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I had no idea I would ever work for myself. Ever. So when it happened my first thought was, “Well, I probably need a desk so that I don’t watch Netflix all day.” My desk has been such a trial and error process, I’ve had it bare, cluttered, organized and decorated a million different ways, just to find what works for me! And I think I FINALLY have a system!
I spend a lot of my day writing which could be done with the aid of services like online schrijfcursus boek schrijven; writing press releases, writing blog posts, writing e-mails. I need to be inspired, but also have everything neat and clean. Whether you work for yourself, are in college or just need a desk to Pinterest and organize all your finances, I’ve compiled a few of my desk must haves for you!
1. Stationary: Custom stationary is a luxurious little gift that isn’t used nearly enough. Maybe it is because I live in Texas, but my girlfriends and I write each other thank you notes for everything! There is no better feeling than going to your mailbox and picking up a well-thought out card that your friend wrote to say she loves you and appreciates you. Stationary is like a scent and should describe yourself, so finding the perfect set can be difficult. My go to? Bell’INVITO Stationery. My Chronicles of Frivolity cards on my desk are from them, and designing them was such a fun task. You choose everything from the font to gold-foil engraving, which makes these such a sentimental gift. Another must of theirs? The coasters. A set of those and bottle of champagne is my favorite gift for a girlfriend. Until October 15th use CHRONICLESOFFRIVOLITYDB at checkout for a discount on any personalized digital bespoke item!
2. Coffee Table Book: I keep plenty of coffee table books on my desk. This is my favorite trick for when I feel uninspired. Flipping it open can be a lot more useful than getting sucked into a trap of Pinterest or Instagram for 30 minutes!
3. Prints: Make a little gallery wall of prints you love. I love Prada Marfa and watercolor prints. Etsy is my favorite little secret for finding these! They are all so well priced that if I get sick of staring at the same piece for 6 months I can afford to switch out! My lips print is Made By Girl and my Prada Marfa photo is Kristin Kirkley. For an even more unique take, order a set of cards from bell’INVITO and frame them for a congruent gallery wall. Nothing is chicer or more motivating than having your name framed in your office.
What are your favorite desk tips? Any must haves I should know about?
Stationary: [c/o] Bell’INVITO


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  1. I love your desk area – I can see how the creativity flows here!! Those note cards are perfectly chic and add just a hint of girliness!

    Published 07 Oct 14Reply
  2. Where is your mermaid candle from?

    Published 07 Oct 14Reply
  3. nice job! thank you for mentioning my Lips Print!

    Published 07 Oct 14Reply
  4. Courtney wrote:

    I love your desk! I’m working on getting my work area (and my apartment in general) all decorated so this is great inspiration! 🙂

    Published 08 Oct 14Reply
  5. So cute! Thanks for the inspiration girl! Is your stag deer head the mini size or the full size??

    Published 16 Oct 14Reply