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Happy Wednesday! While in NYC I got so many requests for a post on an NYC review, where I recommend to stay, eat, play and shop! I’ve been to the city a lot and I finally feel like I have all my favorite spots down, so this was perfect timing. The first 3 or so times you go to NYC I think you have to go to all the fun tourist spots, and I still love to do so! But this time around we got to go to some restaurants that may not be known as “must haves” but I think they are even better! 😉

I’ll share the order of what we did in case you’re curious because with cabs and traffic, it makes more sense to do things that are around one another and then at the end I’ll make a cheat sheet for you so you can add these spots in to your personal favorites!


Lipstick Color: Indiscretion

Day 1:

We got in Friday afternoon and had to head straight to some meetings! This time around we chose to stay at The Knickerbocker. Hotels in NYC can be let downs to say the least. I’m always in shock at how small they are and how the amenities aren’t updated for the price you pay. So I had yet to find a hotel I was loyal to, and this trip definitely changed that. I shared on snapchat what our room looked like [the interior design of my dreams] but The Knickerbocker was perfect! It’s got a modern-Gossip Girl-esque aesthetic which is how you want to feel when you land in the city!

The bathroom was to-die for, so I made a big excuse to “touch up” my makeup [AKA take 20 minutes staring at the countertops] before we went to our meetings.

After our meetings Paul and I walked around a bit [this was his first time to NYC!] and we ran in to a little restaurant to grab a cocktail. For the life of me I can’t remember the name, but it wasn’t even anything special. Just a cocktail to warm up and talk about how the meetings went. I also drug him into Nordstrom Rack. That isn’t a necessity, but their Nordstrom Rack is the equivalent of a Nordstrom. When you see Valentino bags on sale, you can’t not go in.

We headed back to our hotel to eat some desserts [we hadn’t eaten all day!] and get ready for dinner. Sugar first, right?! Clearly, I didn’t follow paleo or Whole 30 this trip but life is about balance!

We had dinner at Balthazar and you must, must go! Their french fries are incredible. No parmesan cheese. No truffle oil. Just, good french fries. The way they are intended to taste. I watched something about how they fry them and that accounts for the taste, but all I know is they are so good you don’t even care about the guilt. And isn’t that the best kind of food anyways?


Day 2:

I love to grab coffee early in NYC and watch the sunrise. Our rooms overlooked Time Square and had the cutest little ledges on the windows. Paul and I ordered coffee from their café and watched the sun come up. We headed to breakfast at Jack’ Wife Freda and I recommend getting there around 9. We sat down and luckily got a table immediately, but then the line was all the way down the street. This was Paul’s favorite breakfast of the trip, so if you go with your guy I definitely recommend stopping by.

After breakfast we ran to Rockefeller Center to get coats. They had a cold front come in [it was supposed to be 60s and was 34]. It was a divine sign from the Lord that all was okay because J.Crew had one last parka in stock in my size [go down a size, I have a Petite XS on!] and it was on sale! It was seriously so warm and I felt great the rest of the time. We also checked out the shoe floor at Saks right across the street. Paul likes to splurge on investment pieces for trips that way I’ll always remember where we got it. We thought about getting the Chanel flats [we also tried to get them when we went to Scottsdale] but they don’t fit my feet! My feet are way too narrow. Does anyone else have that issue? I’ve tried a thousand times and they fall off my feet so we said no. If you’re an NYC girl, there is a Robin’s egg blue color that I’m still bitter didn’t fit. Please take one for the team and wear it for me. I walked around the beauty department for a bit [which was insane!] and got this lipstick by D&G in the shade Bonbon. It’s such a pretty pink for spring.

After shopping we went to Top of the Rock. I hate heights. If there is a word stronger than hate I would use that. And I hate when people want to “try” to help me get over my fear. I’ve zip lined. I’ve done ropes courses. I’ve done it all. The only thing I feel after “conquering my fear” is agitated someone forced me to do something I hate. But I knew we couldn’t go to NYC and Paul not see the top so I decided to try it. Height haters, this is fine! I went to the very top and wasn’t scared at all. The way they’ve made it doesn’t make you feel nervous at all, so we took some pictures and the sun felt amazing!

After Top of the Rock we headed back to the room for a power nap. 20 minute naps are a necessity for a weekend in NYC. We went up to the rooftop bar and explored it taking a few pictures.

After our nap we walked around Bryant Park and went to the New York Public Library. The library is great because it just takes 30 minutes if you need some time to kill before a reservation! Whereas lots of the museums can take hours.

We went to dinner at Emilio’s Ballato! Get there at 6:30 as there are only 11 tables total and they don’t take reservations. But while you’re there a celebrity is sure to join you. Everyone from Michelle Obama to Bradley Cooper has had dinner there and it’s such a hidden gem! Dustin Hoffman was there while we were eating and of course I was so obsessed with my plate of carbs I didn’t notice. Paul was like, “Babe, look. Babe. Babe, look up from the spaghetti, LOOK!”

You’ll be in SOHO and for an after dinner drink head to The Ship. It’s dark and dreamy and perfect for a long conversation. This trip was celebrating something exciting for Paul and we spent an hour or so there just sipping on a drink and taking it all in. We also might have spent 30 minutes listening in on a date next to us. If you haven’t been to NYC tables are really close together. You may be in shock like, “Seriously? I’m right next to them?” But the people watching is perfect and we loved it! haha. This poor guy was in the friend zone taking a girl from work to dinner, and she was torturing him talking about how much the guy she was dating irritated her. He kept agreeing and at the very end she said, “I mean on paper you’re great, but like I’d never date you.” My heart sunk and I was sad for a good hour for this guy. If you’re reading this, I have friends you can go to dinner with!

