What I’m Packing in My Hospital Bag

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Originally, I didn’t plan on doing a “What’s in my Hospital Bag” blog post as I didn’t want to be too redundant from this blog post with Maxi. But with COVID-19, each week hospital policies are changing and OB appointments look far different than the norm.

All in all, even though this isn’t my first rodeo, it most certainly feels like it! Where we live, they are discharging moms pretty quickly. I’ve had a few friends give birth during quarantine and it has been anywhere from 12 to 24 hours after delivery. So I’m probably packing far more than I need, but I also have no clue if they will still be sending us home that quickly once he is here.

Of course, when you give birth, you don’t need *that* much, but if it makes you comfortable, bring it! For me, I’ve found I don’t need nursing tanks, but I do want all my toiletries because after pushing a baby out, I want my fancy face wash- okay?! No shame, sister. No shame. Here’s what I found I loved having at the hospital the most:

  1. Hollis Weekender Bag: This is the bag I’ve packed for the hospital because it can fit so much more than any other duffel bag I have, and it can be easily cleaned afterward!
  2. Robe: This blue and white robe is what I’ll throw on with my pajamas after I can get out of the hospital gown. It also comes in pink here.
  3. Nursing Bras: I’ve ordered a few different kinds this time around to see which ones I prefer. So far, I LOVE this one by Hatch. It feels like you are wearing nothing. These were also really recommended from Amazon, so I packed that as well. I don’t love nursing tanks, so I’ll just use the nursing bras and pajamas.
  4. Lake Nightgown: This maternity nightgown looks like it will be so comfortable after birth, no matter what type of delivery you have!
  5. Postpartum Panties: The hospital will provide you with mesh undies, but I do not like them. I prefer to bring my own, and so many of you all recommended these.
  6. Slippers: While we aren’t able to leave our room and walk the halls, I did pack these slippers for getting in and out of bed!
  7. Loose Dress: This is the dress I packed for going home from the hospital. It is sold out, but anything similar would work perfectly for you. See how it looks here.
  8. Pillow: I didn’t bring my own pillow last time and regretted it so much, my mom ended up bringing it for me. For me, hospital sleep is the worst sleep with a newborn, so I need anything that is comfortable and reminds me of home.
  9. Barefoot Dreams Blanket: I also bring a Barefoot Dreams blanket to provide some added comfort.
  10. Lola James Necklace: I wear a gold necklace that says, “Maxi” every day. It is from Lola James Jewelry. I wore it during labor with Maxi and it has been a second-skin necklace for me ever since. I got a new one with baby boy’s name added, so I’ll put that on during labor with this little one, as well.
  11. Chargers: Grab an extra-long iPhone charger so it can reach your hospital bed.
  12. iPad: Bring an iPad or Roku packed with shows if you are laboring for a bit to help pass the time once you get an epidural. When we had Maxi, we never watched any TV because we had my parents and in-laws in the room with us all day, but that can’t be the case this time.
  13. Camera: Our hospital isn’t allowing photographers, so we won’t take first 48 photos like we did with Maxi. I’m totally fine with the iPhone camera, but Paul is obsessed with our camera {this is our camera and this is our lens} so I’m sure he will pack it in his bag}.
  14. Snacks: This is another thing I didn’t really pack with Maxi, but will need to this time around. I love this nut mix from Trader Joe’s!
  15. Colleen Rothschild Shampoo Set: I packed all the toiletries for my first shower after labor, and this set is perfect for packing or travel.
  16. Colleen Rothschild Discovery Set: I also packed this for washing my face after I give birth, etc.
  17. Makeup Bag: I did pack my makeup bag with a few things just in case I want to put it on before we go home.
  18. Nipple Cream: When I gave birth to Maxi, they provided me with a ton of different options, and I also packed this to try it out and see if I like it, as it also works as a lip cream.
  19. Colleen Rothschild Hand Cream: This is my favorite hand cream and I brought it so Paul can rub my feet during labor.
  20. Headband: It may seem a bit silly to pack a cute headband, but I’ll throw it on before we head home, and that way I can just do a top knot or wear my hair down, and not have to fuss with dry shampoo.
  21. Ritual Vitamins: I brought my prenatals so I don’t miss taking those while in the hospital.
  22. Toiletries: Don’t forget things like your toothbrush, shower shoes, deodorant {Native has minis I use!}, hairbrush, extra ponytail holders, body wash, and these dry shampoo wipes.
  23. Boppy Pillow: While I didn’t love the boppy pillow a ton for nursing, I love it for the hospital and being at home. Even just putting it around my stomach while the baby lays on me helped. This is the cover we have.
  24. Car Seat: We are using the Nuna Pipa Lite LX! I *do* have a Doona and received some DMS asking which one I will use. I might just be the only person in the world with this answer, but I’m using a Doona as a stroller when I need something more compact and my car seat separately. My mom got me the Doona and my friends actually got the most gorgeous canopy cover for it. But with that being said, as it has a cover, it will just be my stroller. If we end up traveling or Paul needs a car seat or my mom needs it for her car for a day, we can take the cover off and use it as a car seat for them, as well. That’s the plan for now, we shall see what works when he is here. 🙂
  25. Going Home Outfit: I got him a little smocked pajama outfit from a local boutique called Babies on the Boulevard to go home in.
  26. Gowns for Hospital: I brought a few different sizes of pajamas and gowns, I love this little brother one!
  27. Newborn Nest: I got this set for some photos of him in the hospital. Code KateyMcFarlan15 should give you 15% off if you order one!
  28. Pacis: While I’m not sure when I’ll introduce a paci to this baby, I brought one just in case! I gave Maxi one when she was about 2 days old and we didn’t have issues, so let’s see if he likes them!
  29. Hat: I ordered this sweet little hat from Etsy with his name.
  30. Swaddle: The hospital provides you with swaddles, but Paul ended up having to go home and grab this one on day 2 for Maxi, so I’ll be packing it just in case this time around.
  31. Baby Blanket: A soft blanket for baby to snuggle in with you.
  32. Nurse Gifts: I’ll share my nurse gifts on Insta Stories soon once everything comes in the mail! Here is what I did for Maxi.
  33. Purse: For my iPhone, license, insurance, etc.
  34. Baby Bag: This is the tote I’m using for baby boy’s items. It can also be thrown in the wash after!

