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Today starts the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for Icon Early Access. Depending upon your Nordstrom Card Level, you’ll be able to shop this sale throughout the next few weeks, and then everyone can shop it starting August 19th! When chatting with you all about how you wanted the sale covered this year, you really honed in on two specific things.

  1. You wanted to see items that I have used/loved for years
  2. You wanted to see staple items that you could use for years to come

Done and done, friends! Today’s post is long. As I was typing it I kept thinking, “Well, I’ve reviewed a bit too much, haven’t I?” But I wanted to allow this post to be your homebase for shopping it. I’ll review products as I order them or based on your requests, but this blog post is going to cover what’s on my wish list {the graphic above!} and the sections to shop with in this sale. For the 10 sections, you will find items that I have used, loved, and reviewed on COF for quite some time!

One last thing to note before we get into the reviews, yes, things do sell out with this sale! Nordstrom is tight lipped on inventory as well as top sellers, so I don’t know what will be restocked, what won’t be restocked, what is limited edition, etc. Sometimes this sale gets touted as the “end all, be all” of sales and it isn’t, of course. Do I think it is a great sale? I would venture to say it is the top one I shop every year, because this is NEW inventory. Most sales feature leftover inventory or overstock, while this features items new for fall at a discounted rate. {Yes, some pieces are staples lines will always have like beauty products, etc.} The plus to that is that you’re getting great items for the coming years that you can really map out your cost per wear with- think coats, denim, shoes. But something to consider is that, if you don’t buy the pair of jeans now, it doesn’t mean they won’t exist this year or next. Since most of it is new inventory for the brand that Nordstrom bought, you’ll see these items again. However, some items will sell out with the Nordstrom Sale {as brands only plan that specific inventory for this sale} and the stock can be so limited that if it sells out the first week, it is gone. My friend Ashley and I joke about a blush Phillip Lim bag this happened with like 6 years ago during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. We still regret not purchasing it!

That’s a lengthy way to say that yes, you’ll still be able to buy an UppaBaby stroller in the coming months, it just won’t be at this discount. But, I can’t say if this leopard Clare V. bag is limited edition or not or how many units they have before it sells out. So shop for what you need, plan out your purchase decisions, and always think cost per wear. Some people say the sale can be overhyped, some say it’s the best thing they shop all year. I say, if you are strategic it is brilliant. For me, I buy classic staples and beauty products you use, and you’ll save money all year long by stocking up.

Now grab a cup of tea or your iced skinny mocha with one pump raspberry and extra ice {a favorite of mine!} and settle in because this post is thorough.


Sweaters come and go each season, but the one thing I always browse during this sale FIRST is beauty tools. I only get facials on vacation or for a special occasion with a friend {think Mother’s Day, etc.} and don’t get treatments {I’ve had microneedling or was it microderm?! done once before my wedding}, but it’s because I choose to invest my money and routine in at-home beauty tools. It’s expensive to get a babysitter to go get a facial, so I’d rather allocate that money to a device I can use during my skincare routine for years to come. Paul, if you are reading this, I still want to go get a facial for my birthday next year! haha. 

Two beauty tools that I think are just fantastic? The GloPRO and the NuFACE. I’ve blogged the GloPRO and chatted about it on Insta Stories for years {see a review here} but the NuFACE was a beauty tool I’ve purchased within the last year. One focuses on fine lines and texture {GloPRO} and the other focuses on toning and lifting {NuFace}. Below, I’ve got my review and before and after photos so you can determine which is best for YOU. Now don’t miss my Instagram today, as I made an IGTV comparing both beauty tools to help you decide as well.

When do I recommend a GloPRO?!

  • If your goals are helping fine lines and texture
  • If you are pregnant and can’t use retinol or medical-grade skincare
  • If you are revamping your skincare routine and using more natural or gentle products, but still want fine lines softened
  • If your routine is low maintenance and you won’t remember to use something daily {this just has to be used 3x a week!}
  • If you want to stimulate your skin HEALING {think texture issues, pigmentation, acne scarring}. You can use the GloPRO on the eye area {there is an attachment} AND body for scarring or stretch marks {there is a body attachment, too}.
  • I use both a GloPRO and NuFACE, but I’d say a GloPRO is probably more appealing for a wide array of ages. I’d encourage anyone in their late twenties to try a GloPRO because you can never start stimulating collagen and promoting skin healing too early, whereas, you may not care as much about toning until your late thirties.

What is the GloPRO?

