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Your wedding is the best day of your life. It is a complete and total blur {well, for me it is!} but goodness, it is the greatest fuzzy memory of all the people you love strung together by romance, dancing, and life-giving vows. Each time you pour from that kettle you got at a shower or slice strawberries for your toddler on your gifted cutting board, you are reminded of those precious moments. You think you love and know your spouse as deeply as you possibly could then, but the best part is that the love, respect, and adoration only grows as you take on life as a team. While the memories fade the maturity of your love intensifies and that is the best wedding gift I can think of.

As many of you sift through research online for your registry, you ask what I would register for now and my opinions. This post is just that, an opinion. It is catered to our specific lifestyle and I’m not the registry expert at Bed Bath & Beyond. This post is not a checklist, but view it as a sister telling you, “Here is what I wish I knew then and what I’m glad I registered for because I use it now.

First off, let’s talk about a few elephants in the room while registering. I’m the president of the people-pleasing club, so I had all the same worries when it came to registering. “Is that cookware set too expensive?” “Will people think we are the height of rudeness for asking for that?” “Is it offensive to have this many items?

Here’s the thing, I’ve never looked at a registry and thought, “That girl wants a Le Creuset?! How RUDE that she wants to have a dutch oven that will last a lifetime. How selfish of her to want to feed her family.

And the people that have that opinion? Well, they’d probably have an opinion like that no matter what you register for. It is true that you want to have an array of items at different price points, but don’t forget, you are not demanding a gift per invitation. A registry is a guide, while a gift is a generous blessing. If ANYTHING, when I look at a registry I think, “Oooh! Give me all the options!” The more options, the better chance I have of finding something in my budget to gift.

So don’t stress as you register, be open-minded, and remember this post is just that- my silly opinion, so it may not work for you.

You are registering for a lifetime of marriage, not just the first year of marriage.

I remember our first home and what we needed. I remember CRYING when we were gifted a Le Creuset Dutch Oven because I loved to make Paul soup and now I could simmer one on the stovetop all day- just as I had grown up watching my mom doing. I remember being appreciative of our gravy boat, but did I have an immediate vision of when I would use it? Of course, not! I couldn’t yet fathom hosting a holiday. And while I use our Le Creuset at least 5 times a week feeding our family, I get giddy each time I pull out that gravy boat because it means our home will be filled with a large group of those we cherish.

My unsolicited advice? Look, you may not use china right now. I didn’t even set a table back then. But in a lifetime of marriage? You most likely will. Now you can gift Amazon gift cards for registries and that is such a lovely feature that allows you to purchase those immediate must-haves: sheet sets, measuring cups, coffee makers. But don’t forget what you will use in 20 years. Chances are, those measuring cups will be long gone. But your china? Your nice dutch ovens. Your cast iron? That will still be there. I would have NEVER set a table as a newlywed with a husband working until midnight in public accounting. I ate my meals on the sofa while I watched Scandal. But I am so grateful for each wise woman before me that knew I’d be hosting birthday parties and luncheons and other bridal showers and would need pieces for hospitality. We must carry on the tradition of hospitality and it comes in many ways, but my favorite is around a table with pieces our loved ones gave us.

It is easier to find storage than it is to purchase new.

I rant, preach, and rave that my favorite home was our first home. We came home from our wedding there. We brought Maxi home from the hospital there. We had our first newlywed fight in those walls. We became friends with the next owner and I remember crying taking Maxi inside when she was older. I still drive by it all the time and get sappy. But it was small and it had minimal storage. Our kitchen was unbelievably small. It had only one drawer. ONE! I was terrified to register for too many things we wouldn’t use that first year, because where would I place them? I know this isn’t blanket advice that would work for anyone, but in my experience *and* my friend’s experience it is far easier to find storage than it is to purchase new. Your sister? She’ll probably store your china for you. I store stuff for my sister all the time! Your mom probably wouldn’t bat an eyelash at storing a mixer.

My unsolicited advice? I know that isn’t the case for everyone, but if you can find storage, don’t NOT register for something because that storage wouldn’t be in your first apartment. I have to ask my mom for serving pieces each time we host a birthday party because I had this mentality. It is easier to ask to borrow space than use a chunk of cash to buy new.

