Creating a hair tutorial has been challenging to say the least…
I’ve recorded myself, edited videos [scratch that, my old intern who is far more talented at that edited them], tried to make graphics and I just gave up. I felt so awkward each time. YouTube is hard, y’all. 
| About My Hair |

I’ve got a lot of really textured fine hair. It isn’t curly. It isn’t straight. It is an ugly wave. Depressing. It is also dishwasher blonde, but I got my dad’s swedish undertones so I have to keep it light. I also have an autoimmune disorder that can make my hair really fragile. Because of that, my hair’s health and strength is really important to me. 
| Who I trust with my Locks |

Britany Marshall in Fort Worth does my hair. She’s got blonde down to a science and has fixed more ombre’s and brassy tones than I’ve ever seen. I get a treatment once a month from her just to make sure my hair stays healthy. Don’t skip these! Treatments are really inexpensive ways to help maintain the integrity of your hair, and after you can go almost a week without washing! 
| How I care for my Hair |

I only wash my hair 3 times a week. I schedule my workouts around my hair. Ridiculous. I’ll run on days I wash and do yoga or Pure Barre on days I don’t. Because I’m blonde I can get away with baby powder after a shampoo to clean it, but if you are a brunette get this dry shampoo. Because my hair is such a bright blonde and I like it full, I don’t love my hair to get too long. There is this one length where I start to look a lot more Paris Hilton than Carrie Underwood and it is vile. BUT because I’m constantly dying, processing and putting heat on my hair I have one little trick to keeping my hair growing and healthy. 
3 More Inches pre-wash treatment that essentially is an angel in a bottle. It protects your hair from damage, silkens dry hair and puts protein back in your strands to allow for growth. It also prevents breakage and hair loss. If there is one thing to invest in with hair, it is this. I’ve used everything from coconut oil to salon products and it’s my favorite. 
 | How I style my Hair | 
I never spend time blow drying it out perfectly, because I think that takes away from the texture of your hair. For messy curls, you need to have a little bit of rough pieces. I spend 5 minutes blow drying and then section pieces off. 

I curl each layer, but never curl the bottom. With the length of my hair I only wrap the curling iron around twice. I don’t use a wand, because I don’t think wands are great if you have any sort of wave to smooth out. The clamp on an iron helps smooth your hair. 

Leave ^^ that much hair out of the iron. It will help give you messy waves, but it is also important to not curl the bottoms because that hair has been damaged the longest, it helps prevent breakage. 

Once I curl my entire head [it isn’t perfect as you can see!] I use three velcro rollers on the crown of my head. 

I use duck clips to hold the rollers in. 

I use a shine spray while my rollers are in, and would typically do my makeup! I leave the rollers in until I walk out the door. This shine spray adds moisture back in after the heat I’ve put my hair through, and smells wonderful. 

I take the rollers out and tease my hair while I take each one out. Instead of just teasing with traditional hair spray I use a thickening spray to add in more texture, which is the key to volume staying.

Once my hair has been curled and teased I straighten the ends. If I’m going to shoot or have a longer day I will also tease the ends [just brush your hair up from the bottom]. Set with a hair spray and you’re done!

| How I keep my Curl |

Use a satin pillow case! I use these and they are so inexpensive! Sleep ruins your hair! It allows oils to stay on the roots and your ends to get tangled. These pillow cases allow your oil to go through  all of your hair and keeps everything smooth.

Styling my hair like this and using the pillow case let’s my hair last about 3 days! I’ll just use a tangle teezer brush on the second day and put the rollers back in. I redo the teasing process, I just won’t curl my hair. On the third day I will tease my hair and usually pin half up, or do a messy braid. The longer you go without washing your hair, the healthier it is, and the more it can grow.

I hope this helps give you a taste of Texas hair and if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me!

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  1. Shawna F wrote:

    I. love. your. blog.
    I know it is super personal but would you ever do a post about your autoimmune disorder? As I deal with one, it is so comforting to hear about how other people deal and that I am not just a freak. Ya know?

    Published 28 Oct 14Reply
  2. Love this hair tutorial. I’m always on the look out for people with similar hair types as me to see how they style it and make it stay. 🙂 Thanks for the inspo!

    Fair-well xx,
    -Lauren Vandiver

    Published 28 Oct 14Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Dont mean to be anonymous, I follow in insta @ cedarmoreno! My hair always is so ratty after I tease it! How to you keep it from becoming a tangled birds nest after the backcombing? Thanks 🙂

    Published 28 Oct 14Reply
  4. Emily wrote:

    so jealous of your hair! I have so much and it takes for.ever. to do anything to it! I am definitely buying that dry shampoo i have to wash mine everyday so hopefully that will help!

    Published 29 Oct 14Reply
  5. Rebecca wrote:

    Do you by chance know what size your velcro rollers are? Thanks!

    Published 29 Aug 15Reply