The Glopro is the Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner at-home microneedling device. Microneedling allows the skin to regenerate. Small tips penetrate your skin {it is not uncomfortable to me, feels like a comb on my face} and your cells respond to restore volume. The red LED light and vibrations aide the regeneration process to give you a more noticeable result. This stimulates blood flow, which promotes healing. Sound like a mouthful? Want the COFnotes, like Sparknotes, but frivolity related? ?

Microneedling is going to create teeny tiny tears in the skin {that sounds scary, but it’s so small you wouldn’t see} and as your skin goes to heal, your body’s “repair mode” goes full force. In the process, this helps fine lines, stretch marks, and wrinkles disappear.

Not only does your skin go into repair mode, it also allows your products to absorb better. With all the layers of skin, your skin really doesn’t get the full potency {or potential} of your skincare products. The GloPRO allows products to be absorbed by your skin 200 TIMES MORE EFFECTIVELY {I’m looking at you expensive serums} so that you see the full effects.

But you don’t even have to use a serum with this! It’s one of the only things you can use while pregnant because it’s natural! You are stimulating your OWN skin, you don’t have to even add a topical. You’ll still see results even if you apply organic rosehip oil after you use it. This is how it also allows stretch marks to heal, you are just stimulating your own skin.

How to use the GloPRO?

This is the great thing about the GloPRO, for an at-home beauty tool, it is as low maintenance as they come! They recommend you use it 3 times a week {but many times I only do it twice} for 60 seconds!

  1. I use the GloPRO at night, but you can use this in the morning if you have an event and want your skin to appear flawless. But remember, your skin heals the most while you sleep, so I use this at night before bed.
  2. Cleanse your skin like you normally would, then tone. You can use their prep pads which help remove any other makeup and help give an ultra clean foundation for you to create these microtears. Remember, you can’t just microneedle without prepping the skin due to bacteria. I use my normal toner most times and it works perfectly after washing my face.
  3. Now you GloPRO! You divide your face into 4 quadrants {forehead, cheeks, lower face} and you will roll 15-20 seconds in each quadrant. You go vertical, horizontal, and diagonal. Do NOT GloPRO over any open acne spots or blemishes.
  4. Your face may be a bit red after you finish, but that just means it worked well.
  5. Immediately apply your products. I heard once you have about 60 seconds to get them deep in the skin after GloPROing and who knows if that is true, but I follow that rule like my mother will ground me if I don’t. I apply eye cream, serums, moisturizers. If I weren’t nursing, I’d apply retinol in place of serums.
  6. Then you sanitize your GloPRO by spraying rubbing alcohol on it


Many say they see an immediate result in terms of pores and start to see texture results in a few days. I purposely took these while pregnant and gave myself weeks in between and didn’t use my Glopro for weeks before the “before” photo. I’d venture to say you can see MAJOR results in as little as 4 weeks. Give it a month and you’ll be hooked on this tool.


You can shop this $318 value during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale here for $179. This kit comes with the GloPRO with face attachment, eye attachment, their full-size Vitamin C Moisturizer {great for scarring!}, eye gels, prep pads, and sanitizing bottle. If stretch marks are a concern of yours, grab the body attachment on sale, here.

When do I recommend a NuFACE?

Kristin Cavallari influenced me to buy this. Does she use this? Who knows. But I saw her say she loved microcurrent beauty treatments, so I went Googling and clicked “Add to Cart” after watching dozens of Youtube reviews. Apparently Bobbi Brown swears by this, too! What is this microcurrent treatment I’m even speaking of? It’s a low-grade electrical current that teaches your muscles what to do. Think barre class for your face. 😉 The results are lifted, toned, firmed, and tightened skin. If the GloPRO is an alternative to botox, this is claimed to be an alternative to a facelift. Am I saying that I need one? Excuse me while I spit out my coffee giggling. Of course, not! But by training the muscles, you can keep a lifted and more “awake” appearance, which is what Kristin Cavallari apparently loves it for. I’ve also seen beauty gurus say it helps with facial swelling because you are essentially giving your face that contour look by training your muscles and THAT I can speak to. This thing chisels those cheekbones. This has been used since the 80s and microcurrent facials are NOT new {they are approved by the FDA} and studies show people are satisfied with their results by upwards of 70%.

