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Dress: Nordstrom | Jacket: J.Crew, Similar, Similar | Bag: Yes Style, Similar | Shoes: Steve Madden | Rings: Baublebar, Baublebar | Necklace: Love Always Couture [most similar, get size 3XL on 18 inch chain!] | Lipstick: MAC [Snob] | Watch: Michele, Similar Less Expensive | Bracelets: [c/o] Baublebar, David Yurman, Kendra Scott |

While neutrals aren’t my favorite trend [I’m all for layered prints and jewels] there is something so refreshing about adding feminine and minimalistic pieces into your wardrobe. White dresses require little to no thought, and I knew I’d been sharing really girly ones for my bridal showers lately. I saw this dress two weeks ago when Paul and I were out and about and thought it was a dress that would look amazing on any type of girl, no matter what trends she was drawn to!

I paired it with my favorite summer sandals and a denim jacket for dinner with Paul. He finished his CPA a few weeks ago, so we have been going on so many dates! It’s so funny because in college I won Domestic Delta [I was a Tri Delta so we always had silly awards that started with the letter D] because I’m such a neat freak! I’d always walk around our sorority house picking up Diet Coke cans and organizing our study. I love cleaning and doing laundry and organizing. Yet I’m not into cooking every day. It’s so hard for two people! I feel like it is such a waste because we only eat 1/4th of it and then I’m stuck with random leftover ingredients. What do you married ladies do before kids?! Live off one meal for a week? I need to figure it out before he moves in. haha. So I have been enjoying all of our overly frequent date nights! 😉 We are just trying to make up for the past year where we didn’t get to see each other very frequently on week nights.

I view denim jackets as one of the top 5 wardrobe investments you can make! They aren’t just for 6th grade. I wrap them around my waist, throw them in a tote and always make sure to take it over my shoulders for dinner in the summer in case I freeze. Mine is from J.Crew, but I do want to be honest and share an issue I experienced with it. I’ve had such a difficult time with J.Crew sizing lately. Mine is an XS and I’m most definitely not an XS! [Because seriously, what do you skinny minis do at J.Crew?! Is everything just really oversized?!] I pulled some below from brands that I know are TTS so you can feel safe if you order online.

I hope you have a wonderful start to your week and plan a fun little date night to make this week go by more quickly! Throw in a minimalistic touch and make sure to grab that denim jacket! 😉

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.47.31 PM

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  1. Samantha wrote:

    JCrew is so hard to size. Generally I’m an XS which is so hard to find I feel like these days and that’s why I loved JCrew for a while. There are times a certain cut or shirt from JCrew fits, then there are other times that it is wide and huge. I think their sizing just runs big.

    Published 10 Aug 15Reply
  2. Kacie wrote:

    Love this pretty little lace dress and I love how you made it extra casual with the denim jacket!


    Published 10 Aug 15Reply
  3. I love this look! I’ve been crushing over the “Sandalias” forever and now this Free People dress?! I’ve been hunting for a LWD all summer and I think I finally found it!

    Published 10 Aug 15Reply
  4. I love the shade of this denim jacket, I’m a long time follower, but I don’t comment much. I’ve seen you wear it so many times and I love every way that you’ve styled it! I already have one, but I’m really leaning towards a lighter shaded one. Also, I can’t believe your bag! I thought for sure it was Chloe! How is the quality? I have wanted that style for so long, but obviously the price tag is waaay too much! Thanks in advance! 🙂


    Published 10 Aug 15Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Right?! Isn’t it crazy! I just wanted to try this out before I took the plunge on such a steep price tag, but honestly the quality with this bag is so great I may not even get the Chloe!

      Published 10 Aug 15Reply
  5. Ann wrote:

    Wow, you look so cute here – seriously, just great. LOVING your hair – it always looks so amaze.

    Published 10 Aug 15Reply
  6. Claire wrote:

    You are way to cute for words, I follow you on Instagram {who doesn’t?! ha!} you are the such a doll. Your clothes, decor, handbags, and hair all fabulous! You are perfect and I love this pretty look!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

    Published 11 Aug 15Reply