You might think her baby name is absurd or don’t understand a 72-day marriage. But one thing little miss Kimmie Kardashian did right was her post-baby makeover. I’m not talking about how skinny she got (which she did…her arm is the size of a green bean) but more about her clothing and makeup choices. 
She went from leather leggings and baggy tops (my uniform) to structured neutrals and glowing skin. I kept obsessing over her wedding makeup. Which I never really do, and that’s a rant for another day. (You should look like yourself on your wedding day, not what some makeup artist things you should…) She looked so beautiful and natural.
Who knew people in Dallas liked natural? 
I obsessed over it so much we partnered with one of my girlfriends and makeup artists, Becca. I texted her immediately wondering how Kim glowed THAT much and she decided to do a post with us featuring the look for blondes AND brunettes! (My hot redies, you follow blonde). See the look here. Becca is a makeup artist in the DFW and one thing I KNOW she does is research her clients. She knows their look so she just enhances their go-to staple, really really well. 
If you want the rest of Kim’s new look (kill me, am I seriously doing a blog post dedicated to her?) just put together structured pieces. I love flowy tops and everything 4 sizes too big, but when nothing looks right the best way to pull yourself together and look chic is through structure! Shop my look below!

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  1. Jana wrote:

    I am the same way! I love leggings and a baggy top or blazer, but the structured look is so polished and pretty! I love that pink skirt 🙂 Great choices!

    Xo Jana
    Jana Style Blog

    Published 11 Jun 14Reply
  2. Loving this pink skirt with the printed camo top! I’m not a fan of the Kardashian’s but I do love their clothing, makeup and hair. As much as they drive me nuts, they always look fab.


    Published 11 Jun 14Reply
  3. That is a unique skirt. So bright and gorgeous. I watch The Kardashians all the time (is that bad?).
    Bright and Shiny

    Published 12 Jun 14Reply