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Wedding season is upon us! And so is the heat. And humidity. And tropical storms. And everything else to make you look and feel not so bridal. I get lots of requests to do a tutorial for this look I wear a lot, and I wanted to share an easy to way to “summer-fy” it! With summer weddings I really don’t spend the time perfectly blowing out my hair and then curling, because whether the wedding is inside or outside with all the sweaty bodies and dancing it’s going to end up not so perfect in the end. I like to come with some texture in my hair and more “beach waves” so it can “look” like I tried to have less than perfect curls!

For this look all you need is Aussie Mega Hairspray, Vidal Sassoon Heat Protectant & Shine Spray and Pantene Pro-V PowerFULL Body Booster Spray as well as a 1 inch curling iron, fine tooth comb & four bobby pins.


If possible, let your hair air dry in the summer! With all the humidity, heat and chlorine this is the least you can do! This is my hair air dried. Not really curls. Waves that aren’t too smooth. This is why I’m giving the “yuck” face! haha. Oh and don’t call me out for it. I know I wear this Shop Riffraff tee ALL. THE. TIME. It’s so comfy!


If you have to blow dry your hair throw in the Pantene Pro-V PowerFULL Body Booster Spray before blow drying, or I just put it in out of the shower and work through with my fingers. This allows your hair to be really easily manipulated with body and fullness, so you have versatility in your styling options, while simultaneously enhancing vibrant shine. Whether you let your hair air dry or use a blow dryer, you’ll still get the texture you need for this look!


Then we spray your hair’s BFF: Vidal Sassoon Heat Protectant & Shine Spray. This conditions your hair to protect it from damage but allows you to have flexible styling, too! I have an auto immune disorder [discoid lupus] so my hair is pretty fragile [hence the roots!] and heat protectant is a must in my bathroom. I can’t color my hair all the time, I really only highlight 2-3 times a year! Sometimes I get questions about the roots “growth” but I was diagnosed at 12 and so I’ve never gotten highlights every 4 weeks like most lucky blondes, so I’m always responding, “Wait! This isn’t normal?!” haha! I think a little messy blonde is nice, especially in the summer!


Here is where styling gets a little different! I keep half of my hair up and only curl major sections. I also curl each section every other way. So for one section of hair I will curl normally, like in this hair tutorial.


The next section I curl like I’m using a wand. Doing this provides variation in your waves and gives you the beach hair look.


Next, tease from the bottom! I do this on about 5 1/2 inch sections of hair. This gives you more volume!


After I tease from the bottom I “massage” the ends. Just run a few pieces back and forth in your fingers to give you more texture. Texture is key, girlfriend. It makes your waves jive with humidity a lot better. Hello, outdoor nuptials.


Now, on to this Texas girl’s favorite part: the spray. Aussie Mega Hairspray smells divine! One of my girlfriend’s swears by this and every time I hug her I can’t help but say, “Your hair smells like cake!” This hairspray gives you additional flexible hold that lets your hair adapt throughout the evening. Adaptability is another key factor in a summer wedding. If you throw your hair up you don’t want to have hair glued to your hair because if you do start sweating, it just needs to blend and be moveable. That way you get the VS Model “I woke up like this” look!


Give yourself two Brigitte Bardot front pieces and then pull 1.5 inches of hair behind those front pieces back.


Pin with the bobby pins and you are ready to go! This look isn’t perfect, it’s messy with lots of texture so be sure to keep your dress flowy, too! A structured dress goes better with straight or perfect curls. I’ll attach some examples below!

I partnered with Procter & Gamble to do a giveaway with these products so one of my readers can try this style, too! To enter just comment below with your e-mail and let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you love about them! If you haven’t, which one are you dying to get your hands on? 🙂

Let me know any other tutorials you would like to see!

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.47.31 PM

Brought to you by Procter & Gamble

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  1. Kaley wrote:

    Can not get enough of my Aussie hairspray! I love this look but I have serious doubts it’s going to work out on my super long, super fine hair.

    Published 19 Jun 15Reply
  2. Hi Katey,

    I loved this tutorial! I prefer picture tutorials compared to videos because I can read and take everything in step by step instead of pausing and rewinding a video :-).

    I haven’t tried any of these products. I may reside in Boston, but I’m a volume girl as well. Between that and the bling, I’ve been told I belong in Texas.. Anywho, I need to grab the Pantene Booster Spray Gel. I haven’t ever heard of a product made to add texture! I feel like I never get the ‘messy curls’ look which this will help with. I’m also superrrrr excited to try teasing from the bottom of my hair. I’ve never heard of that!

