Family Photo Looks

We took our family photos a few weeks ago, so I wanted to create a landing page of coordinating outfit options I shared on Instagram in August. This year, we went with a lavender, purple, and denim theme, and I adore how they turned out. Maxi looks about ten years old to me, and Harry, well, he is turning out to be quite a little ham.

I have to tell y’all the funniest story- because what family photo session goes perfect?! 😉 Our whole family was going to be in boots (hello, Fort Worth), but Maxi had worn her silver boots to a birthday party two days prior. The birthday party had monkeys and a petting zoo, and sweet girl stepped in some monkey poo. She came waltzing home from the party, and I was horrified when I saw her boots. I gasped and threw them away. Thankfully, they were $30- because I was not salvaging that situation! So the morning of the photos, I’m scrambling and thinking, “Ahh! I didn’t think this through when I tossed your boots. What shoes do you wear?!” She asked to wear her sparkly shoes with her friendship bracelets, and Harry said he wanted to wear tennis shoes like sissy. So, while I envisioned a more Texan vibe- I’ll always be reminded of monkeys at a birthday party and Harry copying everything his sister does.

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