Remember, you will grow and change as a couple.

People tell you that you will change, but we hardly believe them. I think to myself 6 years ago, and while I am the same in so many ways, I am also incredibly different. Oh, the joys of having a blog to remind me just how different I am now. 😉 Your interests as a couple may change so registering for a variety of things will only aid to that in each life stage. You may not drink coffee now, but a few coffee mugs don’t hurt to have in case you need them in a few years to come, etc.

My unsolicited advice? It helps to register for a variety of styles and brands because at each life stage you may have an affinity more towards one thing than another. Sisterly-advice terms? Go into registering knowing YOUR own style. Don’t pick a plate because I love it, or your friend loves it, pick it because you and your future spouse love it. And just as you are true to your style, be open-minded to future change. You may love modern, or farmhouse, or glam things now, but I’d make sure you register for a few blended styles in your serving pieces here and there as events you host may have a different style. There are so many fabulous options that don’t veer too hard to one style or another. If you’re modern, grab 90% of your registry with modern style, and maybe keep 10% less modern. Know your style and your lifestyle, but be open-minded to recommendations from your mother and grandmother. They TRULY know better than we do. I PROMISE. Mom, Nana, Meme, if you are reading this, you are right. ABOUT EVERYTHING!!

More options = more helpful.

Look, people have opinions. This entire post is one big fat opinion wrapped in a bow. But do not stress about adding too many options. The more variety and more variety in price points can actually be more helpful to guests. You don’t want to put too much where you don’t get your essentials, but I also see registries that are so sparse it can be different to know what to gift.

My unsolicited advice? Be free to register at numerous stores! Be free to register for a stand-alone mixer and a handheld. You’ll use both! If you get one? How generous! If you get both? How generous! Be mindful while being realistic.

And with that, here is a list of items I’d nudge you to keep your eye on! Again, this is not a checklist, but it’s a hefty start. These are pieces I either use daily or *wish* we had gone with. They won’t be for everyone, but they sure are for me!

