2021 Favorites

At the end of each year, I love to dig through analytics and find your favorite purchases. It feels like I’m getting to see the SparkNotes version of the blog for the year…or something like that! Then I polled you all on Instagram and after sifting through a few thousand responses tallied up the reader favorites, you know the products you would share with anyone! So above you can see the top sellers and below you can find the products you all felt were worth mentioning for months on end. So from me to you, here is your 2021 COF study guide. 😉

2021 Top Sellers

  1. Name Charms: Over the past year or so, I’ve definitely seen a shift in terms of gift-giving requests as opposed to personal shopping. I can think of numerous things that contribute to that shift: working from home, holding loose plans, etc. But it brings me a lot of joy to know we always have special moments to celebrate. I shared a gift-giving post here and plan to make some Instagram highlights with options to stock your gift closet. These name charms were a beautiful find and make the perfect baby shower gift. At under $40 you get personalization with an accessible pricepoint {when some personalized pieces are $200+} and The Real Housewives are a major fan of the brand. I have Maxi and Harry’s names, but keep in mind you *do* put it on your own necklace! Another note to make is that they are highly in demand so ship times can be around 3 weeks. Well worth it!
  2. Shams: I always rotate our bedding seasonally, I’ll swap out duvets or quilts from Boll and Branch, but one thing stays the same: our monogrammed shams. Here is our current bedding. These shams are a fantastic Leontine Lenons look for less and you can personalize the color to fit your bedding. To get the same look as our shams, ours are in the color “Parchment” and the style is “Carter.”
  3. Always Pan: The Always Pan is quite the conversation starter. People ask, “Is it really that great?” While some claim the stickiness didn’t last for years {you can’t cook it on high!!} many of my friends {myself included} never even put the pan in the cabinet because you are always using it. I use it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is a LIFE saver with kids because you can steam, sautee, or fry all in one spot. I realized the other day I hadn’t even used our wedding pots and pans in over 2 years because I just use this and it takes 10 seconds to hand wash. I’ve bought them for family members and people I work with because I always rave about mine. Just remember to not cook it on high and you’ll be golden.
  4. Nordstrom Earrings: These are the BEST day-to-day earrings, you can see an up-close here.
  5. Jeans: Last spring, I did a post on my current rotation of denim. If I had to pick a favorite that I wore the most, these jeans by Mother would be it! The crop is trendy, so I love to pair them with a classic piece for a bit of a twist. Be sure to size down as they have stretch.
  6. Embroidered Cart Cover: I have loved cart covers with both of my babies, if not just for cleanliness but for comfort. They can hold their toys in the shopping cart and you aren’t having them fall all over the place. This one from Etsy is what we have always used for Harry and it’s the very best. After washing this bad boy approximately 64 times, it still looks perfect.
  7. Spanx Skort: A skort is my ultimate must-have for a mom uniform. 😉 I have tried them all and Spanx is the best…in my humble opinion. ha. I take a size small and have just about every color.
  8. Stick Horses: Last year for Harry’s rodeo birthday party, we did stick horses as party favors. These were such a hit and it has brought me lots of joy to see friends continue to play with them! If you need a sweet birthday party gift, these have provided hours of entertainment for my kids.
  9. Scripture Cards: I put these scripture cards in Maxi’s stocking and we go over one a morning while we have breakfast. They’ve been a really sweet part of our morning routine.
  10. Target Dress: I saw my hairdresser wear this dress last year and I adored it so much I immediately left my hair appointment and went to Target to buy one. It’s oversized {size down} so if you are pregnant it also works great. It’s the ultimate dress you can chase your kids in- just add sneakers and a moto jacket in the fall. Here is another photo of it in blue below.

