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{Candy Apple Glaze, Mystery Glaze, Gwen Eyeliner, Pogo, Midriff, Happy, Tarte Bronzer {not on but was part of my full makeup look on stories}, Highlight in Lit}

‘Tis the season to justify a new product and maybe a restock or two- it’s the Sephora Spring Savings Event! When the days get longer and the weather a bit warmer, I slowly put away powder palettes to welcome cream-based products. I start to infuse my foundation with oils and Face Glaze. With eyeshadow and blush, I find switching to that texture helps my makeup last longer with heat and humidity. It certainly seems counterintuitive, but it’s almost like oil cleansing when a blemish. It balances the skin and can work incredibly well. I find a long-lasting pigmented cream product that allows it to melt into my skin and leave me with a flush of color instead of powder products that may patch and separate in the heat. And for lips, I embrace my love of lip oils even more! So with this sale going on, I thought we’d chat about the tried and true textures {looking at you, iNNBeauty Lip Glaze & Slushy} and some new coveted finds, like the Rare Beauty Blushes.


  • Rouge: 20% off on 4/14-4/24

  • VIB: 15% off on 4/18-4/24

  • Insider: 10% off on 4/18-4/24

Here’s my shopping list for you! 

  1. Gwen Stefani Longwear Mousse Shadows– Gwen does no wrong in the makeup department as far as I’m concerned. Each product I’ve tried from her line is better than I could imagine. Everything is highly pigmented without seeming over the top. It all blends seamlessly without wearing off. And nothing is sticky- from cream shadows to glosses. For eyeshadow, I went with these mousses in “Midriff” and “Pogo.” Midriff is your typical neutral with a rose gold undertone, while Pogo almost feels like the cream version of MAC Sable. If you love the Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Sticks, you’ll love these. I blend with my ring finger.
  2. Rare Beauty Blush– Cream blushes can be tricky. Too runny, and they don’t blend properly. Too thick, and they move your foundation underneath. And if you do need a light dust of translucent powder before, their texture has to play nicely with it. Selena’s blushes check all the boxes and are highly pigmented. You just need one dot dispersed across both cheeks, then blended with a brush. I have the shade “Happy,” but I always say to grab whichever shade you can because they always sell out!
  3. Westman Atelier Highlight Stick in Lit– When we were in Rosemary Beach, we went to this boutique Merit. Ashley ended up getting the Westman Atelier highlight there and I held off. But after having “non-buyers” remorse looking at the swatch on my hand a few hours later, I knew I wanted to grab it from Sephora. I wouldn’t call this {in the shade Lit} a traditional cream highlight. It almost makes parts of your face look like glass. It softly illuminates while adding a filter-like finish that leaves your skin looking tight, with the right amount of shine. I apply it on points I want to highlight with a beauty blender.
  4. Gwen Stefani Gel Liner– For date nights, I like to add a smudge of colorful liner to connect the edge of my Tom Ford liner wing to the bottom corner of my lashes. I was using a Chanel purple liner, but it got a bit chalky, and so I tried this. It’s so creamy! I got the shade Violet Timing.
  5. Love, Don’t Be Shy– KILIAN Paris- If you love Baccarat Rouge 540 and Louis Vuitton Attrape-Rêves, you will love Love, Don’t Be Shy. It’s a warm floral with orange blossom, that feels like a very wearable sweet summer scent. I started with the travel size and immediately ordered the full size once it came in.
  6. iNNBeauty Get Glazed Lip Duo– If you love the Lip Glazes like I do {full swatch set here}, you’ll want to grab this duo set. It’s a great little hostess gift that gives you Candy Apple Glaze and Mystery Glaze. Candy Apple is a red that works with both nudes and pinks. I use it to add warmth to a mauve look. And Mystery Glaze mixes with your PH to give you this glassy neutral pink. For Candy Apple, I wear it with Chanel Liner in 05, but that is discontinued and 164 is a similar dupe. I add Laura Mercier Ruthless on top and then blend all together with Candy Apple.
  7. Pimple Paste– Before recommending a product, I typically like to know your skin type and goals. But Pimple Paste is one I could pull an Oprah and gift everyone with. I have yet to meet someone that doesn’t adore it. It banishes everything from blackheads to underground pimples. ALL without causing your skin to peel for days on end.
  8. Retinol Remix– The top seller of 2022, this retinol does more for evening skin tone than anything else I’ve tried. Look at the before and after I blogged here. Whether you are wanting to try out retinol or you just want one that isn’t going to cause you to look like you just got a chemical peel, this one is great to have in your skincare drawer. Why? Because it’s not only retinol. It has Hyaluronic Acid and 2% peptide giving you plump skin. Plus, it has nature’s hydrocortisone to help fade discoloration and scarring. It’s like a Magic Eraser to acne scars and red marks.

For more beauty products I love, check here. And for more iNNBeauty reviews, see here.

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