Your Sephora Sale Shopping List

Sephora’s Holiday Savings Event is here where you can save up to 30% off sitewide. Sephora collection is on sale for 20% off, Rouge gets 20% off, VIB gets 15%, and insider 10%. Use code SAVINGS at checkout.

While you are probably browsing for holiday gift sets for your sister’s Christmas gift, I wanted to share what I think should be on YOUR shopping list. 😉 A few of these are tried and true and a few are new obsessions I have yet to gab about on COF. But all are consistently reached for or repurchased.

Your Sephora Sale Shopping List

  1. Retinol Remix– I refer to this as the Goldilocks of retinol. Not too strong. Not too entry-level. Just right. You can use it nightly if you are an experienced user or every few nights if you are just starting out. This retinol shows one of the biggest differences in skin texture for me- dark spots be gone. If I’m self-tanning and not using retinol all over, I’ll even use it as a spot treatment on blemishes or fine lines. I dab a tiny bit on like I would a blemish treatment, and it gets to work!
  2. Gwen Stefani Lip Gloss– Gwen, girlfriend. Can you take over my entire makeup bag? These glosses are everything you want in a gloss. Pigmented. Not Sticky. And give the appearance of a full pout with no fine lines. I could toss every gloss I have and keep these and my iNNBEAUTY Lip Oil and be quite content. I have shades: Sweet Tooth, Dolled Up, and Candy.
  3. Pillowtalk Eyeliner– You know you love a product when you buy it, try it, then automatically order three more. Heaven forbid it’s discontinued. I’ve been using it on the outer edge of my bottom lashline AND as a lip liner.
  4. Lawless Brows– I started noticing that my regular eyebrow pencils would pull hairs out. They were so dry that even using gentle strokes, I’d lose a hair or two. That caught me off guard, so I started trying the Lawless Brow pencil. It’s creamy {no pulling out hairs!}. It’s pigmented. And it’s clean. Lawless nailed it, per usual. I also have been using the brow wax, too.
  5. 10+10 Moisturizer– This is the morning moisturizer I really enjoy in the fall and winter. It’s a very silky, almost whipped texture. It brightens and plumps, which we all enjoy in the winter. It’s a Vitamin C moisturizer, so think even skin tone and brighten. I will take all of that during the time of year my skin is most dry and dull.
  6. BB Curl 3-in-1 Conditioner– I have never religiously used a leave-in conditioner. But this summer, I was on a quest to find one to use while I air-dry my hair. This one is magic, and I’ve gotten my sister hooked on it as well. I can use it if I air dry waves, let it go curly, or even if I blow it out. It’s the first product I use out of the shower. The best part is it leaves no sticky residue.
  7. Dior Backstage Palette– Oddly enough, I think Dior is one of the beauty brands I’ve purchased least from. I think I’ve only tried 4 or 5 products, but I needed a new highlight palette, and this one had great pigment. I’m loving how their powders don’t seem to have a ton of fallout. I also think I can use the bronze color as an all-over eye look.
  8. Keep It Clean Face Cleanser– I’m out of my iNNBEAUTY Keep it Clean cleanser! This is a gel cleanser that is still hydrating, as it doesn’t disrupt the natural moisture barrier. Most gel cleansers can leave me with that foam-cleanser feeling. Dry. Itchy. Stripped. I keep this cleanser in my shower to wash after I remove my makeup at night. Paul uses it, too, so I order a few at a time.
  9. Color WOW Shine Spray– When I was bright blonde, I never really focused on products for shine. But when my lowlights, I’m all about the shine. This shine spray gives a glossy look without looking oily. I spray it all over when I am finished with my hair.
  10. Dior Eyeshadow– I did a shimmery green eye look for my birthday dinner this year and ever since I can’t seem to kick the green obsession. I bought a sage caftan. I am eying a green bag. I bought a green eyeshadow palette. I’ve been doing the light colors all over and the dark greens in the crease and on the lash line. They remind me a lot of MAC shadows but with less shimmer.

What do you restock from Sephora?!


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