Back when Kim and Reggie where a thing,  and we all watched the Kardashians because we didn’t understand what they did all day (now I do, they do PR…and they are brilliant at it. Tell me what other product or human being can get a media hit that frequently?) they featured these clear acrylic makeup cubes. 

I basically went on the hunt for one at 12 years old (maybe that’s a dramatic estimate) and could never find one. You can go online and find one for $800 or go to The Container Store and get some stackable nonsense. I like keeping my products out, because if I don’t see it… I don’t use it. Seriously, how many pink lipsticks do you own? Because at the store you are convinced you lost the other 23….However, keeping them on a tray or something gives me anxiety and I just want it to look clean. I’m OCD to say the least (maybe I ask my friends to gently hand me my couch pillows before they sit on my couch…I don’t know…).

When I moved in my apartment the one thing I couldn’t master was the bathroom. I made about 47 Pottery Barn trips to somehow organize my lipstick. I know, there are people with real problems…
I just never understood how your skincare/makeup/nail polish collection could probably finance a Range Rover and yet we somehow have convinced ourselves to throw it all in drawers and dirty bags.  Then, I found GLAMboxes. So I immediately purchased this. It’s the large size, so if you are wiser than I and don’t purchase 14 different bronzers you can order the petite or use the large to store all your face care. It’s made from Lucite Acrylic, so your bathroom looks like Jonathan Adler decorated it. It’s the official makeup storage for the E! News makeup room and a favorite with the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 
GLAMboxes has products to store makeup, jewelry, rings, hair bands and clutches. I wanted to share this storage option with you all because I figured I couldn’t be the only obsessive-compulsive maniac about organizing their bathroom. I’m also passionate about companies with good customer service. The creator of GLAMboxes, sends you so many extra products to help you customize your drawers and top of your box.  
Here is the link to purchase your own GLAMbox. And I’m dying for this.
You can shop some of my favorite beauty product staples below, too!

Photography by: Carmen Evans

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  1. Elise Lotz wrote:

    I have absolutely no counter space for these, but they always look so pretty. I’m obsessive about my cosmetics and it’s nice to see them in all their pretty little glory in clear containers.

    Elise Goes Glam

    Published 14 Apr 14Reply