    Thank so much for the tutorial! I’d love to see how you apply your eyeliner. It always looks so perfect!

    xoxo, Mindy

    Published 19 Jun 15Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Mindy!!

      Congratulations for winning the giveaway! Would you mind sharing your e-mail with me so I can get your shipping info! 🙂



      Published 27 Jun 15Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Mindy!

      Wanted to follow up one more time as you are the winner! 🙂

      Let me know your e-mail so we can ship you product!



      Published 13 Jul 15Reply
      • I was just on the blog looking for hair curling suggestions and saw this!!! AHHH I’m so sad!!!! Haha well a year later, but I hope the next girl in line loved the products!!!! Xoxo

        Published 19 Sep 16Reply
  3. Lori wrote:

    I love the hairspray! But I want to try the Pantene product as I have thin hair and I am always looking for volume! 🙂

    Published 19 Jun 15Reply
  4. Nayla wrote:

    I’ve never tried any of the products, but I’ve been looking for a good hairspray! I can’t wait to get my hands on the Aussie hairspray, especially for this horrific Texas heat… 🙂

    Published 19 Jun 15Reply
  5. Natasha C. wrote:

    I have used Austin Mega Hairspray and it is definitely a fav! Looove the sMell and the long lasting but flexible hold.

    I would love to try the Pantene Pro-V PowerFULL Body Booster Spray! My hair is thin and lacks natural body so this would be awesome!


    Published 19 Jun 15Reply
  6. Bianca wrote:

    I want to try the Vidal Sassoon Heat Protector. I have not found one I love and that one may be it.


    Published 19 Jun 15Reply
  7. Becca Dugdale wrote:

    I absolutely love Aussie hairspray and I’m dying to try the other products! I have the absolute flattest hair known to mankind so I’m trying to find more/different ways to get more natural volume!
    Thanks for the great tutorial, girl!

    In Christ,

    Published 19 Jun 15Reply
  8. Julie wrote:

    I will absolutely be recreating this! As a new mama of 2, I’m all about these easy, messy styles that still look good.

    Published 19 Jun 15Reply
  9. Molly wrote:

    I would love to try the Pantene Pro-V PowerFULL Body Booster Spray! My hair is so fine and has basically not body to it and hopefully that would help!

    Published 19 Jun 15Reply
  10. Taylor wrote:

    I swear by the Aussie hairspray! I’ve used it forever. I can’t seem to keep my hair full of volume so hopefully using these three products together will help me!

    Published 19 Jun 15Reply
  11. Megan Breed wrote:

    I love this Aussie hairspray but I’m dying to try the Pantene!!! I’m to the point where I absolutely hate blow drying my hair, mainly because this is Texas and I’m lazy.
    I love the picture tutorial too they’re easier to follow 🙂

    Published 19 Jun 15Reply
  12. Emma Gillespie wrote:

    Great tutorial – thank you!

    Published 19 Jun 15Reply
  13. Emma Gillespie wrote:

    I am dying to try the heat protectant and shine spray!

    Published 19 Jun 15Reply
  14. Emily N wrote:

    I am definitely going to get my hands on that heat protector spray!
    My hair is naturally wavy (and by wavy I mean half wavy half frizzy mess) so I use a curling wand a lot. Hopefully that will help condition and protect my hair better than the one I use now!

    Published 19 Jun 15Reply
  15. hannah russell wrote:

    I love this look! I’m getting married this Summer and I’ve also been attending many weddings (in the southern heat of course) and I’ve been in need of this tutorial. I have very similar hair and I LOVE my big hair! I love the Aussie hairspray, but I would also love to get my hands on the Vidal Sassoon Heat Protectant & Shine Spray since I’m trying to keep my hair from breaking before the big day!

    Published 19 Jun 15Reply
  16. Tori wrote:

    I love this tutorial! I see you with this style on the blog all the time and have never perfected it but now I am eager to try it using this method! I’ve used the Aussie hairspray and love it, definitely lets your hair have movement instead of making it rigid. I want to try the Vidal Sasson though! I’ve heard good things about it!

    Published 19 Jun 15Reply
  17. Erin wrote:

    I love love LOVE Aussie hair spray, but I’ve never tried anything to prep my hair for the abuse I put it through, that Vidal Sassoon spray looks to DIE for!

