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Good Morning! We took a little trip last week to the JW in San Antonio so that the kids could enjoy the sunshine and pools before summer gets way too hot. It’s already 100-degrees here! But we are back, not nearly unpacked, and ready to get settled in our routine. Today is Amazon Prime Day and to know me is to know I’ll do anything to NOT leave my house. I am blessed by grocery delivery. So for all my online order fails and tales, today I’ve narrowed it down to a few items you need to browse if you’re also shopping for something far less frivolous, like an air fryer.

  1. Barbie Camper: If you need a birthday gift for a little girl under $25, look no further. We have this Barbie Camper for Maxi and it’s a pop-up tent. She will play in it for hours and sets up her own little world in there. A lot of my friends that work-from-home swear by this for when they have to take work calls! ha.
  2. Doll Lipstick: If you want the pigment of a liquid lip with the hydration of a satin lipstick, this will be your new favorite. I swear by this lipstick in the shade “doll” it is the pinky-nude you see me wearing in most blog photos. It’s on sale for prime day!
  3. Swimsuit Coverup: I struggle to find swimsuit coverups I love and then when I do, I’m shocked they are $180 dollars. I mean we wear it to the pool?! This one from Amazon is one of my favorites and was my top Amazon seller for April and May with y’all.
  4. Silver Frames: I actually get quite a few of our picture frames from Amazon. I find the quality to be better than even Pottery Barn. For Harry’s birthday party, I filled the mantle with a dozen silver frames and put milestone cards at each one to highlight a black and white photo from that month. I used these, these, and these.
  5. Minnie Cup: If you are a parent, there are a lot of things we buy from Amazon to make all the stages go more smoothly. But this is hands-down the BEST Amazon purchase I’ve ever made for parenting. I tell everyone the Minnie cup is how we got rid of bottles Maxi was so obsessed with her Minnie cup, we got a Doob made of her with it. It was such a comfort for her when she was younger. I shared that this is how we got her off bottles and so many of you send me pictures of your little ones doing the same with the Minnie cup. I love it!
  6. Placemats: I always keep a bag of these placemats in our car for when we go out to eat with Harry. They stick to the table so it’s less mess and germs all around.
  7. Snack Cup: These are the snack cups I use for the kids while out and about. The best part is they collapse, so when the goldfish are gone, it’s not taking up extra space in your bag.
  8. Necklace: While tennis bracelets and necklaces are always a classic, they are very on trend right now for mixing in your usual stack. Layer a tennis necklace over a name necklace or a bracelet with your favorite beads. I got this necklace to try it and it’s great! I’ll wear it with simple tanks and tees and all my favorite daily necklaces.
  9. Melissa & Doug Puffy Stickers: We’ve always been big on taking our kids out to eat so that they learn how to from a young age. But it doesn’t come without needing to fill your bag with things to keep them entertained. These Melissa & Doug Puffy Stickers are my #1 trick. They are thin enough you can toss in your tote and they won’t take up as much space as Play-Doh would. But they provide an hour or more of entertainment. Maxi did these the entire road trip to San Antonio last week. I always keep a pack in our car.
  10. Boyshorts: I have to thank my sister for the introduction here, but this is what I wear under skirts or shorter dresses. Sometimes a slip won’t work with an outfit, but I don’t want to not feel covered. These little capezio boyshorts work perfectly. Maxi calls them my bloomers. Bless her.
  11. Neck Heating Pad: Have a headache? Cuddle up with this. Neck hurts? Use this. Stressful day? Use this and watch a Nancy Meyers film. I could give you 10 reasons you need this neck heating pad, but just trust me.
  12. Favorite Bra: Now that Harry is down to nursing just morning and night, I figured it was time to breakup with my favorite nursing bras. I ordered a few different bras to see what I’d like, and like doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about these. I put the nude one on and immediately ordered the black. They are Calvin Klein and feel like velvety-butter on your skin. They are seamless, wire free, supportive, and feel like if Spanx had a baby with Lululemon align leggings. This would be the bra child they had together. I wore it during Harry’s outdoor party which was so hot and I felt very cooled down wearing this.

What I’m Buying:

  • The famous Amazon coat now comes in little girls’ sizing, so I’m grabbing Maxi one for winter! You can match your little one with this.
  • I’m grabbing this dress for our trip to Colorado.
  • Maxi adores Claris books, so I’m ordering her this seek & find book. She loves the seek & find ones for quiet time if she skips a nap.
  • I’m very loyal to the Artipoppe carrier, but we are grabbing this ergo 360 for our trip to Colorado so he can face out for longer walks!
  • I recently ordered these biker shorts and LOVE them! They are very soft, but have compression. I’m ordering another pair for summer.
  • I know it seems a bit silly to order a coat in June, but I have always wanted the designer version of this jacket and since the look-for-less is on sale, I had to snag it.

Most Asked About Items:

Let me know what you grab!

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  1. Jennifer wrote:


    Can you share where you got your little cordless vacuum that you store in your kitchen cabinet?! Hope that didn’t sound too creepy haha!

    I love following you, you give awesome tips and tricks and I love how you just keep it real. You’re amazing!

    Thank you!!!

    Published 21 Jun 21Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Jennifer!

      Aw thank you so much for your sweet words! I’m so sorry for the delay on this, it was out of stock and I was waiting for it to come back in stock! Here you go: https://amzn.to/3fuXejW

      Thank you so much for following! It means more than you know!



      Published 04 Aug 21Reply
  2. Sarah Opgenorth wrote:

    The 360 Ergo is also great because you can wear older babies like a backpack. Game changer for longer hikes with kids!

    Published 21 Jun 21Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Yay! I’m so glad we ordered it then! Thank you!!

      Published 21 Jun 21Reply