  • I recommend this product if you want the “lifted” look. Many people say botox gives an arched brow, and you’ll see in my after photo this tool gives an arched look as well.
  • If you are wanting to help your face look less swollen. This helps depuff a lot!
  • If you want your jaw and cheek to look contoured eve without makeup.
  • While you can use the GloPRO pregnant, there is caution with the NuFACE. Per their website: the NuFACE Trinity Facial Trainer, NuFACE Mini and NuFACE Classic are contraindicated against and should not be used if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, electronic implanted device, have epilepsy/seizures or active cancer, or are under the age of 18. I purchased my NuFACE while pregnant to use postpartum with swelling and have loved the results I’ve seen in just a few weeks.
  • If you want results before an event. You can see results in the first use, and they can last anywhere from 1-3 days, so this is great before a wedding, etc. However, larger results do take a bit longer to see. Some people will say this device wasn’t the best buy for them because they do not use it consistently, and they admit to that. Take before and after photos the first few uses. I did and saw such results, I wanted to keep using it. You truly need to use it 5 minutes a day for consecutive days to see results. Here are the results of users for 60 consecutive days. Because this is like a gym for your face, you have to be consistent just like with working out. You don’t feel total muscle change after 1 barre class.

What is a NuFACE?

Microcurrent is a low-level current that mimics the body’s natural current and this device implements that. Think of this as a 5-minute facial at home. This tool sends gentle waves to the skin training the muscles and collagen to give an improved and lifted appearance. Now you may wonder how a facial tool can affect the skin so much, but our facial muslces are DIRECTLY tied to the skin and it isn’t like that anywhere else on our body. They also say this helps your skincare penetrate deeper, but I can’t say if I see that results or not since I use the GloPRO for that.

How to use a NuFACE?

Before you start, take before and afters! You’ll want to compare results immediately, at a week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks. I’m telling you, this is the type of device you can sit and think, “Is 5 minutes doing ANYTHING? Should I return this?” And then you look at photos of yourself on your phone and you think, “I’m a believer, everyone needs this.” It’s so similar to working out! A month or two in and you can see those results each time you look in the mirror, but the first few times this is not an intense instant gratifaction thing like self tanner is. {But I think my before and after with 1 use is pretty impressive, hence me preaching at you to take pictures!}

  1. Wash your face and tone like normal!
  2. Apply the gel. YOU MUST USE THIS GEL!! Their gel primer comes with it, but I really like their 24k one that is specifically made for firming. If you feel anything while using this, you didn’t use enough gel.
  3. Divide your face in half and work on one side at a time. Start at the jaw and glide “up” until you hear the beep. Move an inch above your starting point and do the same. Repeat until you hit the eye area and avoid that. You’ll then move the device from brow to top of forehead. Watch THIS Youtube video, it makes it MUCH easier to understand.
  4. Then apply your serums and beauty products as usual.


Do I use this every single day? No. I’d say I use it 3-4 times a week {when I do my makeup!} and see results. I’ll make my coffee while I do it, check e-mails, etc. The 5 minutes truly goes by fast. Above are my results after just 1 use.


I personally own the mini, but the Trinity {just size variation} is part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for $217 and it is originally $325. Shop it here. You can get the Mini with the FIX {I haven’t used that} on sale, too. Shop it here. Grab the 24k primer gel here.

Curling Irons

Both of my curling irons the GHD and T3 are on sale for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, as well as my straightening iron! I get a lot of questions on which iron I use for which type of curl. I have used both for years and love both! There are very minor differences in the curl, but I did take side-by-side photos below so you can see the differences.

Which curling iron to grab?

  • Both the GHD and T3 pictured here have a 1.25″ barrel. But as you can see, the T3 has a longer wand. If you have longer hair, you may prefer the T3.
  • Both give a long-lasting curl, but I’d say the main differences are in terms of the clamp. The GHD iron is called the “soft curl” and for good reason. The clamp is lighter and you get a really soft and bouncy curl. The T3 has a strong clamp, so you get great control. If you have naturally straight or fine hair, you will probably prefer the GHD’s clamp. If you have more texture or wave, you will probably prefer the T3’s clamp. With the GHD I can use it on days I want my hair to have a really soft and effortless curl. With the T3, I use it on days I slept on my hair wet and really need the strong clamp to smooth it all out.

I use both and love both! If you’d like to see a tutorial on the T3, be sure to check my Instagram highlights. If you’d like to see a tutorial with the GHD, here is the blog post.


