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Console | Chair | Frame | Ottoman | Sconces | Intaglio | Ginger Jar {found in Round Top, linking similar} | Candle Holder | Last Supper Art {24×36 reworked canvas- discount code is KATEY} | Rug {Simple Things Furniture}

Do you have one spot in your house that you rearrange 18 times? Maybe the spacing is difficult, so you struggle to find the appropriate scale of furniture. Maybe you can’t land on how exactly you want to use the space. *Cue thoughts of, “Will I really use a formal living?”* Or maybe you use it as a landing pad for all your “extra” furniture pieces that don’t quite have a home and don’t quite go together. This is exactly how our entry was.

When we first moved in to his home, which may have been listed on sites like www.hpw.com/chapel-hill, I had panels on the walls. But thanks to #oldhouseproblems one always looked off. I had us rehang them so many times my husband begged me to sell them. ha. Then, I found a settee I fell in love with at HomeGoods. It was pink and toile and everything I adore. I was then stuck finding the appropriate scale of side table and that just never worked. And while I adored that settee, it always felt like a random piece of furniture that was placed by the door for a FB Marketplace buyer to pick up. It was an up and down relationship for 3 years with this space, but now I feel fully committed. The colors. The art. The spacing. Nothing may ever be perfect, but it feels like home, so it’s perfect to me.

Where to begin! There are so many sentimental statements in one small space, and I think that’s why I am obsessed with the finished look. But before I go all sappy on you, let’s speak to practicality. I can always do with a few more seats here and there, so I love that this option essentially gives me 3 extra chairs. With my chartreuse chair from One Kings Lane {one of my favorite hues!} to two ottomans from The Inside {a favorite furniture resource}, I’m able to grab them as needed for hosting our community group. But because I also love to decorate for a holiday, and deeply wish we had more spaces like built-in shelves for knick-knacks, I had to go with this entry table. It is from Wayfair and looks to be coming back in stock, soon.

On the table, I have two framed photos of the kids, with a ginger jar treasure from Round Top, and an ashtray from Positano. What’s better than decor that serves as memories of travels? Above, I splurged on installing sconces. I have always wanted sconces in the entry since we moved in, but friends tried to warn me I’d grow tired of them. I marinated on the idea for 3 years and still wanted them, so I’m glad I went with my gut. I leave them on in the evenings and it gives such a welcoming glow.

I wanted the art in this space to be something we deeply connected with, as this is what guests first see when they walk in our home. Many of you have seen the Chelsea McShane Last Supper art we have, and I thought this was the perfect place as it faces the dining room and welcomes our loved ones. To the left of the art, I have Jenn Thatcher Intaglios that are connected to her Black Jack art. You’ve probably seen my Black Jack art by her, it has been in our home for 7 years. The circles represent family members. The above intaglio has 2 circles that represent Paul and me, and the bottom has 4 circles to represent our family. She has these in a variety of colors: light blue, blush, and lavender.

If you’d like to shop for similar items, I will link below.

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While I covet a large entryway {who doesn’t?!} this feels exactly how I have envisioned the space to be. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Hope wrote:

    Wow I am loving it. If I were you, this would have been my favorite spot of house. Loved the integration of colors in it.

    Published 29 Jun 22Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Thank you so, so much!!!

      Published 29 Jun 22Reply