    Published 19 Jun 15Reply
  18. Ashley wrote:

    This look is adorable, & looks super quick! I love the Aussie Hairspray, but I’m definitely interested in the Pantene Pro-V PowerFULL Body Booster spray for my flat hair!


    Published 19 Jun 15Reply
  19. Sami Mast wrote:

    I’m so happy you finally posted this hair tutorial!! I’ve been kind of obsessed with how you do your hair, and now I’m excited that I can try this look out for myself. Also sorry to hear about your auto-immune disorder, my mom has lupus and I totally understand what that entails.

    As for the products, I haven’t tried out any of the ones listed. However I’ve used other aussie products in the past and loved them! I’m always on the look out for a great hairspray and haven’t found one that I really love, so maybe this one will be it! Also keeping my eye on that Pantene volume spray….


    Published 19 Jun 15Reply
  20. Morgan wrote:

    I will be trying this out very soon! You always looks so flawless Katey! You are so pretty!

    Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!

    Published 19 Jun 15Reply
  21. Taylor wrote:

    The Aussie spray is my best friend! I really want to try the protectant spray because all of the ones I’ve tried in the past don’t do much for my hair.

    Published 19 Jun 15Reply
  22. Rhonda wrote:

    Hi Katey! I haven’t tried any of these products, but I’d love to try the Aussie hairspray. I have super duper curly hair and have a hard time finding product I love that doesn’t make my hair heavier than it already is!

    Published 19 Jun 15Reply
  23. Abbie wrote:

    Going to a wedding tomorrow and trying this out! Thanks!

    Published 19 Jun 15Reply
  24. Kathy Dively wrote:

    Would love to try that hairspray!!! I always have trouble finding one to keep my curls last through the day!

    Published 20 Jun 15Reply
  25. Rie wrote:

    I’ve never tried the heat protectant spray! I’m kind of over mine now and have been looking for a new one to try!

    Published 20 Jun 15Reply
  26. Emily wrote:

    I love this look! I am definitely going to try it out this evening for a dinner party we are hosting! And any hair spray that’s both awesome and smells like cake I need to own – Aussie Mega Hairspray here I come!

    Also, I have fine hair and am always looking for ways to amp up the volume so I’d also love to give Pantene Pro-V PowerFULL Body Booster Spray a try. 🙂

    Thanks for such a fun & pretty tutorial!

    Published 20 Jun 15Reply
  27. Alyssa wrote:

    Aussie hair spray definitely makes your hair smell amazing – except I worry about mosquitos because it smells so good! (Is that weird? haha)


    Published 20 Jun 15Reply
  28. Cari Sisney wrote:

    Would love to try all three products. I love your hair and your beauty. Inside and out.


    Published 20 Jun 15Reply
  29. Katie Horne wrote:

    I haven’t tried any of these products but I’ve always wanted to try the Aussie products, I hear nothing but good things!

    Published 20 Jun 15Reply
  30. Holly G wrote:

    I have the worst time finding hairspray that is multifaceted- firm hold yet bouncy and also gives great volume! This Aussie mega hold is one I need to try!


    Published 21 Jun 15Reply
  31. Jessica Stroud wrote:

    I am dying to try the Pantene Body Booster! I started using the Pantene Smooth blow dry crème from another post you did and LOVE it!

    Published 22 Jun 15Reply
  32. Hallie wrote:

    I’m OBSESSED with that Aussie hair spray! Most thicker products like gel and mousse make my hair greasy, so I’m always looking for volumizers that I can spray! Can’t wait to get my hands on that Panteen stuff!

    Published 23 Jun 15Reply
  33. Stefani S wrote:

    I love the Vidal Sassoon Heat Protect & Shine Spray. I have tried to many and I feel like they leave my hair greasy and frumpy. I have 8 weddings in the next 4 months (It’s definitely that time of the year), Can’t wait to try these products and this look!

    All the best-


    Published 23 Jun 15Reply
  34. Stefani S wrote:

    I love the Vidal Sassoon Heat Protect & Shine Spray. I have tried to many and I feel like they leave my hair greasy and frumpy. I have 8 weddings in the next 4 months (It’s definitely that time of the year), Can’t wait to try these products and this look!

    All the best-


    Published 23 Jun 15Reply
  35. ashley b wrote:

    Aussie hair spray makes me think of my high school days on dance line! I am on my way to the store to pick up my own bottle of Pantene Pro-V PowerFULL Body Booster Spray, can’t wait to try 🙂



    Published 25 Jun 15Reply