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Unless you don’t follow me on social media, lucky you, you know that I was on The Glitter Guide this week. 
A few weeks ago, I got a text from one of my friends, Ashley Jessica Simpson’s twin, inviting me to be part of a blogger photo shoot in Dallas. She told me everyone that would be involved and I had a mini freak out. Maybe I got hives, who knows….
The blogging community isn’t just a community, it is an entire market in itself. These girls are the Kardashians, per se, of blogging and the reason I started. 
Do you know how awkward it is to meet someone and say, “Hi! Oh my gosh! I started following your instagram when I was 18 and I love you!” Because that is basically how I introduced myself to each one of these gorgeous girls. I was the Jennifer Lawrence of the group.
Each of these girls were so kind and sweet. They handled my J.Law awkward flawlessly. It was an entire weekend of borrowing clothes, giving advice and talking about how much we all love God and want to represent him through everything we do. It was the equivalent of a sleepover when you are 9, except with champagne and much better hair. 
This brunch was to celebrate the love we have for our girlfriends, as well as girls we meet in the blogging community. This can be an incredibly snarky and cut-throat market where girls typically only look out for themselves. 
We wanted to combat that and show the only way women can truly success is through supporting each other. 
Spend the month of February challenging yourself to show each person in your life more support and love. Valentine’s Day is TOO overrated in the sense that you are supposed to adore the man that buys you a $35 steak on the 14th. 
Top: J.Crew Jacket: Milk & Honey Boutique Skirt: H&M Boots: Steve Madden
This seriously wouldn’t have happened without businesses completely sponsoring this shoot. 
Floral Design and Decor: Angie Strange of Posh Floral
Individual Seating Sketches: Lauren Martin
These ladies basically recreated how my wedding is supposed to look. So, I’m completely not opposed to a man buying me a fake little ring just so I can have a bridal shoot and recreate all of this. 😉

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