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Guest Bedroom: Bed: Pier 1 | Vanity: Pier 1 | Furry Stool: Similar | Ginger Jar: Gift, Similar | Lamps: Hobby Lobby, Similar | Bedding: Pottery Barn | Pillows: Arianna Belle and Little Design Co. [Little Design Co. isn’t selling right now] | Pineapples: Similar | Gallery Wall Pieces: Wedding Gifts

Master Bedroom: Bed: One Kings Lane | Mirror: Similar | Lamps: Similar | Bedding: Pottery Barn | Leopard Pillows: Furbish | Toile Pillow: One Kings Lane | Stripe Pillow: Similar | Blanket: Pottery Barn | Vanity: Nebraska Furniture Mart | Lucite Lamp: Amazon | Jewelry Organizer: GLAMboxes | Gallery Wall: Framebridge

Office: Desk: West Elm | Chair: Shop Rachel George | Bag: Chloe | Lamp: Furbish | Vase: Design Darling

 Happy Friday!!! I feel like a mom that is so ready for my husband to come home and help with the kids. We got a puppy last week and while Paul has been at work I just get so nervous. “Is she supposed to be sleeping right now? Is she eating enough? She is chewing on the rug. Will she throw up from that?!”

I’m a little anxious because she is only one pound and of course fragile. Secondly, my family has a Yorkiepoo who was her size and when we got her the second week she almost died from hypoglycemic shock. I never want to go through that again, so I’m definitely the overzealous dog mom. Doing everything I can to make this little animal happy and healthy. haha. I now need that sign everyone has that says, “I work so my dog can have a better life.” 😉

But Paul is the dog whisperer so I know with him home for the weekend we will be able to work on some more simple commands and help set her schedule up better for her! We finally got her to sleep through the whole night and I was so proud of her I about wanted to give her 15 Sprinkle dog cupcakes, but had to refrain! I’m THAT dog mom. Oops!

Anyways, today is a little peak into our bedrooms! I do want to say that this was photographed before our wedding, so Paul hadn’t moved in. And we have definitely changed a lot! I’m working on a post for the new year with all of our updates! 🙂 [It will include my office/closet!]

My biggest cost saving tip with bedrooms is to keep your bedding white! I have Pottery Barn bedding we got for our wedding, but Target has great options too! This way you can seasonally update pillows but you aren’t always wanting to repaint or redecorate. I remember I used to get printed quilts from Anthropologie and every 6 months would want to buy a new one! Now having white I don’t do that, and it saves so much money! White bedding also allows for a gender neutral base so if you want to throw in a leopard pillow and he throws in a navy one, neither of it looks too masculine or feminine.

Another tip for living with a boy, is to have your own little vanity area. I got this chest from Nebraska Furniture Mart and we repainted most of it. It’s small enough Paul doesn’t feel like there are hundreds of perfumes/watches/necklaces all over our bedroom. I love that is has drawers so I’m able to organize my sunglasses, wallets and extra girly pieces.

I framed editorial pictures of George Clooney and Gwen Stefani to differentiate who’s side of the bed was who’s. These pictures are super sentimental to me because coworkers actually gave them to me for my birthday when I worked in PR! They knew how much I loved fashion editorials and they had saved them for me. I love to incorporate sentimental touches through framing that way you can take a chic spin on something that could easily get torn up or misplaced!

I created our gallery wall with Framebridge. They will print and frame for you, and the pieces come ready to mount! I can’t encourage this enough. I have done the 15 trips to Homegoods trying to find a great frame and then Paul rolls his eyes when I get home and we see that we can’t even wire the back of it.

I hope this helps give you some weekend inspo for updating your bedrooms! Thanks so much for stopping by!



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  1. Melanie wrote:

    Your interior style is amazing! I love your details and decoration very much :-*

    Published 11 Dec 15Reply
  2. Erica wrote:

    I adore your pillows! And Homegoods is my fave!!

    xo | The Fashion Forecast

    Published 11 Dec 15Reply
  3. I have to say…. I love it all!! Great job!:)



    Published 11 Dec 15Reply
  4. kimberli wrote:

    I have to ask where did you find the mirror over your jewelry dresser?

    Published 11 Dec 15Reply
    • Tori wrote:

      I too would love to know where you found that mirror.

      Published 16 Dec 15Reply
  5. Valerie wrote:

    Gorgeous!! I love your style. Where is the dresser from?? xo

    Published 11 Dec 15Reply
  6. Clarissa wrote:

    Love love love it all and can’t wait to see more about the puppy!!!! When I first got my baby I was psychotic because she breathed so loud….I had fans blowing on her, the AC on high, cold washcloths in her crate…. I didn’t sleep for days!! It gets less scary when they get bigger and you get used to their weird habits!

    Published 11 Dec 15Reply
  7. Love the striped dresser! And I have a maltipoo as well! I freak out over everything, too, and also love to take her everywhere with me because it breaks my heart seeing her look at me when I walk out of the door! haha <3

    Published 11 Dec 15Reply
  8. Kyla wrote:

    1. These rooms are beautiful! You have such a great eye and I LOVE your taste.
    2. How cool is your husband with this decor? Pleaseeee elaborate… I am dying to know if he’s like, eh, I could care less or if he would like it more… neutral?
    The reason I ask is because my husband will let me do whatever I want with the rest of our home as long as he has a little bit of masculine decor in our bedroom (and gets a break from the leopard print…I begged for the leopard print stair runner and you bet I got it).
    As always, wonderful post. Thanks, Katey!

    Published 13 Dec 15Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hey girl! Thank you so so much!! Oh he could totally care less!! I could paint the walls pink and he wouldn’t even notice! Lol. His rules were “Comfy and big TV.”

      Published 13 Dec 15Reply
  9. I love what you have done with your place. I like how you have white as a base and so many other colors and accents throughout your home. You are definitely an inspiration for my new condo with my boyfriend. xoxo : )

    Published 13 Dec 15Reply
  10. Jacqueline wrote:

    I love your bedroom/house set up. The look is soo clean , organized, and chic’. Great job girl.

    Published 15 Dec 15Reply
  11. Darko wrote:

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    Published 12 Feb 16Reply