Affordable Lace Dress

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Dress: Chicwish, Pink Version [c/o] | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Bag: YSL, Similar | Earrings: J.Crew | Bracelets: Baublebar, David Yurman, Hermes | Watch: Michele | Lipstick: Goddess

Photography by: Angie Garcia

You might have noticed in my photos my hair looks a bit darker than normal! You’re “technically” supposed to go lighter in the summer and darker in the fall, but I don’t like to do things per the usual.

For me, as temperatures heat up I like my maintenance to go down. Switching powder products for cream and light roots for more natural ones. I told my hair stylist to just melt my roots so that I could come in whenever I wanted and it wouldn’t be such a shock of new growth! I have been telling myself I NEED to get a proper spray tan with this to see how it will look in the summer, but I’ve been a little lazy. 😉

With the new hair, [brunettes are probably cracking up! “What new hair?!” But if you’re blonde, you get me. My poor dad about had a heart attack when he came home from Africa. He was like, “Um, you’re not blonde anymore.”] I’ve been trying some new lipsticks! I love this one called Goddess and the matte/pigment/cream ratio is perfect!

To combat the darker hues, I’ve been wearing so many feminine lace dresses lately! I feel terrible, my blog has been all dresses, I swear we’ll get some jeans in here one day! I’ve just felt more ladylike and surprisingly, more comfortable. If I wore black denim and a tank every day, I think I’d freak out and go back to get more highlights. But my girlfriend, Carmen, told me I need to keep this for a good 6 months to see how it does with maintenance. This dress is such a good price point and it comes in a sweet pink version as well I need to get! It’s on sale for $43!

Do you have any fun plans for Easter weekend?! We are headed to Oklahoma to see my family! The past few times we’ve been going our trip has been cancelled right while we were headed out the door. They got a terrible winter storm during the holidays so we had to turn around and then my mom ended up having to have a small procedure the last time we were going to go. So I’m excited to see family for a long overdue trip. I got a new lens for my camera so my dad and Paul will have lots of quality time [i.e. my dad grabbing my camera from Paul the entire time] going over it.

I’ve shared before but my dad and mom were wedding photographers when they were newly married! My dad comes from a family of photographers [from wedding photographers to prints-my grandpa’s work is sold on Wayfair! I saw it and was like, “Wait! I shop here! haha!] and so they did it when they were newly married and when I was little. I always helped my mom work bridal fairs and held the reflector for my dad since I was 5. Needless to say, I guess my parents forced me into doing something with photography. So my dad and Paul love going over my camera for hours!

I hope you have a wonderful rest of holy week and a great Easter Sunday with your family!


Styled with Chicwish

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  1. This is a darling dress! I know…I think we all jumped in spring mode after a snowy winter (over here at least!) – you are beautiful! And I know what you mean about wanting low-maintenance! I used to have peekaboo blonde pieces amongst my natural red for a little vs. some highlights that constantly needed retouching and it was amazing!! Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter!!

    -xx Anna

    Published 24 Mar 16Reply
  2. Kelly K wrote:

    This dress would be perfect for Easter! I love the color!

    Published 24 Mar 16Reply
  3. Kathryn wrote:

    This dress is stunning on you! I love it. I’m also a big fan of your new hair!!

    xx Kathryn

    Published 24 Mar 16Reply
  4. I am loving your hair!!!! It look very natural but in a really pretty way-lol! Also, what type of camera do you and Paul use when he shoots you??

    Have a great day!!



    Published 24 Mar 16Reply
  5. Melanie wrote:

    The dress is totally adorable! The colour is awsome :-*

    Melanie /

    Published 24 Mar 16Reply
  6. These photos are gorgeous! Absolutely love that dress on you

    xo Laura Leigh

    Published 24 Mar 16Reply
  7. I’m completely in love with that lipstick! What kind of camera do you use and what lens did you get? As a photographer I’m always curious =)

    Have a happy Easter!

    Published 24 Mar 16Reply
  8. Wait how cool is it that your parents were weddign photogs and your grandpa’s stuff is on wayfair?! whaa?! that’s amazing!!!!! So cool!! Loving this dress on you…can’t believe it’s so inexpensive. It looks amazing!! Hope you have a great time in Oklahoma!! XO


    Published 24 Mar 16Reply
  9. Kristen wrote:

    I absolutely adore your hair this way — both the color, and having it straight. It’s a nice change! Definitely keep it for a little while (especially since I’m sure it’ll lighten a bit once the spring/summer hit.

    Published 24 Mar 16Reply
  10. I LOVE the color of this dress! I have this one in the pale pink, but I sometimes feel so washed out in it haha. This blue color is beautiful! <3

    Published 24 Mar 16Reply
  11. Dyanna wrote:

    Hi. I simply love your blog. Absolutely gorgeous. Question about your initial necklace-where from? Neiman, Love Always, Bauble Bar… I am having a hard time deciding on size and color and yours seems perfect. Thank you.

    Published 24 Mar 16Reply
  12. Your new hair looks so good!!! It’s funny how for us blondes, something so small can feel so drastic!

    I really think you’ll like the less maintenance. After two months I used to feel like I needed to get my hair colored so bad but would stretch it another month because I am cheap haha and also had pretty damaged hair, but last time I went in I told my girl the same thing you did, and we did a melt-type thing where the new color didn’t go all the way to my roots and now it’s been four months and I only just now feel like it’s time to make an appointment. So I think you’re really going to love it!

    xo Mary-Katherine |

    Published 24 Mar 16Reply
  13. Love this dress. Would you mind if I ask which size you are wearing it. Its hard to shop online :/
    Love your blog!

    Published 24 Mar 16Reply
  14. Jane Ann wrote:

    I love, love your hair with the dark in it!! Looks so good with your skin tone!

    Published 24 Mar 16Reply
  15. sydney wrote:

    Such a lovely dress, I love the color!
    xo, Syd

    Published 24 Mar 16Reply
  16. What a beauty! I’m a big lace aficionado, my friends send me links to lace dresses constantly, the colour is fantastic on you.

    Published 25 Mar 16Reply
  17. Gretchen wrote:

    I am loving Chic Wish!! Affordable is bueno!!!! Thanks – and I love how you pair a darker earring.

    Published 25 Mar 16Reply
  18. Loving this dress! I have the same shoes which I love and a similar lace dress so I am loving this for outfit inspiration! Thanks girlie and Happy Easter!
    xoxo, Jenna
    Boston Chic Party

    Published 26 Mar 16Reply
  19. Victoria wrote:

    I like the new darker hair and the darker lip!! Great accessories too

    Published 30 Mar 16Reply