My two go-to body care brands are Nécessaire and LALICIOUS. Nécessaire is a clean vitamin-based body care line and I loved it for pregnancy! The eucalyptus body wash is DIVINE. You will feel like you are at the spa, just in your own home. It is a bit of a splurge in terms of body care {I felt it was worth it for sensitive skin and have gone through a few of the body washes and lotions! Their serum is also brilliant for self tanning.} so grab it on sale now to try. One thing that stands out is how fast-absorbing their body lotion is. If you live in a humid client {Howdy, Texans!} it is the perfect summer lotion for not sticking to hot seats in your car. haha.

While you are at it, grab your self tanner. I hear a LOT about self tanner with my job. I talk about it with my photographer since she shoots blog campaigns and we always talk about what photographs well. I talk about it with brands as they plan campaign shoots. I talk about it with readers. St. Tropez is the gold standard. I’d say it is what is used/recommended 80% of the time. I used St. Tropez in both of my pregnancies {here are other clean tanners I used while pregnant}. Their large bottles are on sale right now and you won’t have to repurchase the rest of the year.

Fragrance can seem intimidating to purchase online, but I always grab a scent during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. They have tried and true gift sets on sale and since we aren’t browsing in store right now, let me share my favorites.

  • For Layering/Gifting: When it comes to finding a signature scent, Jo Malone is always a recommendation. The fragrance layers beautifully and people can create their own unique notes like Peony + Blush Suede with a splash of Wood Sage + Sea Salt. Get this gift set with the top scents from the collection to layer or wear alone. Or, if you stock your gift closet this gives you 5 gifts for $79. This would be perfect for hostess gifts or the holidays, just tag on a $5 Starbucks gift card and you’ve spent $20 a person.
  • My Favorite Fragrance: My favorite fragrance is Baccarat Rouge 540. Go ahead and close your eyes, because it is expensive. Painfully so. My husband gave it to me as a gift and it is what I would wear every single day if I had to select one fragrance.
  • Most Repurchased Scent: The fragrance I’ve repurchased the most is Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf. It is also my husband’s favorite scent I wear and the one he always comments on!
  • YSL Fragrances: For date night, I love YSL fragrances. Black Opium is my date night scent I’ve worn the past 5 or 6 years. Anytime someone else wears this, I always pick up on it because it’s such a lovely statement. Libre is my favorite scent from YSL at the moment. My mom had it and I’d spray it on myself each time I was at my parents’ home and finally had to get one for myself. This is a warm floral scent, so it can be worn day or night.
  • Scent I Went through the Fastest: This scent from Valentino is the one I went through the fastest last year. I purchased it and blogged it and wore it straight until I finished the bottle! I always mix it up in the week, but I loved this one so much I didn’t stray until the bottle was empty.

If you highlight your hair, GRAB yourself some Olaplex! This product is how celebrities go back and forth from dark to light with their hair and not have it damaged. This system helps repair the bonds broken down by bleach. I have used it for years and will never be without. So many girls swear by it when their hair is dry or damaged from getting a little too highlights happy.


As you stock your vanity tray with lotions or anti-aging potions, be sure to assess what skincare items you are running low on. Below is what I recommend browsing.

  • Favorite Cleansing Oil: One of my favorite old-school bloggers {she no longer vlogs, but her IG is @buynowbloglater} says that a great way to know if a skincare product works is if you notice a difference when you use a different product. This is a huge reason I’m always trying new things for y’all. If you are using something for 9-12 weeks to see cellular turnover, by week 11, you may not notice a difference, unless it’s for something like acne. This is why I recommend taking weekly photos with beauty tools! Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil is one of those products. It removes ALL the mascara. ALL the eyeliner. ALL the highlight. Without irritation. I used it from last July to maybe January?! I have been using other oil cleansers and wake up noticing I still have little bits of mascara on my lashes. And that’s not great after double cleansing. I’ll be picking up this oil cleanser set because I’m also a sucker for this pink pouch and I’m in dire need of eye cream. Paul knocked mine off the counter on accident and it broke, and I’ve been waiting for the sale to restock on one. I’m also really excited to try her Moisturizing Repair Balm in this set.
  • For the Serum Obsessed: Serums are like vitamins for your face. Want strong nails? You take biotin. Need to up your immunity? Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Want sweet dreams? Magnesium or melatonin, depending on which one you prefer. I like Magnesium myself! In the world of serums, Skinceuticals and Dr. Barbara Sturm are royalty. I adore her glow drops and clarifying serum. They are pricey and I typically buy one or two of her products a year as a treat. You see a difference so I find it to be worth it. If smooth skin is on your list of skincare goals, grab this kit to try her line.
  • Peel Perfection: If you want to try a daily peel product, grab these peel pads. Note, this DOES contain retinol so it isn’t pregnancy or nursing friendly. These wipes act as a toner you use once a day. It’s a two-part system that tone, exfoliate, tighten, and help with acne. They do it all! I love them, just hardly get to use them since the past 4 years I’ve been pregnant, nursing, trying to get pregnant, pregnant, and nursing again. haha. But in those months I could use them, I loved them! I saw a huge difference in texture and clarity.
  • Tula Obsessed: My favorite face wash, makeup primer, and eye balm?! Yes please! *Added to cart*
  • Vogue Editor Approved: I follow Vogue beauty editors on Instagram like I’m their bff to learn about products. This is the facial exfoliator they swear by and they try EVERYTHING. I honestly think a browse through Sephora is probably boring for them because they have tested it all. I’ve purchased this exfoliator twice and can say it’s just as good as they claim it is. It’s amazing for hormonal blemishes.

