have searched your site, but can’t find it. Can you pretty please send me a link? XOXO

    Published 22 Mar 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Patricia! So sorry for my delay on the response! My move caught up with me. Of course! Is this the one you are looking for: xx, Katey

      Published 07 Apr 19Reply
  7. Jill wrote:

    I love the earrings in the jewelry organizer. Can you tell me where you got the white ones on the top that are second from the right?Thanks!

    Published 22 Mar 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Jill! Of course! They are J.Crew, but from about 6 years ago! πŸ™ xx, Katey

      Published 07 Apr 19Reply
  8. Jeanie Lichdean wrote:

    I’d love links to the earrings in the tray if possible! I tried to find and search for them in your past posts, but I can’t find them ?.
    Love them!!

    Published 22 Mar 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Jeanie! It is linked in the post, if you just click where it says tray! Is it not comin up for you? πŸ™

      Published 22 Mar 19Reply
  9. Lexi wrote:

    Hi Katey,

    I’m 5’0 about 90 lbs. Do you think the xs amazon leggings would fit me in length?

    Published 04 Apr 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Lexi! I’m 5’3”, so I do think they would! I do weigh 110 so I’m not sure if they would be a little loose on you! Xx, Katey

      Published 04 Apr 19Reply
  10. Hi, Katey!
    Where can I find the gold bracelets you are wearing in the picture with the orange top, where you are holding the tray of earrings?
    Thanks in advance!

    Published 11 Apr 19Reply