How to Make a Fall Arrangement for a Friend

As you layer in pieces for your fall decor, don’t forget arrangements! You can swap roses for pampas grass and sunflowers for rabbit tail grass. While pink may not “scream” fall, the great part about these dried options is that you can get them in whatever shade suits your home style! I made these arrangements for a friend, so I went with neutrals and pops of pink.

The texture of pampas grass is perfect for fall, and you can incorporate it in your home no matter your home style. Generally, I’d say it leans towards a European Modern Farmhouse or bohemian style, but when paired in the right vase with the right pop of color, it’s got fall written all over it. This takes 5 minutes to make and is a lovely gift for a friend- especially this year when our homes have become such a haven. Plus, it’s an affordable option for a gift when you make a few together. You can also style these arrangements with white pumpkins on your dining table for a Thanksgiving option that veers away from oranges and deep burgundies.

How to Make a Fall Arrangement

  1. First, grab a vase that is going to really embody your home style. Pampas grass makes a statement, so you want to make sure the vase you use works well with your style or the style you gift your friend. This vase above is from Anthropologie and I *believe* it is the large! I bought mine in-store last year, so I’m not 100% sure! Shop it here. The glass vase below is from Amazon, shop it here. I love this glass option because it works beautifully on a dining table and can fit in with any decor style from glam to new traditional.
  2. Next, order your dried grass off Amazon! Here are the exact pieces I used. For the neutral grass, I used both this and this grass. You could get away just ordering the first grass, I just made a few arrangements for friends, so I needed extra. The arrangement on my nightstand has the first grass option and the arrangement by the white pumpkins has the second. For the pale pink rabbit tail grass, I used this. I used this as the lower pops of color. And if you want blush pampas grass {I show this in an Instagram Reel} use this.
  3. Cut and arrange the grass at all varying heights. The fun thing about styling pampas grass is it doesn’t fall over like a flower would, so you can really play with height here if you are styling a bookshelf or something else.
  4. Gift to a friend, display on your nightstand, or use it for your Thanksgiving table!

If you make this DIY arrangement be sure to tag me on Instagram as I’d love to see how you do it and what vase you use!

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  1. So stylish! You’re so talented, Katey! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 12 Oct 20Reply