What I’ve Bought for Baby Boy

The joke goes something like, “You get your first-borns nursery ready by 30 weeks and your second-borns nursery ready 6 months after they are born.” While I definitely have the perspective that we will hardly be in his nursery those first few weeks, I have thoroughly enjoyed nesting just as much this time, if not more. There are fabric swatches in his nursery to select drapes, little pajamas folded, and approximately 27 tabs open on my computer right now as I research all the random things they didn’t have on the market when I was pregnant with Maxi. It has been so sweet to see how excited Maxi gets being in baby brother’s nursery. She climbs in his crib while I’m in there organizing and she will say how she is going to nap with him. haha. One afternoon I walked in the nursery to find a half-eaten apple sitting on his mattress. I asked Maxi why she put that there. She said, “Baby brother may get hungry!

Many of you have been searching for sweet baby boy items as well, so I wanted to start a list on the blog to house links for common products. Hopefully, this will help you in your browsing!

  • DockATot– We loved using the DockATot with Maxi for cuddling. If we were watching a movie on the sofa or in bed, it was nice to have that specific space for her to snuggle. I wish they had one for adults! We don’t use this for sleep, but you’d be amazed at how many times a day we used it with Maxi just for having her by us.
  • Toy Car {nursery decor}- I had always seen these and thought how precious they would be for a nursery. The nursery is coming along and this blended right in with the decor, so I had to add it in the corner.
  • Mama’s Boy Sweater– I ordered this a day or two after we found out the baby was a boy! It’s one of those pieces I know I’ll keep forever.
  • Boy Milestone Cards– How precious are these milestone cards to take monthly photos with? I love her shop as a whole and was thrilled to find these newly added cards.
  • Boppy Cover 1– {Here is a link to a boppy} I ordered two boppy covers in case spit up strikes and one is in the wash, but y’all actually sold the first out from Etsy. I will keep checking back. However, this is the other boppy cover I ordered and it could work perfectly with a boy or a girl!
  • Closet Dividers– I wanted closet dividers that weren’t too busy and a sweet reader on IG found these for me!
  • Car Seat Cover– Having a summer baby, I’m not really sure how often I’d use a car seat cover. I used them daily with Maxi being born in February. However, I love these for nursing because they are so thin that they don’t take up too much space in a diaper bag or purse.
  • Thank You Cards– I could collect stationery all day, and these are the first set of thank-you cards I have purchased for him.
  • Stroller– We gave the stroller we used for Maxi as a newborn to a friend, so I knew I’d be on the lookout for one for baby boy. Maxi has a Nuna stroller for these toddler years, and we have absolutely loved it. It is incredibly easy to put together, so Paul and I went to look at this one while we were in Austin. It glided really well, so we went ahead and got this for him.
  • Car Seat– This car seat can click into the stroller we purchased and we got the color “Birch.”
  • Bassinet– I went back and forth on Snoo vs. regular basinet {I’m not a fan of the Halo Bassinet} for weeks. I think I read every Pinterest review, watched dozens of Youtube videos, and texted any friend that had given birth in the last year. Sometimes, I laugh at how MANY options we have as moms these days. I mean, we just have to roll our eyes and say it is ridiculous. But this was my overkill moment researching. Ultimately, we ended up on a regular bassinet. I don’t think you can go wrong either way, but this is what we set on for now. We haven’t ordered this just yet, but I did want to include as this is what we decided on.
  • Tote Insert– I ordered both a regular insert and a mini insert to compare in my totes. I think I’ll get a backpack diaper bag {will need that for the nursery at church, etc.} but I also know that I switch bags so much this will be helpful. I’ll do a review on the blog on sizing if that helps!
  • Baby Blanket– Maxi loved her Barefoot Dreams baby blanket and still sleeps with it at night! His nursery has horses in it, so I loved the look of this one.
  • Ubbi– We had a pink Ubbi diaper pail for Maxi and were really happy with it! You can use any type of bag which makes it easy. I think at a certain point any diaper pail will smell, but this one is made of steel {not plastic} so odor can’t be absorbed.
  • Baby Basics Kit– I love that all the fridababy pieces can come in a kit now, it makes it so nice to gift for a baby shower.
  • Humidifier– Speaking of fridababy,  we also went with their humidifier for him as we have always loved the rest of their products.
  • Baby Hangers– These are the hangers I have in his closet and they are the sweetest shade of baby blue!
  • Bouncer– This bouncer was amazing with Maxi and unlike most baby gear, this doesn’t take up an obscene amount of space.
  • Bathtub– We used a different bathtub with Maxi, but this looks perfect for sink baths, too.
  • Sleep Gowns– I love white sleep gowns like this because you can easily bleach them and if you want to monogram, it’s the perfect canvas to do so. I grabbed a few of these.
  • Baby Carrier– I never knew of this brand with Maxi, but I’ve seen it all over Instagram and had a few friends rave about it. I ordered this houndstooth one during their Black Friday Sale and it is gorgeous!

I’m happy to add to this list as we purchase big-ticket items or decide what we will be using, etc! 

It’s probably no surprise that I love really classic clothing for babies. Did all of Maxi’s smocked dresses give that away?! 😉 I have mostly purchased clothing for him in-store as we have some darling local boutiques! For online, I have loved Beaufort Bonnet Co. Smocked Auctions, Cecil & Lou, The Smocked Bear, and I know I’m forgetting some.

I’m not sure why we enjoying nesting so much as mothers. As long as the baby has food and somewhere to sleep, they don’t need much else as newborns! But I have had such a fun time browsing online, folding his little pajamas, and going through all of Maxi’s old gear. My idea of fun is spending a weekend organizing and cleaning out my children’s rooms. Do you have anything you rave about for your baby?

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  1. Looks like you’re all prepared for baby boy’s arrival! So excited for you, Katey! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 06 Feb 20Reply
  2. Elizabeth Townley wrote:

    So did you not like the Crane humidifier? I see that you used that one for Maxi. I can’t decide which to get between that one and the Frida as they both seem to have mixed reviews….

    Published 10 Feb 20Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi girl! It was fine, but we’ve gone through a few humidifiers with Maxi. I don’t ever find them to last long-term with us even with regular cleaning. So I just thought I’d try something new! xx, Katey

      Published 10 Feb 20Reply
  3. Casey wrote:

    I’m expecting a baby boy in June, and I DIED over that car – ordered it and it already arrived! So sweet in his nursery! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Published 10 Feb 20Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Aw yay!! So glad you loved it! Congratulations!

      Published 10 Feb 20Reply