  1. China: I registered for china and went with Royal Crown Derby Carlton Gold. Even if you don’t receive full sets, you can mix in dinner plates with your table settings. It’s such a lovely gift to collect for years to come. All of my girlfriends always commiserate in agreement that we wish we would have cherished registering for it even more. Scully & Scully is a fun spot to browse to get ideas of what you fancy!
  2. MacKenzie-Childs Tea Kettle: You already know my MC tea kettles are some of my most prized possessions. They stay on my stove as decor but are used daily for cups of chamomile tea, warming frozen milk, and tea parties.
  3. Juliska: I didn’t register for Juliska, but I have certainly started to collect it now! We use the Field of Fowers melamine plates all summer long. They are fabulous for dinner on the patio and the print makes me so happy. If I could do it now, I would register for Juliska drinkware- mugs, tumblers, wine glasses, etc.
  4. Dinnerware: Our daily dinnerware is MacKenzie-Childs Sweetbriar and we adore it! It has held up so nicely and feels timeless to me. It’s a bit hard to find as it is an older pattern, so another option I may suggest for you would be a white cabbage plate collection. We have it in green and it is such a classic. You could go the Berry & Thread route, Larkin if you want something simple and fresh, or Swirl if you are more of a wild card kind of bride!
  5. Le Creuset Dutch Oven: It’s a splurge, but it lasts for generations. My mom still cooks out of her grandmother’s! I use mine just about every other day for soups, making bread, pasta sauce, and more.
  6. Knives: Between slicing sandwiches, vegetables, and fruit, I always need more knives! We registered for a small knife set because I didn’t understand how anyone needed more than a few! A mistake on my part. Now, we have this set and love it. If you want some for less, I have heard these are great! If you just need a small set I’d look to these.
  7. Our Place Pan: The non-toxic, non-stick, 8-in-1 pan is a MUST have in our kitchen. We have used it almost daily for a year and it still works as perfectly as the day we got it. I have a review on it here.
  8. Vacuums: I love a chat about vacuums. I’m quite opinionated on them. Do I think the cordless Dyson is the end all be all? No. In fact, I think this Shark is the best for removing every last spec of dust! But I do use my Dyson 500x a day to pick up leftover bits from snacks and crafts as it is so easy to use. I also use this handheld vacuum like it is my J-O-B for crumbs, dust, and hair. It’s also the best thing ever for cleaning your car out. I’m not sure what vacuum you need for your life, but I’d register for this handheld one and then this Shark. The Shark is classic and we’ve had it for the same length as the time we’ve gone through 2 Dysons. But if you need someone to convince you that you’ll use a Dyson daily with kids, sit by me. 😉
  9. Placemats: Don’t forget a set of placemats! For me, the best way to take a table from plain to dressy in 10 seconds is a placemat. I may not set a full table for dinner each night {I mean a 4-year-old certainly doesn’t appreciate it!} but I always, always use placemats. It helps make tidying up a more efficient job, and it helps the table to feel a bit warmer. If you have a friend pop by for lunch and don’t have flowers or anything for a centerpiece, a placemat will add the perfect pop of color. I love MacKenzie- Childs ones as they are so easy to wipe down.
  10. Marble Tray for Pepper Mills: No matter your personal style, a marble tray to house your most-used spices and oils will be functional kitchen decor. I have one from Crate and Barrel and use it to store our pepper mills, salt cellar, butter dish, and olive oil.
  11. Crockpot: My children will probably crown me a Crockpot queen one day, but it’s just so easy how can you not love it? An Instant Pot terrifies me. I’d surely do it wrong. An air fryer? Ehh… they are trendy right now, but my honest opinion? They are *just* okay! Don’t hate me for saying that. I just find them to be huge and they still require a pre-heat, and take nearly as long to cook as an oven- maybe shaving 10 or 15 minutes off your time, but STILL. Plus, my husband hates cleaning it. We use ours to reheat leftovers and that’s fabulous, but I don’t pledge my undying love to it as I do a crockpot. This one is great.
  12. Nespresso: We’ve used a Nespresso, a coffee pot, and back to a Nespresso. I think it’s a great idea to register for a regular coffee pot if you love to host, but nothing beats the caffeine power of Nespresso! I can tell a huge difference in taste and the energy it gives me.
  13. Smeg Toaster: Smeg makes some of my favorite appliances, and we have had the toaster since we got married! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it looks cute if you need to store it on your counter. 😉
  14. Smeg Citrus Juicer: A full-fledged juicer may not be a necessity for you, but the Smeg Citrus Juicer is an item we use religiously. From citrus for margaritas to marinades and salad dressings, I can’t imagine not owning this. We received it as a gift early on in marriage, and it is one of those items I never would have thought we would need, and I’d recommend anyone have it on their registry. Trust me, your guests will know the difference in their mimosa if you make fresh OJ! Maxi can even use it to make fresh lemonade with honey, and it’s a breeze to clean.
  15. Kitchenaid Mixer: If baking is your love language, treat yourself to this registry splurge. One of my favorite Kitchenaid mixer hacks is to use it to shred chicken with the wire whip! If you need to use chicken for a recipe, just cook it, then place the breasts in the mixer, and mix on low for 2 minutes. You’ll get perfectly shredded chicken each time.
  16. Stasher Bags: If you’re a snacker, you will want Stasher bags. They can be frozen, microwaved, washed in the dishwasher, etc. I use them for everything from freezing bananas to carrying snacks in my bag for the kids.
  17. Casserole Dishes & Holders: Whether you are a casserole queen or not, you will love these simplistic casserole dishes. Plus, the holders let them go directly from oven to table in a beautiful fashion. My mom gifted me these a few years ago and I use them every week for everything from homemade macaroni and cheese to making asparagus.
  18. Flatware: Everyone and their dog will disagree with me on this, but I would say register for some inexpensive flatware, and then if you host a lot register for a nice set of silverware or something fun, like bamboo. But for your daily flatware, go affordable. We have gone through so many inexpensive sets in a short time! We have ONE knife in our daily set left. Where did it go? Who is taking our knives? What is happening? Daily flatware is like missing socks in the dryer. I’m not saying to not get a formal set {do!} but I would grab your daily set from Target or Walmart because they clearly get legs and walk away.
  19. Blender: You know how I said you will change so register for a variety? This blender situation is proof. When we registered we did not register for a blender. I didn’t drink smoothies. Paul didn’t drink smoothies. I thought I’d never need one, and I already had a VERY old and VERY beaten down cheap one from Target. Now? I drink smoothies all the time. I use a blender daily to make things for the kids: sauces, oat flour, popsicles. I still have the one from Target that needs to go to the blender graveyard. You have to turn it on and off 5 times and shake each time just to blend. Get you a Vitamix girl! You will use it if you ever cook in the future! You deserve Vitamix, ladies!! You are Vitamix-worthy. Also, an immersion blender is a Godsend. I promise.
  20. Colander: A great colander is a must, but also these strainer sets are fantastic! They are small enough for a drawer, a precious gift to give a bride, and are used in our kitchen daily for straining from cans.
  21. Napkins: I love to collect different tidbits for my tabletop’s wardrobe. Napkins are a fun item to collect for holidays, travel, and occasions. I’d stick with something simple like this for the registry! Don’t forget fun rings!
  22. Serving Spoons: I also didn’t register for NEARLY enough serving spoons! Also, register for another cake slicer while you are at it. I have lost a few hosting showers over the years.
  23. Mixing Bowls: These are my favorite mixing bowls! Gorgeous color *and* they don’t break if your little ones bang on them with wooden spoons. I also love the colors in this set.
  24. Serving Pieces: My favorite serving pieces are always MacKenzie-Childs. I also love this, this, and this.
  25. Butter Box: I leave our butter out on the counter and love this for everyday use and this for serving.
  26. Champagne Bucket: I think Sasha Nichols ones are just fantastic to honor your new initials {if you choose to change your name!}- so if you are reading this post trying to get an idea for a gift this would be lovely! We had a friend gift us a lovely bottle of champagne and she told us to open it when we got home from the honeymoon. She said we’d feel tired coming back, unpacking, and overwhelmed with boxes. She said to enjoy this when we did. You could do this and a champagne bucket, which is such a thoughtful gesture.
  27. Cookware: We have All-Clad cookware and I actually prefer our MacKenzie Child’s pots and pans. I find my MC ones cook more evenly! I’ve heard this set is great, as well! I have many friends with it.
  28. Cooking Utensils: I have wooden and light blue and here are similar!
  29. Cast Iron Fry Pan: We didn’t register for this and there are many times I wish we had! If you need something to give a great sear, I would go with this.
  30. Utensil Holder: I use this blue and white orchid pot to hold our utensils. Of course, you don’t need a blue and white one, but don’t forget to register for one!