Want to take a trip down memory lane? THIS brow tutorial from when I was pregnant with Maxi features products on sale! I feel like I look so different now #NoSleepandTwoKids ha! But I do my brows the same and the brow pencil and brow gel I use is on sale. I’ll grab 2 of these sets from the sale. The brow gel I not only use for my brows but also they tame baby hairs! Hairspray doesn’t tame them as well and will not last all day, but use clear brow gel to help with them and they will stay put. Shop the brow set here.

I love reader e-mails because it is a reminder that we would all be dear friends. We want to know THE spots with the best margaritas in town. We want to know tricks for time management with kids. We want to know how to combat humidity with makeup. If you’ve e-mailed me tips for fighting humidity and makeup breakup in Texas temps, these two products were probably recommended to you! Laura Mercier Translucent Powder with Urban Decay All Nighter Spray will keep your makeup staying in place! Other honorable mentions: Stila Liquid Lipstick and MAC Paint Pots {Painterly is my fave}. The powder and setting spray combo is on sale!

Let’s talk lashes. I’ve never had lash extensions, but that’s because I swear by Neulash. Neulash is a lash lengthening serum I have used for YEARS. Note, you can’t use it while pregnant or nursing so I’m desperately missing it. But I will say this pregnancy I tried plenty of pregnancy-friendly alternatives. In my experience, they don’t hold a candle to Neulash. I’d use these alternatives for 12 weeks + and see absolutely no change. With Neulash, people will ask if you are wearing false lashes all the time. I love it and always grab it during the Nordstrom Sale if I can use it! These 2 tubes usually last me the entire year.


Y’all, Maxi FOUND my gift closet. I mean it was only a matter of time, and you know I firmly believe in a gift closet. Stock that baby with wrapping paper, cards, hostess gifts so you never show up to a home empty-handed. This weekend I was taking a little couch snooze with Harry and Paul was doing something. I wake up to, “Mommy! Mommy! Oh thank you!!! Thank you so much for my Polly Pocket!” in my face. I asked her, “How did you find this?”

Her response? “In the closet. Where you keep my surprises!

She’s only 3 and I can’t get anything past her. ha!

So as I MOVE my gift closet to a sneakier solution, I’ll also check if anything needs to be restocked. If you stock a gift closet or need to buy for holiday ahead of time, here are my recommendations.

For the beauty guru, girly girl that has EVERYTHING, she will want a RIKI Lighted Mirror. This is what I use to apply my makeup since we don’t have any windows in our bathroom. It also holds your phone so you can watch makeup tutorials easily while you do your makeup. This was such a HOT Christmas gift last year you couldn’t find them in stock. Shop it here.

Yes, yes and YES the Barefoot Dreams blanket is all it is hyped up to be. I know what you are thinking, “You spend THAT on a blanket?” I buy them during the Nordstrom Sale so they are on sale, but it is still steep. So let me talk about it. I’ve had them for years and they stay so soft. If you are nervous about washing them {I get many messages from y’all about this!} wash on gentle, and dry on gentle. Will it change over time? I’ve had the grey one for years and years and wash it once or twice a week with kids and a dog. It doesn’t feel like it does in-store all these years later, but it’s still so soft they are the only blankets Maxi wants! Everyone {even Peaches} fights to grab one. I’m ordering another because I can hardly keep these 2 in rotation with our family. I also have the baby ones for Maxi and Harry. Maxi sleeps with her’s every single night. They are a splurge, but if you are a homebody like myself, you’ll get your money’s worth and more. As I type this, Harry is snuggled up on the tan one asleep next to me.