Paul will pack his own bag. It will be minimal and have a toothbrush and sweats. ha! 

The organizer bags that say “skin” etc. are Stoney Clover! I love to use these to organize inside of bags, so I’m not blindly digging for an item.

If you have given birth recently during all of this, how long was your hospital stay?


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  1. I love how prepared you are! Also, your hospital bag is so cute! The bright pink is everything! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 15 May 20Reply
  2. Julie wrote:

    I’ve never had a child but for some reason, I always love these hospital bag posts! It’s so soothing to the Type A’s of the world to see the organization and planning lol

    Published 15 May 20Reply
  3. Alyssa wrote:

    I’m due this summer with my second, too (also a baby brother to my first-born daughter!), and I totally feel like I’m going to forget to stock up on something important before he comes. Would love to know what you’re buying for your second, since you’re in a similar situation!

    Published 15 May 20Reply
  4. Jessica G wrote:

    I’m so thankful my baby boy came at the beginning of February and it wasn’t an issue for us in the hospital. Things were just starting and all they did was ask a few questions about fever and if we had traveled to China recently. My heart breaks for all the mom’s being discharged so early. The stress! Especially for the 1st baby. Praying everything goes smoothly for you!

    Can’t wait to hear baby boy’s name and see the necklace. I’ve got three now, with long names, so trying to find some jewelry with names has been a challenge for me, but I want something.

    Published 15 May 20Reply
  5. Love this post! I’ve referenced it multiple times :). I’m also packing my bag extra early since family can’t freely come & go from the hospital with the option to bring forgotten items in case she comes early and I’m not prepared.

    Published 24 May 20Reply