While this isn’t a full list, I do hope these 30 favorites give you a great starting place. Enjoy registering for your lifetime together and best wishes on your next chapter!

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  1. Love your picks! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 05 Mar 21Reply
  2. Ricki Terrell wrote:

    Love these and so much good advice!
    We have a kitchen aid mixer from our wedding 6 years ago and use it frequently still.
    I will always ALWAYS tell any newlywed couple to register for a GOOD luggage set- one of those things you don’t need until you need it and then have to spend a ton.

    Published 05 Mar 21Reply
  3. Hailey wrote:

    Love this! Thanks so much for your advice! I am getting married in a few week and this was very helpful in topping off my registry with a few things I had not thought about!

    Published 05 Mar 21Reply
  4. Ashley wrote:

    Hi Katey! I love love love this post! I am getting married in May and my fiance and I spent so much time on our registry. My mama gave us the same advice of registering for a variety of things and price points to accommodate everyone and their budgets. I am a classic southern gal so I love love serving and hosting and so I found myself registering for all serve-ware pieces as well. I love making sure to register for things for years to come and not just the season we are in right now. Thanks for the fabulous advice!

    Published 08 Mar 21Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Best wishes, Ashley!! Thank you so much for reading this post! I am so glad you are registering for years to come!! It will pay off with birthday parties, showers, and everything in between. 🙂 Sending love! xx, Katey

      Published 08 Mar 21Reply