Sunday Night Routine

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Tray: Furbish Studio | Sephora Eye Pads: Sephora | Sephora Face Mask: Sephora | Glamglow: Nordstrom | Tula: Tula [c/o] | Tata Harper: Nordstrom | Pomander Candle: Nordstrom

Photography by: Angie Garcia

Whether you have been a faithful reader for 2 years, or you just skim over my blog occasionally there are probably three things you know to be true about me.

1. I love a good queso

2. I layer lots of jewelry.

3. I am extremely Type A

The last one is something I struggle with a lot. I’m your classic Type-A, first-born child.

I’ll rewrite a stinkin’ to do list 16 times if the spacing is uneven or I scratch something out and it “looks” messy #Ridiculous. In order to be able to enjoy each moment God gives me and be present for all the people in my life I’ve learned that routines help. I have a morning routine. I have an evening routine. And I have a Sunday night routine. These little hour rituals help me feel organized and a lot more put together so I can enjoy the rest of my time and not be filled with “to do list anxiety.”

I thought I’d share my Sunday night routine because it’s definitely my favorite! It helps combat those Sunday night sads 😉 and gets me ready for the week ahead and you can test it out this weekend.

1. After we cook dinner, I like to do a hair mask! I’ve tried a million different brands, but always go back to coconut oil. It’s so inexpensive and lasts for forever! I warm the jar up with warm water in the sink and then place it in my hair and do a top knot for about an hour!

2. While my hair is setting, I like to get caught up on thank you notes. Being a newlywed I have 150 down and 75 to go! haha. I try to do about 10-15 each Sunday evening. But this is a great time to fold laundry or work on your schedule for the upcoming week. I love using a Gigi New York or Emily Ley Planner! I really try to make time for my work outs and cooking dinner at least 3 times a week. I also light a bunch of candles around the house during this time. I always have 4 scents going and like my house to smell like a bakery. haha! These candles are amazing.

3. I take a shower to rinse out the hair mask [shampoo your hair twice to get it out!] and then after I do a face mask! These are my three favorites:

Tula: This is a mask I use about three times a week to help heal any skin issues I’m having. It helps balance your skin [whether it’s oily or dry] and heals any problem spots I have quickly!

GlamGlow: Glamglow Thirstymud is the mask I used before my wedding! I layered this stuff on like it was candy and it makes your skin so plump and moisturized.

Sephora: I picked up these Sephora sheet masks a month ago and they are really fun! I use the eye masks every other week and the face masks when necessary. It gives your skin a really luminous effect where you won’t want to wear makeup the next day! These are great for a Friday night at home if you go makeup less on the weekends.

Tata Harper: This is a luxe product that I have always had in my product stash! I first purchased it when I was recently graduated and it truly transforms the texture of your skin. I really recommend this before a date night or night out with friends, because once you wash it off your skin is so dewy and bright. It’s so noticeable you don’t want to stay home!

4. While the mask is sitting, I lay out my wardrobe for the week on my clothing rack. Knowing me, I’ll still never know what to wear in the morning, but I like to make sure I have things set for meetings or events I have that week! This also helps combat those, “Uhhh, I needed to iron that or take it to the dry cleaners” moments when you’re running late for work.

5. After I rinse the mask off, I spend about 15 minutes picking up the house and I crawl in bed. I’m obsessed with our new bedding from Crane & Canopy [you can see the post on it here!]. It’s the Vienna Duvet Set and it’s been so soft and made it difficult to want to do anything other than watch movies. We typically stay up pretty late, I get so addicted to crime shows! Paul makes so much fun of me for it. I had jury duty last week and I kept telling him I was pretty sure I knew all the lingo already from my Netflix marathons.

Do you have any special routines that help you prepare for the week or day ahead of you?! I’d love to hear them!


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  1. These are great tips! I’m always looking for new beauty routine ideas.

    xx Kathryn

    Published 04 Dec 15Reply
  2. Veronica wrote:

    I can totally relate! I am the oldest child, type A, and so OCD. it’s terrible!! this is a great Sunday night routine!! I love the idea of planning your week out along with your outfits. Thank you for the tips!!

    Published 04 Dec 15Reply
  3. Nightly routines are the best! It’s my favorite part of my night to get ready for bed. 🙂 Also I LOVE the Sephora Pearl mask! One of my favorites that they have!

    Published 04 Dec 15Reply
  4. Danielle Minnick wrote:

    Katey, you are the cutest! Where did you get those jammies?

    Published 04 Dec 15Reply
  5. Amanda wrote:

    I do the same with coconut oil on Sunday nights! It’s so much easier to apply when it’s melted. I also use it as a body oil almost every night. I need to try out some of these masks…I’m currently all about skincare for wedding prep next fall! Aka.. totally type A with you if I’m already worried about my wedding skincare.. ha!

    XO Strawberry Chic

    Published 04 Dec 15Reply
  6. Juliya wrote:

    Hello, fellow Type-A’er!
    I am obsessed with natural skin care (due to extreme sensitivity and dermatitis), so I use coconut oil for EVERYTHING! Hair – I actually leave the oil in overnight. This doesn’t leave much time to get fancy with hair in the morning, but my hair feels SO good, I genuinely don’t want to do anything to it. Skin – In addition to using coconut oil as a moisturizer, I make a mask from scratch. Recipe: egg whites from 1 egg and a teaspoon of warmed organic honey; whisked together. You can apply it with a brush, but I use my fingers and leave it on until it dries completely. I keep the left-overs in the fridge (they’re good for about 3 days) and use it again whenever I feel that my skin needs to calm-down. If I use the mask on Sunday, I’ll see a difference on Tuesday. Coming from someone who doesn’t use anything with less than an 8/10 rating on, I swear by this face mask. You can add a teaspoon of plain Greek yogurt and/or a capsule of probiotic to the mask. But I find that the simple 2 ingredient mask works well. Also, I am obsessed with Badger’s foot balm, which I use as an overnight foot treatment (you have to sleep with socks on). In the morning, my skin feels amazingly soft! People who see my feet in the winter (like the shoes sales folks at Nordstrom) always comment on how good my feet look ;P
    Thanks for sharing your routine!

    Published 04 Dec 15Reply
  7. Raven Ayer wrote:

    How is the Mermaid Shampoo and Conditioner that you posted on instagram before? Is it beneficial to thin hair? I am always looking for good shampoo to help with volume.
    Your biggest fan,

    Published 06 Dec 15Reply