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With two little ones and a toddler boy that wakes up READY to roll, I can’t be that protective of my morning routine. I think the only sure way to have it sans kids would be to wake at 3 am. Ha! Some days he sleeps until 7:30/8 and some days he wakes us up with a bag of chips at 5 am. It keeps life interesting. 😉 I get up early to get in my quiet time, but some days {like today} that quiet time is while my little buddy watches Shrek in my lap. All of that ramble to say, I am far more protective of my bedtime routine. I have my products. I have my skincare. I have my specific blankets. And I don’t like anything to really change it up. Today, I thought I’d share a few of those things that make my bedtime routine one I crave.

  1. Pajamas– My favorite splurge is pajamas! If you take care of them, they last for such a long time, so why note be obsessed with them?! I love Roller Rabbit for cotton, Tashka by Beatrice {the gemstone pajamas} for prints, and Generation Love for a silkier style.
  2. Scalp Massager– I don’t have Tik Tok and so my sister tells me all the Gen Z beauty secrets- which are plenty! She swears by this scalp massager for increasing circulation and hair growth. I used to use one in the shower, but she said the videos say it works even better on hair before bed. Gently massage all over while concentrating on those tricky spots like postpartum baby hairs.
  3. Beam Hot Chocolate– My number one routine I’ve added this past year is Beam Hot Chocolate. I’m exhausted before bed, but my mind is either racing with to-do list items, or if I do fall asleep early, my sleep is broken with kids. I have taken magnesium before bed, and I’ve taken melatonin, but melatonin makes me feel groggy, and magnesium didn’t seem to do enough. This hot chocolate combines the perfect percentages of both with thc-free cbd and is delightful before bed! It treats that sweet craving while giving good sleep. I wake up at 5 ready to go, because my sleep was great. On nights I have taken melatonin instead, I want to hit snooze 50 times. I love this so much, I even travel with it. My code for it is KATEY.
  4. Glycolic Peel Pads– I was trying to think of some favorite secret bedtime products, and the trio I swear by would be: retinolpeel pads, and Midnight Recovery. But, I don’t use those all at once and I don’t know if I’ve blogged the peel pads quite yet, so let’s talk about those! I rotate through the three each week. I use retinol about every other night, and the alternative nights I use these peel pads. It’s my favorite way to exfoliate and get the “facial” glow at home, you truly see an immediate result. I’ve tried “dupes” on Amazon and always come back to these. Cut them in half to get double the use for the same price! They are currently on sale today for a Christmas in July sale- use code 25JULY.
  5. Neck Heating Pad– This is where I’m going to seem like your REAL fun friend as I discuss heating pads and neck lights. I am so cold-natured, especially at night. My husband loves to poke fun at how many blankets I layer, but you can’t forget the heating pads, too. I will use this one on my neck if I’ve been hunched over my laptop all day or if I’m needlepointing. If you need a Secret Santa gift for someone at work come December, I swear this is a hit!
  6. Heating Pad– When I start my skincare routine, I turn my heating pad on and leave it on my waffle blanket. Best way to crawl in bed!
  7. Neck Light– I shared this on my Amazon Prime Day post, but I keep this on my nightstand. This stays on my nightstand for my quiet time, reading, or working. If Maxi is in my bed, I can get some e-mails taken care of without disturbing her.
  8. Boll & Branch Waffle Blanket– I can’t remember if I added this to my bed in 2020 or 2021, but best. move. ever. The waffle blanket is cozy, yet light, cool, and still warm enough to want to fall asleep into. I place it on TOP of our fitted sheet and tuck in around the bed, then place the top sheet on it. So we sleep on top of it. They are such a hit, the whole family has them!
  9. Saje Pain Relief Oil Blend– I love Saje essential oils and my mom introduced me to the “pain relief” and “gutzy” blend. Sometimes my lupus flares up and my hands hurt and I roll this on before bed and it helps so much.

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