How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

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If everything feels a bit Groundhog Day, don’t worry, friend. I nod my head in agreement. As we try to make the mundane magical for our children, our spouses, our pets, goodness, OURSELVES…we may run out of ideas here or there. If you’re spending Valentine’s Day at home, I wanted to share 4 ways to dress my favorite Hallmark holiday up a bit. I’ve also been using product like True Pheromones to make sure that I always get my partner’s attention. If you want to spice things up at night with your partner, you might also want to read the Domi 2 review.

Rom-Com Prom

Oh yes, your eyes do not deceive you. Only your child could convince you to try on your wedding dress 7 months after you birthed another child. ha! Maxi reallllly wanted me to wear my wedding dress for her Frozen Princess birthday so I could be Anna and she could be Elsa. I politely declined but did oblige with a little Monday morning dress up. She freaked out over it and just thought it was the grandest thing. I have my dress preserved in a box, but I don’t mind trying it on for her here or there or letting her step into it. Why does it need to be perfect in 30 years? She may or may not want to wear it or use the fabric. But I am hoping she most certainly has memories of us playing dress-up with it together! If your little girl is into princesses {or you want to feel like one yourself!} put your wedding dress on and have a rom-com prom! Watch romantic comedies with your spouse or your favorite Disney Movies with your daughter. Chances are you didn’t eat much during your wedding reception, so you might as well enjoy popcorn in it with your family while you watch You’ve Got Mail.


One of my favorite things we did as a newlywed, was disconnection weekends. We’d tell our family and friends we were turning our phones off Friday night to Sunday evening. It was HEAVEN. You realize just how much time you waste reaching for your phone, scrolling your feed, or rapid-fire texting. With children, it isn’t as realistic to just turn your phone off for 2 days {we Facetime family daily!}- but take social media off your phone for Valentine’s Day. Do whatever you can to truly disconnect. I know that’s such a buzzword these days and people say to log off, but I mean delete the apps off your phone disconnect. Enjoy sitting together. Enjoy conversation. Enjoy the extra hour you will probably have from not responding virtually.

Get Glam in Your Pajamas

If you are cooking at home or ordering in, you still deserve to get glam in your pajamas! To be honest, one of my favorite things is to wear a fabulous pair of pajamas and still have my hair and makeup done. Put rollers in your hair, try a new mascara, and live out your best slumber party look. Don’t forget to layer all your favorite jewelry! If you check my stories today, I’ll be sharing this gorgeous Michele watch that is the same hue as my wedding dress. I love these sleeper pajamas {total splurge!} and added a little boa to Maxi’s with safety pins. She loves matching as do I! What better way to love yourself than feeling comfortable and indulgent all in one?!

Tea Party

One of my favorite ways to show my family love is by setting a table with their favorite things. If you want to do something different than a fancy dinner, through a tea party for your little ones. Dad will love the finger sandwiches, I promise. 😉 We’ve had what seems like 800 tea parties since the start of the year and Maxi gets a kick out of it. I kid you not, she will sit and drink her lukewarm apple tea for an HOUR. Get out a fancy tablecloth, bring out your wedding china, and make a few heart pastries.

You can make these heart pastries for your family! We make them and love them. If you want to try the large version I blogged years ago, here is the recipe.

No matter how you love to celebrate at home, I hope you have the most wonderful weekend! Thank you for reading!


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  1. Ahhh, cutest pictures ever! Thanks for the tips too! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 12 Feb 21Reply
  2. Stephanie wrote:

    Love the idea of a disconnect weekend! I’ve been periodically taking short breaks from my social media apps and it’s been SO good for the soul.

    The pictures of you and Maxi in your dress are absolutely precious! We don’t have kids yet but I love reading your blog posts about how you make the holidays so magical for your little ones. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Published 13 Feb 21Reply