Gifts for Toddlers

Toy Car

These cars are my go-to gift for little boys ages 1-3! I’ll gift them for birthday parties, Christmas, or when they have a little sibling and I come to visit the new baby. Neiman’s has a lot of options here. Maxi has started to be so interested in wheels so I will grab her one and stick it in her stocking since they are the perfect size. 🙂 Now, these are MUCH bigger than just a regular toy car! But they come in a box that is slender, so it could fit. You may also check out these Onewheel GT Accessories if your kid prefers a Onewheel.

Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Need a stocking stuffer for a little girl? Grab these! This is the brand of nail polish we use on Maxi when I paint her nails or toes. It is all non-toxic and comes off in the bubble bath, so you don’t have to worry about using chemicals to remove. Maxi is really into playing with all my makeup in the mornings and while I love to encourage the creativity, I’m always thinking about the ingredients in the back of my mind when it gets on her skin. I don’t worry about these products!

Baby Doll Stroller

Once they are walking fast, little ones love anything they can push! From shopping carts to strollers, Maxi loves to push things in a basket and say, “Beep Beep!” She can do this for HOURS around the house. How cute is this stroller?! Maxi has a more formal pram for her babies, but it can’t be pushed *as* fast since it is heavier. This version featured would be perfect for her.

Stacking Blocks

Need a gift for siblings? These stacking blocks are a great price and something they can play with together. Maxi loves to stack everything from Play-Doh packages to bath toys. Mamas will also be thankful this comes with a bag to keep the blocks contained. 😉

Cash Register

I think it is safe to say Santa will be bringing Maxi this cash register. We have gifted this cash register to a few of her friends at birthday parties lately, and there are some tears each time at the check out when she realizes this isn’t for her. It’s rough being a toddler!

Doctor Kit

For the kid that loves Doc McStuffins, but mama wants something a little more classic. 😉 This is a non-toxic toy and I LOVE this brand! When I was pregnant, I got the makeup bag kit they had for kids and now they have the doctor kit. As much as we love to get things that light up for kids, you just can’t beat wooden toys! They last forever, are easy to clean and encourage creativity in a different way.

Sweet Pajamas

Truthfully, pajamas are some of my FAVORITE gifts to receive for Maxi. Babies and toddlers *live* in their jammies. From weekends at home to changing constantly with spills, you truly can’t ever have enough. Smocked Auctions has precious Roller Rabbit pajamas which is a brand I’ve only been gifted by friends- it is so nice! You can get 20% off during their Friends & Family sale with code KATEY20 at checkout. This sale ends the 11th! Even outside of pajamas, check out Smocked Auctions for their sale right now. I get a lot of Maxi’s pieces there and shared them in this post.

Mommy and Me Pajamas

Food Truck

We don’t have this, but my friend Diana does and her son {Maxi’s age} loves it! She works from home as well, so we are always talking about toys that keep them really occupied. She says he loves this so much and will play quietly with it and always sends me videos of him his food truck.

Disney Baby

How cute is the baby doll under $20?! You can get their favorite princess as they come in other ones, too! Maxi is really into giving babies pacis so I love that this comes with one as well!

Balance Bike

This is our NEW thing at Hotel Hellman that Maxi can’t get enough of. She wakes up in the morning and runs to it and show it off to EVERY single person that comes to our home. This is her helmet we use with it. I love that this is a gift that can grow with your toddler and they won’t have outgrown it in 6 months.

Maxi’s Outfit– Smocked Auctions on sale with code KATEY20

Dress-Up Station

This dress-up station is probably my favorite addition to her playroom this year. It keeps her toys and dress up organized, but I also really like that it encourages Maxi to learn how to pick up. When we clean up her playroom and sing to make it fun, she can always stack her books back here because it is right on par for her height. These are her shoes we have on it.

Shopping Cart

One of Maxi’s favorite things is to grab her shopping cart, load it up with her toys and run around the house going, “Beep Beep!” She likes carts that look like the real thing! I got one in a press kit and it looks like this, but it was falling apart {it was less expensive} and so I got her another one. This one isn’t metal like the other one and she wants nothing to do with it! I think she knows the metal ones look more similar, so this is a safe bet. ha!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Are you getting ready for Christmas? Have you bought any gifts! You all know half my home is decorated already. 😉

Here are some other gift options I love for this age, too.

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  1. Amanda G wrote:

    I love this post! So many cute ideas! Curious if you have any gift suggestions for a 6 month-1 year old?

    Published 09 Nov 18Reply
  2. Kid’s toys are so cute! Maxi’s going to love her new gifts! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 09 Nov 18Reply
  3. Julie wrote:

    The food truck is definitely in my shopping cart for my nephew, I can’t wait to have him cook me up a burger!! You saved me with this gift guide, as someone who doesn’t have kids yet!

    Published 09 Nov 18Reply
  4. Alyssa wrote:

    We have those stacking blocks and my daughter loves them! I’ve been thinking about getting her a little cart – it’s just so cute to see little kids with little carts!

    Published 09 Nov 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      So good to know y’all love them! I feel like they would be perfect! Oh I know, it is the cutest thing. 🙂

      Published 10 Nov 18Reply
  5. Courtney wrote:

    We bought the food truck for my son’s first birthday, he’s almost 2 and this is the one toy he has consistently played with over the past year. Highly recommend!! And the bike is on our list for this year!!

    Published 11 Nov 18Reply