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Thank you to Frontgate for partnering with me on this post! 

During that 4th trimester with Harry, I was obsessed {I mean OBSESSED} with anything and everything Nancy Meyers-esque. I wanted some version of a 1998 romance on at all times. It was sweet, easy to follow for 4 a.m. feedings, and felt happy.

But in between watching Father of the Bride on repeat or You’ve Got Mail, I just kept thinking about that 1998 comfort the homes exuded. I could also see how the character’s decor really intertwined with their mannerisms. I mean, sets in romantic comedies were the ultimate Pinterest before Pinterest was a thing, right?! I think what makes spaces so comforting is the collection of things you adore. WHY do you love ginger jars? WHAT do you love about that color? DOES your collection of mugs remind you of specific memories?

Today, I partnered with Frontgate to share a few of the Frontgate pieces we have in our home. My panels I purchased there is the most common piece of art y’all ask about over the years! But I also wanted to talk about the *why* in regards to each piece. I adore knowing the reasoning behind someone’s vignette, so let’s sip some coffee and chat about mine.

Pretty spaces are lovely, but knowing exactly why a friend selected that piece makes it all the more beautiful!

5 Things I Love from Frontgate:

  • Ginger Jars: Frontgate has the very best ginger jars. I first purchased these vases after seeing a dear friend have them. Then, I grabbed the large jars, and I can attest they are all lovely. I am horrible and already gave my mom her Christmas gifts early, because I just got so excited and couldn’t wait. I gave her this for her entryway. If you need some to create some symmetry on a mantle or style a corner, they have large, sturdy options. I love ginger jars because they remind me of my mom. Our “thing” is to go to antique stores and have lunch {a few by us have tea room} and seeing her collection of blue and white grow over the years, only increased my fondness for the style.
  • Panels: I believe these panels were my first Frontgate purchase. I was on a waitlist for them for months and one afternoon a sweet man working at their Atlanta store told me they had them in stock and he could ship to me. They’ve always been in the entry in our homes, and I think I’m so drawn to them because we’ve always had white paint in the main areas of our home. These bring a bit of color and soften the white as you walk in.
  • Faux Fur: I always think texture is a beautiful way to add comfort, without clutter. I have two of these Frontgate faux fur blankets. Throw one on the end of your bed over a quilt, or have it peeking out of a basket, like I have on the floor. If you are short on space but need something cozy this time of year, add a splash of faux fur, like this pillow. This is something my mom also does, and nothing reminds me of comfort quite like my parents’ home.
  • Maxi’s ChairI had a daybed growing up, so I love that Maxi has one. Any design decisions passed down in a family feel special. Plus, it’s one less side to fall off of. 😉 I appreciate that it keeps the middle of her room open for playtime. But, I have struggled with how to style the sides of it. At first we had her rocking chair, which then got moved to the nursery. Then, I added side chairs, which then got moved to our kitchen table for use at the breakfast nook. Then, I left it empty to see how she would use the space. She told me she wanted a *purple* chair to read in. We went with this chair from Frontgate in “raisin” and it was quick ship so it arrived about a week after we placed the order. She reads to her Hello Kitties over and over, but I also spend each morning in it curled up with Harry and my coffee to watch her play. Best decor decision, ever! ha.
  • Outdoor Items: Lastly, you can’t neglect outside- especially with children. We are outside so often, I want the space to feel like “home” as well. We have purchased quite a few Frontgate pieces for our patio- we love this stand to house chalk, Maxi’s gardening tools, bubbles. I added this Nutcracker for the season and I love that it is neutral. Red and blue nutcrackers are stunning to me, but we live in a ranch-style home and it always felt like two design styles clashing. This neutral one feels right at home with the brick porch and neutral color scheme.

Do you have any Frontgate pieces?!

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  1. So gorgeous! You have a knack for decorating! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 04 Dec 20Reply
  2. KarlyG wrote:

    What happened to peaches? I haven’t seen her in a long time.

    Published 04 Dec 20Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Karly! What do you mean? She was posted on my Instagram yesterday! 🙂 xx, Katey

      Published 04 Dec 20Reply
  3. Claire wrote:

    So pretty! Do you happen to know where your topiary is from? I love it!

    Published 04 Dec 20Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Claire!! Oh thank you so much! I got it from One King’s Lane a year or two ago. 🙂 xx, Katey

      Published 05 Dec 20Reply
  4. Those vases are so lovely and I absolutely adore Maxi’s chair! Such a pretty color!

    I’ve never really checked out Frontgate until now. Thanks for sharing!


    Published 08 Dec 20Reply