But if you are wanting to grab someone else a gift, get the Bliss Plush Throw from Nordstrom. These are $24 and the other blankets we adore in our home! This is a wonderful gift for the holidays or newlyweds. Get them custom monogrammed from a local spot in town and you’ve got a thoughtful gift that will be well-loved and used daily!

Candles to gifts are like the casseroles to grandmother’s kitchens. There’s a million of them, but when you find your favorites you feel everyone needs it in their home. To me, Diptyque is the ultimate in luxury home fragrance. I buy this gift set EACH Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because I break them off for holiday gifts and pair with a favorite bottle of wine. If you are just curious {I’m always nosey about these things} my favorite Diptyque scents are as follows:


Uppa Baby stroller on sale here! This is the Cruz in the photo above, but we have also had the Vista with Maxi- both are nearly identical and we adore them! We will always use this brand of stroller.

Now we get to the fun stuff- clothes, accessories, kits! I’m breaking down my picks for each category below.


Maxi’s boots on sale here!


In terms of closet staples, I’d take a look at this cami first! It pairs with jeans and a blazer as beautifully as it pairs with shorts for summer. It’s the ultimate layering piece that I’ve thrown under dresses with a v-neck that is a little too low for my taste! It’s one of those items I have had for years and can’t imagine ever parting with. It also comes in black and is on sale for $34!

While this look is all made up of pieces in my closet I already own, I wanted to recreate it below for you with sale items!

Another staple to shop? Spanx leggings! They are the best leggings for fall and winter and will last you YEARS without signs of wear. I am usually an xs in leggings and take a s in these.

Below are staple piece selects from the sale!


In my world with accessories, more is more. Shop hats, watches, and jewels below!


Booties. Mules. Sneakers. A combo of all three? Which will you be adding to your closet?

As always, I appreciate your support by reading my sale guides and shopping my links! I adore reviewing products for you all and am so grateful to do it. Let me know if anything catches your eye. Have a wonderful week, friends! Please excuse any typos with my newborn brain. 😉

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  1. Wow, such a thorough post! Thanks for the recommendations! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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  2. Aspen Detrick wrote:

    This just got me SO excited for the sale!!!

    Published 04 Aug 20Reply
  3. Brittney wrote:

    Thank you Katey for such a detailed walk through of everything! I see so many fall pieces I want to buy but am a little overwhelmed on what to do. I’m currently pregnant with my first child, due in November. So I want to buy pieces that will also fit postpartum. I understand every body is different, but did you find over-sized sweaters fit you in your regular size after baby? I want to look cute of course in my last trimester but don’t want to load up on all maternity clothes and then have nothing really post-partum. or am I totally over thinking this lol Thank you!

    Published 05 Aug 20Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Brittney! Congratulations!! That’s so exciting! So for me, my body has done the same thing with each baby, and so I’m happy to share! I gain 25-30 in pregnancy {I say a range bc the last week my morning sickness is bad so I lose a bit} come home from the hospital with 10 pounds to lose and I hold onto those ten pounds while I breastfeed. This may be TMI, but not pregnant I’m a C and nursing I’m DD-DDD, so the bulk of the body change is in my chest area. I would say, for jeans and shorts I go up 1 size and then my hips go back down to pre-pregnancy size when baby is around 9/10 months. Tops are where I upsize the most, but oversized sweaters still fit the same! With the NSale, I got coats in my regular size, and sweaters in my regular size. But tees and jeans I went up a size and then workout tops and sports bras I go up 2 sizes. By baby’s first birthday I feel much more like myself, and for me the weight is just totally hormonal. I hope that helps give you a good idea for shopping! xx, Katey

      Published 05 Aug 20Reply
  4. Sarah wrote:

    Hi Katey, no questions – just wanted to let you know I continue to be blown away by the stellar attention to detail and clear level of thought and time you invest into these overviews. Thanks for the deep-dive!

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    • Katey wrote:

      Thank you so much for this sweet comment!! You made my day! xx, Katey

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  5. Crystal wrote:

    Hi Katey, I’m considering investing in the GloPro facial set. Do you know if the GloPRO® BODY MicroTip™ Attachment Replacement Head fits on the roller in that set too?

    Published 24 Aug 20Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Crystal! The body attachment will fit on your regular Glopro! Is that what you mean? I want to make sure I answer correctly! xx, Katey

      Published 25 Aug 20Reply