Sephora Sale Favorites

The Sephora Sale is open to VIB members today! You can get 15% off your purchase {Rouge gets 20%} using code SAVESPRING. If we were at Sephora together with peach teas in hand, here is what I’d be tossing in your basket!

My Favorite Things at Sephora Right Now
{your cheat sheet to the sephora sale!}


  1. iNNBeauty Slushy– I always think the best lipstick for someone is a lip cocktail. One where they mix warm and cool tones with liners, lipstick, and gloss to create the perfect hue for their skin tone. I also think you can do the same {ish!} with a morning moisturizer. Add highlight drops or a primer, mix in your self-tan drops. I’ve been doing this for years while applying my morning moisturizer with a kabuki brush and I think helps create the perfect canvas for makeup. iNNBeauty Slushy is the perfect medium moisturizer to blend with. I have used it for close to 18 months now and when mixed with self-tan drops or a filtering product it doesn’t pill- which is always amazing with skincare! My personal moisturizer cocktail: 2 pumps of iNNBeauty Slushy + 1 drop Isle of Paradise Self- Tan Drops in “medium” + 2 dots of iNNBeauty Face Glaze on a brush. Then blend all over the face and you are ready for sunscreen and no makeup or your makeup!
  2. Pimple Paste– The Sephora sale is a great time to buy a product that you may not need daily, but want to add to your skincare routine. This Pimple Paste is POWERFUL. It dries up big breakouts overnight- use a small amount! I don’t use this for surface-level blemishes, but for more hormonal breakouts.
  3. Kérastase Curl Manifesto Shampoo & Conditioner– I have wavy/curly hair and for years I have avoided using a “curl” shampoo if I’m styling my hair straight or with hot rollers. I finally decided to try to use one daily no matter how I style my hair and I’m thrilled. I found that this gives my hair the exact amount of moisture I need for my hair texture!
  4. Makeup By Mario Pro Volume Lip Gloss in Mauve Nude– The most incredible gloss for a pinky-nude lip. I wore it all of Round Top and didn’t even bring anything else in my bag during the day. It’s got a shimmer to it {but not glitter} that gives this natural highlighted effect that creates the illusion of a fuller lip.
  5. Valentino Dreamdust Glitter Eyeshadow in Emerald Queen– This is what I wore for my birthday! I have a photo below and it’s such a fun addition to your makeup bag. You apply it with your ring finger. Just gently dip it in the jar and press it onto your lid. You can wear it alone, over a Laura Mercier Caviar Stick, or I put it on top of Anastasia Eyeshadow in Emerald.
  6. Maracuja Juicy Lip Plump in Cherry Blossom– I’ll be wearing this alone all summer long- this is a great plumping gloss that can look natural or you can layer for more pigment. The best part about the Juicy Lip glosses by Tarte is they aren’t sticky AT ALL and they give what I call the “lip injection” effect. It’s not that they burn and plump, they just almost filter your lips. They make them ultra-smooth and shiny.
  7. Eye Patches– These are the eye patches I use – use the Cryo ones to depuff in the morning and the Hydrating Hyaluronic to smooth and brighten before an event. I’m currently using the Cryo ones right now as I type this post. 😉 I would use the Cryo ones in the morning before you apply makeup and the Hydrating Hyaluronic before an event or date night in the evening. As I usually need to depuff in the morning but smooth out before a more thorough makeup application.
  8. Too Faced Lip Injection Gloss in Glossy & Bossy– This gloss is everything! This is the gloss I wear when I have a more mauve lip, I wear it over MAC Soar liner. You can wear it alone over liner, over a lipstick, or just on it’s own. The pigment is perfect and it isn’t too tingly. I will be buying extra as it’s like MAC Soar liner to me- something I can’t see my makeup bag without.
  9. Self Tanner– I think I’ve tried every self-tanner there is and if you’re wanting a tan that doesn’t get on your sheets or feel sticky- the best is Isle of Paradise Glow CLEAR Self-Tanning Mousse. Because it’s clear and you’re not getting a bronzer component, I’d get a darker color than you’d usually reach for. I use shade dark! It color corrects so there are no mistakes. But FYI this has to develop overnight. Even if I use it if I shower in the morning, I find I really don’t see the color payout until the next day. So shower in the evening, use it, and you’ll see in the morning.

Anastasia Emerald + Valentino Emerald Queen + Tom Ford Liner

Isle of Paradise Self Tanner in Dark

Glossy & Bossy Gloss

Eye Patches {hydrating} + Fenty Mauve Wives {I wore this all fall- really pretty on fair skin!} + Naked 3 Mini Palette {a tried & true} + Tom Ford Liner + Tarte Juicy Lip + Merit Foundation in Cream {my favorite clean foundation} + Slushy Moisturizer

If you want to know what I stock up on- here are my tried and true!
  1. Tom Ford Eyeliner– The smoothest, easiest liquid liner application. You’ve been warned- once you buy this you won’t use anything else!
  2. Hairspray– I’ve been using this for 12 years- I always stock up during the sale.
  3. Power Fabric Concealer– The perfect concealer for the under-eye area- it doesn’t cake or settle in lines, but is powerful. I’m shade 1.
  4. Merit Foundation– My favorite clean foundation- I’m shade cream. It is hydrating, gives a beautiful glowy finish, but actually provides coverage. They’ve NAILED clean foundation.
  5. 10 + 10 Moisturizer– This is a newer-to-me product that I just started using in 2022- so I know it’s not necessarily a “tried and true” for years, but it’s my TOP seller from Sephora from y’all this year, so I know y’all love it. A Vitamin C moisturizer that smooths, brightens, and tightens. If you have hyperpigmentation or firming concerns, you’ll love this before bed!

I always share this photo, but it shows how smooth the line is with Tom Ford vs dupes! Tom Ford on left.

You know it is recital time when my inbox starts getting requests for dance-proof lipstick! I love it! Each studio is different, but here is what I use on Maxi. I use clean beauty where I can for her, and then use what I know lasts long for lipstick.

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  1. Ashley wrote:

    Hi Katey! Do you have any recommendations for reallyyy sensitive skin? I deal with autoimmune too, and I’m so frustrated that everything I try just isn’t working. I was using the innbeauty Green Machine and Slushy Serum for a while and it worked beautifully, but then one day it just didn’t! Thanks so much for your help!

    Published 11 May 22Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Ashley! Of course! What types of products are you looking for? Cleanser or moisturizer? etc.

      Published 20 Jun 22Reply