My Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2019

Last year, I covered my favorite Amazon purchases of 2018. It was one of my most-read posts for the year, and y’all, I appreciate that. You all love the dangerous “get it in two hours” shopping site as much as I do. ๐Ÿ˜‰ There are moments I may think I’m being lazy for not wanting to get out and go to the store and then I look at my toddler and baby bump and realize, “Nope! I am meant to stay home and order this.” haha. While I share many Amazon favorites throughout the year, this roundup features the items I either used the most or found to be the most unique/beneficial. Don’t forget to read last year’s postย if you haven’t, because I still live for those products, as well. So let’s dive in and see what I couldn’t help but add to cart.

Baby Hangers

While this was a purchase towards the end of the year, I have to brag on it. If you have a toddler, you know the struggle of finding the right-sized hanger. Some baby hangers are way too small, some are too large, and some don’t come in sweet colors to match their nursery. These hangers fit both baby boy’s clothes and Maxi’s clothes, and they come in blue, pink, white, gray, or black. They also are a far better price than buying them in-store at Target or another spot!


These sheets have been talked about a lot on COF, and I’m still telling everyone they need a set. I have bought expensive sheets. I have bought affordable sheets. I have bought middle-of-the-road pricepoint sheets. These are an incredible price and fit all the Type-A requirements I have. They are soft, but not silky. They are breathable, but not linen. They don’t wrinkle, but they don’t feel stiff. For $29, I can’t imagine a better home purchase.


One thing I also did in 2019 was upgrade our pillow situation. I’ll be honest, I’m ashamed at what I spent. I mean, not really because I’m so happy with the purchase. But I remember it took me weeks to convince myself to order and now linking it I’m like, “Yikes.” I wanted hotel pillows. 5-star, sink into bed and order room service pillows. I researched online for weeks. I read all the reviews and decided on these pillows I linked above. They are king-size and feel like you are at a luxurious resort. Not only are they absolutely indulgent to rest your head on at night, but they are also perfect if you work in bed a lot, as I do. I’m sitting up on them right now typing this post and they are worth every single penny.

Pregnancy Probiotics

These are the probiotics I have been taking throughout my pregnancy and they also help with morning sickness! I take Ritual for my prenatal vitamin {which I’m obsessed with} and then I take these. I won’t rant too much about them, but I think everyone needs to find a probiotic they love and these came highly recommended from all my friends prior to ordering them.

Key Ring

I have shared 0-shaped key rings on my blog for years because they are such a convenient hack! You keep it on your wrist while you are running errands, so you can have a toddler on your hip or 14 grocery bags in your hand. This one is $9.99, so it makes a great gift or a little treat-yourself-it-is-Tuesday present. ๐Ÿ˜‰


My mom introduced me to this gluten-free granola that is high in fiber. While pregnant, I’ve added it to my morning smoothie to help keep me fuller for longer. I’ll mix some in yogurt, or grab a handful if we are headed to dinner and I know it will be an hour or so before I eat. It also has probiotics in it which is another great addition. While I know granola is a bit random to share, I wanted to add this to the list for any of my readers with dietary restrictions. It is also soy-free and soy is in EVERYTHING, so if you can’t have that, definitely check out this! It comes in a huge bag that will last you quite a bit of time.


This is another one I’ve blogged for years but must repeat as it makes the BEST gift. Detergent for a gift? Really? Y’all, yes. Let me explain. I’d like to think that we are all really cognizant of clutter. Maybe it’s the fact we all loved Marie Kondo’s book/series or the fact that Pinterest/Instagram makes us stop and think, “Yikes. Why do I have so much stuff in that closet?” But when gift-giving, I also try to be really mindful of that. Am I giving her another notepad if she has 22 in her desk? That may just be one minor example, but I try to think of the person and combine what they love or what would serve them, with what they already own a lot of. Now, you don’t want to ignore their passions just because you deem they have a lot. For example, I’d never turn down another lipstick. BUT, I think y’all know where I’m going with this. I try to just be a mindful gift giver as I know you all do, as well.ย If you are stuck, get them something they use daily, but an elevated version. Detergent fits that bill and once you try this detergent you’ll see why. First off, let me alleviate your concerns. This is bougie detergent. It’s over-the-top. The price is ridiculous, but it is SO nice. Most detergents make my skin itch and I’ll scratch my legs until my husband is like, “That bad, huh?” This does not. I don’t know what magical unicorns are mixing this stuff, but it is amazing. I use this detergent on our linens and people will always comment on it. You can get this detergent in “Diva” or “High Maintenance” {I love both scents!} and in numerous sizes. This size makes a great hostess gift. Grab one or two of that size and use them for hostess gifts or birthday gifts. Maxi’s teacher at MDO last year used to always ask me if I used that detergent and she told me it was one of her favorite gifts to receive. I’m telling y’all, people love this stuff for a gift. I’ve gifted it to my mother-in-law and a million other people, making it a top Amazon repeat purchase for me.

Beautyblender Dupes

With expensive detergent, I’ve got to budget somewhere, right? This pack gives you 5 makeup sponges for $8.99 on prime which beats any beauty blender or beauty blender dupe I’ve seen. They also work wonderfully! You want to dampen your blender before you use, squeeze out the excess water, and then blend in your foundation. I’ve tried so many dupe options and while I love the Real Techniques one, this is just a better price and is just as great tome.

Lululemon Align Dupes

Another pregnancy must-have I’ve shared are the Lululemon Align leggings. They aren’t maternity leggings, so you can wear them before or after, but they are unbelievably soft and have great stretch. But Lulu is sadly expensive, and these dupes are not. They come in a ton of prints or colors, and I take my pre-pregnancy size in them. I shared these on Insta Stories a few weeks back and I’ve gotten so much feedback from y’all that you think they are a perfect dupe, as well.

Peaches’ Collar

I can’t forget my first daughter in this post. Oddly enough, I struggle to find collars I love for Peaches. I will order a lot on etsy, but sometimes the fabric is so heavy she hates them. I ordered her this one on Amazon last year and it is light and doesn’t bother her at all.

You can shop my Amazon favorites here and let me know what your favorite purchase from Amazon was last year!

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  1. Ugh, I really wish Amazon didn’t charge for delivery to Hong Kong! So many gems you can find there! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 14 Jan 20Reply
  2. Laura Leigh wrote:

    SO many fun finds lady! Definitely ordering that key ring – I have been wanting one like that!

    xo Laura Leigh

    Published 14 Jan 20Reply
  3. Beth wrote:

    Can you share the link or post for your bedding?!

    Published 14 Jan 20Reply
  4. Katie wrote:

    I love how peaches is smiling in that picture with you!!!

    Published 14 Jan 20Reply
  5. Christine wrote:

    I was waiting for this blog post and as always it was worth the wait haha!! Added literally every item to my basket <3. Which scent of the detergent is your favorite? Do the leggings stay up for running/working out? Thanks for always working hard to share such quality items for your followers! I know that you never share anything that you haven't tested and love personally and that I can trust your opinion when I shop!

    Published 15 Jan 20Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Christine! Aw thank you so much! I love them both, but just checked my Amazon purchase history and have purchased High Maintenance more, so maybe that one! haha. And yes! The leggings stay up which is amazing. I am so picky with leggings and hate when they fall or anything and these never do. Thank you so much. ๐Ÿ™‚ xx, Katey

      Published 15 Jan 20Reply