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There are a *few* minor things I complain about as a Texan born & raised. For starters, I think it’s straight cruel we can’t give our kids a summer where they can play outside. Summer here equals heat advisories and more heat advisories. Dallas traffic is becoming the new Atlanta traffic. And I don’t care what anyone says to convince me otherwise, tornado season can sometimes be scary! But, when you ask me why I live in Texas I won’t stop giving you an answer. People here are warm. Not just friendly- they are warm. Strangers hug you. People help you with your toddler at the grocery store. The friendliness Texans evoke is truly an art of making people feel welcomed and wanted within seconds of meeting. Tex-Mex….I mean that doesn’t even need an explanation. And I could talk for a solid 15 minutes on one of my favorite aspects: football season in Texas, as people even like to gamble on these games or in Casinos online as well as you can find the best gambling sites with top casino games here just for this.

Football and sports betting at 해외배팅사이트 is just part of the culture. It starts with people tailgating for their kid’s high-school football games and doesn’t stop all weekend! Saturdays revolve around if TCU is having a home game or not- or whatever college you live by, and you can gamble on these games online at the satta gali site as well! You grow up watching Friday night lights, tailgating on Saturday, and betting on Cowboys games at sites like on Sunday.

One of my favorite things to do is watching football games and betting on games at Last season the girl hardly missed a TCU tailgate and this year she got to go to her first Auburn game with her Papa- that is where my dad went to school, and we always watch the games as we love to gamble on it, of course we also play games like situs slot terpercaya that are great to make money. War Eagle! She’s fascinated with the cheerleaders and dance teams. She thinks it’s just heaven that for an afternoon she can eat hot dogs and decorated cookies. And it’s a huge way our families and friends spend time together. My childhood best friend and Maxi’s godfather puts on the absolute best TCU tailgate each weekend and we are so grateful to enjoy that with them on Saturdays. I always share this on my Insta Stories- or back when Snapchat was big. I was in New York for a meeting about a year or two ago and I was talking to a girl with a company that was from Australia. We started chatting about Maxi and she goes, “Okay, so you have to tell me about this tailgate situation. I see you always post it and it looks so fun!” I got a kick out of that and was just happy that people probably know me as the girl that wears sequins and tailgates with her family and friends a lot! ha. I told her to come by anytime and I’d take her to a Texas-sized tailgate.

Which is why I jumped at the chance for today’s collaboration. {More like called Paul freaking out telling him, “Is this not the best fit or what?!”} Today I’m partnering with a store that we go to at least twice a week {that’s what moving 4 times in 4 years will do!} and that has all the things to make tailgating easy. Basically, you can get what you need to prep, cook, and clean up from The Home Depot all while picking up your paint swatches for your bathroom as we did a few weeks ago. 😉

While my husband says he already knew this and would pick things up “running errands” AKA looking at the Traeger Pro 575 he wants for our anniversary, I wasn’t sure who all knew this! Of course, you can get your Kingsford Charcoal for tailgating and your Ryobi Super Quiet Generators {a game day NEED}. But you can get everything you’d load in your trunk from your Bounty Paper Towels and cleaning products to Your Coca-Cola. Online you can get cornhole and serving pieces like the Magnolia Lane platters I’ve got above. You can just get that in your in-store pickup!

Whether you set up a huge tailgate or just bring some things to help set up a friend’s {guilty!} here are a few things to grab at The Home Depot:

  • Generator: A generator is probably a given, but this Ryobi Super Quiet one is one we have. One of the best benefits of a generator for us is that we can use it for tailgates. Paul says we have it to he can convince me to go camping. 😉 It’s got clean, quiet power for game day.
  • Paper Products: This is a tailgate need and what I always bring along with decorated cookies, of course. Home Depot has Bounty so when your toddler spills queso all over the table, you can quickly clean without anyone noticing. ha! But this is a need whether you are tailgating or homegating.
  • Charcoal: I don’t know why charcoal reminds me of my dad- probably because I’d always watch him grill growing up! He actually built me a playhouse in the backyard so I could play while he was out grilling. The man installed a ceiling fan, painted the walls, carpet, etc. It is one of my favorite childhood memories. I’m rambling. But grab your Kingsford to have on-hand because some friend will be having some tailgate in your neighborhood and run out.
  • Drinks: You’ll want to grab a cooler at The Home Depot with your Coca-Cola. I feel like we always bring our coolers for tailgates because you never have enough. One to house ice. One to house soda. One to house water. Etc.

I’d love to know any of your game day traditions or if you are big on tailgating! Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. What a beautiful game day set up! Love the styling! Also, the giant Hello Kitty is the cutest! ?✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 24 Sep 19Reply
  2. Sam wrote:

    You’ll have to bring your Texas-sized tailgates to the iron bowl! We’ll be there (in crimson ?). You are one brave mama for bringing maxi! I still haven’t gotten the guts to bring mine to any tailgates since he was a baby and I could keep him contained, but I know he would love them! Any tips you have, let me know!

    Published 24 Sep 19Reply
  3. Skye wrote:

    I have been going to The Home Depot for cleaning and household needs for years! They really are so affordable and have the largest selection! Also, they have my favorite cleaner IN THE WORLD Bar Keeper’s Friend. #gamechanger. Anyhoo! This set up is adorable and this post makes me so proud to be a Texan! Nothing better than a good ol’ Texas tailgate weekend!
    But for real, those white boots though… I NEED THEM! I don’t see them linked anywhere. <3

    Published 24 Sep 19Reply
  4. Annaliese wrote:

    Love this!! I’m originally from Maine, and in New England high school and college football isn’t a thing like it is in the South. Even though I went to college in the South my school didn’t have football, so I feel like I missed out on this part of Southern culture haha!! Going to my first ever college football game next month and this post is making me excited! 😉 Also love the outfits you’re wearing here!

    xoxo A

    Published 24 Sep 19Reply
  5. Tori Block wrote:

    Wow Katey – those boots are fab!

    Published 24 Sep 19Reply
  6. Ashley wrote:

    Hi Katey,

    Would you mind letting me know where your shirt is from?

    Published 24 Sep 19Reply
  7. Sayra Torres wrote:

    This post makes me miss Texas! I was born and raised in Houston but living in Oklahoma now. Btw can you link your outfits including the boots? They look amazing!

    Published 24 Sep 19Reply
  8. Amy Ingra wrote:

    Love this! Where is the “it’s game day” sign from?

    Published 25 Sep 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Amy! So sorry, I just now saw this! We got it from a local boutique in Fort Worth quite a while ago, so I’m trying to find out where you could find it elsewhere. I do not see a brand on it! 🙁 xx, Katey

      Published 16 Dec 19Reply