  1. Hanna Andersson Pajamas: I wore Hanna Andersson pajamas as a little girl and love for my kids to wear them as well. They wash so well- I hate when some pajamas get those little pills on them being washed or the colors fade. I actually ordered these princess ones last night for Maxi as one of her birthday gifts, they aren’t cheesy for character pajamas {which I love about HA!} and they were on sale.
  2. Tonies: This was the best addition to our playroom last year! Tonies plays music and reads stories to kids depending on the character/figurine you pop on top. Both of my kids LOVE it and Harry walks around carrying the Tonies box to change his characters all day.
  3. Glotrition: I started this collagen winter of 2020 and next to coffee, it is my daily necessity. It’s the original clinically-studied collagen that is bio-available, meaning you’re getting the most effective dose for your serving. I’ve learned a lot about collagen while taking this {don’t put collagen in hot drinks- it doesn’t make it as effective!} and am obsessed with this one. I do the monthly auto-shipment and do have a discount code KATEY for you if you do the same.
  4. iNNBEAUTY Slushy: Having Slushy is like having concealer or Neosporin in your bathroom….you just have to! It’s the perfect texture for morning moisturizer, and while I am not using it every morning in the winter {dryer skin, etc} I use it to blend my tanning drops in my face when I self-tan! I have a review of it here.
  5. Last Supper Art: I just adore this piece! Anything by Chelsea McShane is a “yes” for me because she has such a gift for combining spiritual, sentimental pieces that also fit the color palettes we love. I have a Last Supper piece currently above our mantle, but I plan to place it in our entry when I decorate that space. We also have some of her art in the playroom. Her blocks make the perfect gift. My code for her work is KATEY.
  6. Tom Ford Eyeliner: If you know, you know. This is the only eyeliner I use for black liner and have sworn by it for years. It is more expensive, but it lasts forever! Fair warning, once you use this, it will be hard to use anything else. It creates the smoothest line and even if you struggle to apply liquid liner, this makes it simple.
  7. Tarte Glosses: If I had to throw all my lip glosses away and just keep one, this would be it. My favorite shade is Petal. It’s not sticky, it isn’t oily {so it doesn’t break down the pigment of your lipstick like most glosses do}, and it’s incredibly hydrating. It blends the best of a lip treatment with a gloss and color all in one.
  8. Kristofer Buckle Lipstick in “Doll”: I share plenty of mauve-y pink lipsticks, but if I had to select one like in the gloss scenario above, this would be it. It’s the only lipstick people stop me over and ask what I’m wearing. It’s pigmented, hydrating, doesn’t come off in an hour {my biggest pet peeve}, and at a great price. Full disclosure, y’all sold it out on Amazon, but you can get it in this set here.
  9. MacKenzie-Childs Mugs: I always have a mug of coffee or tea in my hand, and 99% of the time it is a MacKenzie-Childs mug. The hand-painted ones are the ones I use.
  10. The Bible Recap: I started The Bible Recap January of last year, and I am continuing it into 2022. Many of my friends have done it in order all the way through twice, but I skip around based on what I’m studying. Think of it like SparkNotes for your bible. I actually read the passage in The Bible Recap first and then read my Bible so I go into it with a form of context. Whether you are new to The Bible or have grown up in church your entire life, Tara-Leigh Cobble has such a gift of helping you understand what each passage means in a historical and cultural perspective. I have mostly stayed in the Old Testament the past two years- I think it helps me a lot when I think our current world feels heavy. I’m like, “Oh my word why do I complain we are so spoiled living in this day and age?!” And through her explanation, I find so much gratitude for our God who plans and is faithful. She also has a podcast if you prefer auditory learning, but I’m a book/highlighter/paper gal. I don’t absorb as much on podcasts.

Did you have any favorites from the blog this past year?

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  1. Lizzy wrote:

    Hi Katey- can you use Glotrition if you’re nursing? Thanks!! xoxo

    Published 19 Jan 22Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Lizzy! Of course, ask your doctor! But I took it while nursing and my OB said because collagen is naturally occurring in the body it was totally fine. I hope that helps! ?

      Published 19 Jan 22Reply
  2. Melinda wrote:

    I love your decor posts! Could you show us how to decorate and organize photos in a hallway?! It’s such an awkward spot and I’m just horrible at it. ???‍♀️


    Published 25 Jan 22Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      I am so so sorry, this comment got hidden from me! I truly have what I joke as a “grandma style” gallery wall with all the photos! I’ll work on photographing that! It’s so narrow in that hallway I’ve been stumped on how to do it! xx, Katey

      Published 04 May 22Reply
  3. Torey wrote:

    Can you please share where you get your window shades and valances?

    Published 03 Feb 22Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Torey! I so apologize. A batch of comments got hidden from me under other comments and so I’m just now seeing this! 🙁 Of course! They are from @customwindowdesigner on Instagram.



      Published 04 May 22Reply