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*most of these are all female-owned small businesses as well!*

I’m thrilled to be sharing my small business gift guide! It was torture to narrow it down to just 13 items, but you all know I adore sharing corporate swag bag ideas day in and day out on Insta stories, so I didn’t want to be *too* overwhelming in this roundup. In my personal spending and in my blog sharing, small businesses reign supreme. Most of my children’s clothing comes from female-owned small businesses, most of my furniture and home decor is from locally-owned small businesses, and in all my parties and hosting, I aim to order through small businesses, of course people that have an small business can also use learn to create paystubs as these are useful to managing employees and payrolls.

Which is why, I had quite the smile when you all asked for me to include a small business gift guide in this year’s holiday content. I know you don’t need me to harp on our economy healing from COVID-19, but what I can do is share a few of my favorite small businesses and what I recommend gifting. For more on keeping your business happy, consider using this service to get your reliable HR solutions.

one | Elizabeth Sage McLaurin is a Texas-landscape artist {we have a pink landscape in our home!} but she also makes the most stunning hand-painted ornaments. I don’t know one person NOT giddy to put up the tree this year and extend that holiday cheer. Add to their collection with a hand-painted ornament from a Texas mama. My personal favorites? This, this, and this one. I will be ordering these for neighbor gifts.

two | My husband actually picked this! I have an obsession with needlepointing, and he sees the time that goes into it. He has gotten into needlepoint belts {a lot} and I love this shop on Etsy. Order up 1-2 sizes in their regular belt size when it comes to these belts.

three | Katie Corley has gorgeous custom stationery, and these Play-Doh mats have a soft spot in my heart! Use them as their placemat or for arts and crafts time. It makes clean up a breeze.

four | Sweet Caroline Designs is a paper company I have loyally loved for the past 3+ years and I have their milestone cards for Harry! You can use them for your baby’s monthly photos or baby book.

five | White Elephant Designs is another fabulous shop that specializes in customization- this precious baby gown is such a sweet gift for a mommy to be. My babies lived in gowns the first few months. They make diaper changes far easier. 😉

six | This is such a special gift for your family that will also start a tradition! Bauble Stockings sells 100% hand-stitched, petite, heirloom stockings. They are Certified Fairtrade and provide work for more than 100 Haitain Women. Many of these women are single mothers, and by stitching these stockings they are provided with a salary equivalent to a nurse or teacher. I have a stocking for Maxi and Harry and the quality is unbelievable. Not only are you supporting these Haitian families, but they also benefit U.S. charities. The owner, Kate, donates 5% profit from each stocking sold to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter. The tradition of the bauble stocking is that it features the last gift of Christmas! For Kate, the owner, her mom was given the last gift of Christmas by her father as a “thank you” for all she had done that year. You have this petite needlepoint stocking on the tree, and then at the end of opening gifts or enjoying breakfast, you find your “bauble” gift in your stocking. The gift can be a love note, a meal delivery service, a special heirloom. For me, I’m thinking with the kids I will be doing something they can collect, or use when they are older.

seven | We are such Yellowstone fans, that I ordered these cups for one of my best friends and my mom earlier this fall! They absolutely loved them and I have to share them again with you all.

eight | Home with Hechart is one of my favorite shops to follow on Instagram and I adore their dishtowels. For the blue and white lover, grab her this ginger jar one!

nine {katey15 is my discount code} | Allie & Bess is one of my go-to for stackable jewelry! From gold bracelets to layer to this Daisy necklace, you can use code katey15 for a discount!

ten | For the home-decor obsessed, grab her these cocktail napkins. They will be such a gorgeous statement on her coffee table.

eleven | TRVL makes some of the cutest makeup bags and packing cubes! I can’t get over this light blue ikat. I haven’t used a diaper bag with H, I just use a big tote and throw a bag like this in for diapers.

twelve | Speaking of diaper bag totes, I have been using this tote {just another colorway} from Hale House. It fits EVERYTHING but is light!

thirteen | Hand Picked Littles is where I like to get graphic onesies and sweatshirts for M & H. The pieces are so sweet and they wash beautifully.

Do you have any favorite small businesses from this year?

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  1. So cute! Thanks for the recommendations, will definitely try to support these businesses! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 13 Nov 20Reply
  2. Katie wrote:

    love love love this gift guide! I just ordered a few things!

    Published 13 Nov 20Reply