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Happy Friday, friends! Today I wanted to share a little random roundup of some favorites from the past week- well, really more like the past few weeks!

We really do turn into our mothers. My mom gets a kick out of a new placemat and her heart just about falls out of her chest over a new set of dishes. I’ve found myself finding even more joy in setting the table lately. We’ve been home going on four months and I realize I’m not missing some things {random errands and multiple dinners out} but craving others {dinner parties}. Something about going that extra step to set a table every now and then just makes you slow down to appreciate a meal with your family. Don’t get me wrong, we had Chick Fil A on paper plates last night- but some days it just feels good to have a fancier table. I found this shop The Avenue and ordered a few things for our dining table to pair with some MacKenzie-Childs pieces I have! It’s such a perfect curation of pieces to celebrate life with, so you must browse if you have a few minutes. Their shipping was also so fast! Paul’s birthday is next week and my mom’s birthday is in a few weeks, so having the dining table ready for their dinner is something I enjoy.

One of my favorite things about the baby stage is baby wearing. I think it’s so important for that 4th trimester so they can feel as close to you as possible and I feel like it allows me to serve both kids’ needs at the same time {when I’m still learning how to do all this}. I can color with Maxi while holding Harry- it is truly the best! I’m a big fan of the Solly wrap. It’s what I used with Maxi and continue to use with Harry. I filmed a video on how to wrap it and will post to Instagram soon! Between my Solly and Elvie, I feel like I can do multiple things at once.

Speaking of multitasking, I’ve also been listening to Jennie Allen’s “Get Out of Your Head” on audible. In the mornings, I have about an hour where Harry naps and Maxi still is sleeping. I use that time to shower, pump, and get ready. I’ll listen to a sermon or that book and am loving it. I overthink everything {and am even more inclined with 2020 and COVID!} so this book has really helped me with that. I ordered the coordinating study to do with it.

I’ve shared before that my mom, sister, and myself always share home decor. I am always swapping coffee tables with them- ha! My sister wanted this mirror above our mantle for her house and so I let her borrow it and I ordered a black and white photo of Harry and Maxi. I order a lot of my framing through Framebridge. They will add matting and give you a preview so you can perfect it to your liking and the pricing is always half of custom framing.

heart earrings | fishbone earrings

I go through waves where I’m more tempted by one type of jewelry than another. I’ll have my months I just want to find layering necklaces or cuff bracelets. But, I’m always tempted by a statement earring. Always. A shop I’ve been purchasing from this summer is Nicola Bathie. Her pieces are ultra-feminine and lean a bit ethereal- which I love. On most styles, you can also decide if you want a post or clip-on back.

We’ll be spending the weekend swimming with Maxi and trying to beat this intense heat. Did you have any favorites from this week


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  1. Your home is seriously goals! Have a great weekend, Katey! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 10 Jul 20Reply