Holiday Care Packages

As many of us reassess what our holiday season will look like, you’ve been requesting care packages you can mail to loved ones. Maybe you can’t fly to see your sister and her kids or you want to send your Nana something sweet to open from just you! While keeping cognizant of what matters this year {family, home, etc.} and size of products {for mailing} I pulled together some ideas of what to mail in your care packages!

  • Vistaprint Mugs + Hot Chocolate Stirrers: Maxi helped me design mugs with Vistaprint to send to my grandparents. She “decorated” a pink one with her photo that says, “I miss you!” You can also make a calendar like we did! Get 25% off Vistaprint mugs with code SHAREJOY2020. Then add in a hot chocolate stirrer, so they can enjoy a hot chocolate and think of you while they watch a holiday movie! Christmas at the Plaza is my FAVORITE Hallmark Christmas Movie if you need any ideas. 😉
  • Caffeinate Your Soul + Starbucks Gift Card: If you are mailing something to a friend or sister in a “busy” season of life, send her Caffeinate Your Soul! It’s like “Chicken Soup for the Busy Gal’s Soul.” Remember those books?! It has weekly Monday Mantras, or devotionals if you will. It’s motivating, faith-based, and real. It’s also not intimidating because you just read one a week and it’s a great way to start Monday off less stressed. Pop in a Starbucks Gift Card to make it themed.
  • Chelsea McShane Last Supper: I have this Last Supper print hanging in our kitchen, but she also makes acrylic prints of it perfect for a table or bookshelf. Katey10 is my discount for 10% off her work! Add to your loved one’s holiday decor with this if you can’t be there to trim the tree.
  • Wrapped Photos: In the day of digital scrapbooks via social media networks, we forget to take the time to print photos. Print photos and wrap them up in gorgeous ribbon. Sending printed photos to grandparents or aunts and uncles will mean more than any “material” item ever could. You can have a phone date and go through photos talking about some sweet moments you may have missed with one another through the year.
  • Santa Gummies: These have no sentimental reasoning other than the fact they are addicting, and who doesn’t want to be gifted addicting candy over the holiday?!
  • Santa Cocktail Napkins + Cocktail Recipe: For a Zoom date {I do however prefer a phone date} send some cute cocktail napkins and a favorite cocktail recipe written down. You can make them together, and sip on festive sangria while you chat away!
  • Mask Set + Favorite Beauty Product: Mary Kay has this cute mask set with mini masks. It is compact + lightweight, so perfect to mail in a box. Add in your FAVORITE beauty product of the year- mine might just be the Jouer Lip Oil. This way your bff can enjoy some self-care in between wrapping presents and keeping up with the busy of the season.
  • Ornaments: Bonus points if your kids make their own ornaments to mail, but for this shoot, I just added in a small lipstick one.
  • Tea Towels: I love to gift a tea towel or festive towel for their powder bath. It’s something you would rarely buy for yourself but makes the home feel a bit more “spruced up” when you add it in the mix of decor. With spending so much time at home, she’s sure to appreciate any updated item.
  • Makeup Bags: I shared these TRVL makeup bags in my Small Business Gift Guide last week. They are lightweight and perfect for your handbag. I use them to hold masks, my oils, and sanitizer. You know, 2020 things. This would be cute to fill with fashionable masks!
  • Printed Recipes + Amazon Gift Card: Now you can be Pioneer Woman, and she recommends sending cookies in old chip containers {like a washed Pringles can} so they won’t get crushed while mailing. Or you can print off your FAVORITE cookie recipe {I recommend anything by Elisabeth and Butter} and attach an Amazon gift card so they can order the ingredients online. If you can’t bake cookies in the kitchen with your grandma this year, you can let her know you miss it this way!

As you ship out boxes over the next few weeks, I hope this post gives you fresh ideas to mail to your loved ones.

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  1. Awww, these packages are so thoughtful! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 18 Nov 20Reply
  2. Alyssa wrote:

    Are you working with Vistaprint? I used to work there 🙂 Great company!

    Published 18 Nov 20Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      I am for Instagram- I adore them!! That’s so cool- dream job! xx, K

      Published 18 Nov 20Reply
  3. Maryann Ligenza wrote:

    I bought Caffeinate Your Soul: 52 Monday Mantras and read it straight through – I didn’t want to wait for Mondays. Also have since gotten several to give as gifts. It’s a great uplifting & inspiring book.

    Published 22 Nov 20Reply