IMG_5179 IMG_5199 IMG_5229 FullSizeRender IMG_5264 IMG_5333

Day 3:

We started day 3 early at my favorite breakfast spot: Sarabeth’s. I had us there at 8:30 for a reservation but completely goofed up because nothing opens that early! So we grabbed a coffee after waiting for the museum. You can easily eat there at 9:30 with a reservation. Get the Egg’s Benedict or a biscuit!

After Sarabeth’s we went to Ralph’s for coffee and then the American Museum of Natural History. I’m a fan of The Met, but Paul really wanted to go to this one! If you’re boyfriend isn’t picky do The Met, instead! 😉 We did a quick walk through Central Park because of the weather and Paul said he was creeped out the entire time because I’ve ruined it for him with all my Law & Order SVU watching…. haha.

After the museum we headed to Soho for macarons at Ladurée. Talk about some good people watching and eavesdropping. Sidenote: Am I the worst person ever? The girl next to us was talking about her relationship as well and Paul was able to pull me out of there because I was .2 seconds from sharing a macaron and having girl talk. I can’t help it though, the tables are so close together and I thought I could help her and listen, but my husband was mortified and we left.

After Ladurée run in French Connection! It’s right next to it and it is a favorite brand of mine. Such quality pieces without breaking the bank! If you order online it runs a bit on the small size so go up one size! Here’s what I got!

Kanye West had opened a pop-up store over the weekend, I guess to help with that $53 million in debt. Soho was a bit insane because of it, but that’s where my favorite shopping is. Sometimes in Dallas I want to do things like peek into Chanel just to look, but there aren’t a ton of people in there so you get hounded and they know if you’ll buy something within 30 seconds or not. I almost feel like you’re about to get escorted out if you don’t. However, Soho is so packed that you can go in whatever store your heart desires and be left alone, which is so nice! haha.

We went to Kate Spade Home which was exciting to see and then a few different shoe stores for Paul. Would you believe it if I told you my husband came home with more than I did? Sometimes I’m so overwhelmed in NYC with the options that I just don’t even get anything because I feel like I did with all the looking.

Paul was starving so we went to Pera Soho and stayed there for a few hours. They have a beautiful enclosed patio and a really great brunch if you’re there for it!

We went back to The Knickerbocker, put on robes and watched a movie before dinner!

For dinner we headed to Palma which is my favorite for a date night. It’s a romantic dinner in a flower garden! Everything is so good I can’t even recommend one thing. Paul and I split our pastas [I got a red sauce and he got a truffle one!]. We went to Milk afterwards, but I find it a little overrated. The line is long, the store is crowded and it’s super, super sweet! But if you love ice cream and the weather is good, check it out!

As you can see I had to all but roll myself home from all the sweet treats and wonderful meals. But it was the perfect weekend to run around and enjoy places we don’t have in Texas. My favorite thing about traveling is finding new favorite spots, and if you’re like that you’d love 48 hours in Manhattan!

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender IMG_5385 IMG_5468 IMG_5470 IMG_5471

Here’s an easy cheat sheet for your weekend there!


Do you have any NYC favorites?!

P.S. I got a ton of e-mails asking about the bag I carried for travel on snapchat! Here it is!


Thank you to The Knickerbocker for making our stay so memorable!

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  1. Emily wrote:

    Ah, Katey! This review was so much fun to read! I haven’t been to NYC in years but I have plans to go this November and you’ve made me even more excited for the trip 🙂 Can’t wait to check out these restaurants!

    Published 23 Mar 16Reply
  2. Ann-Louise wrote:

    What a beautiful guide! I have been to NY once and I love the city! It’s really amazing and I have to come back!

    Published 23 Mar 16Reply
  3. Clarissa wrote:

    Your trip sounds amazing!! So so cool that you got to show Paul the ropes on his first time!! I also love how much he shares your passions and you can go shopping together and he doesn’t hate you!!! That’s the best.

    Published 23 Mar 16Reply
  4. Alex wrote:

    Soo fun!! I love that cheat sheet!! What do you use to design it?? Is it some type of collage software?

    Published 23 Mar 16Reply
  5. Such a great guide! Love hearing about y’all’s time there. Also your coat photo couldn’t be cuter

    xo Laura Leigh

    Published 23 Mar 16Reply
  6. Caitlin Taylor wrote:

    Ahh so great! I’m going this weekend to see my sister and was hoping you’d post about your trip!!! Cannot wait for Laduree now!!

    Published 23 Mar 16Reply
  7. Samantha Silvas wrote:

    Love the review! I live in New York and just want to check – do you mean Jack’s Wife Freda? Because that’s an amazing restaurant and great brunch spot that I would definitely recommend!

    So glad you had a good time in New York!

    Published 23 Mar 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Ahh yes! Haha. I think I worked one too many hours yesterday and had a forgetful brain!

      Published 23 Mar 16Reply
  8. holy cow! this is the most comprehensive recap! i LOVE it!! nicely done!! I need to make a trip to NYC solely to just do your exact agenda…how fun fun fun!! I really want to go to Jack loves Freda. Cannot believe I haven’t been!! That YSL bag you have is a dream. I’m obsessed!!



    Published 23 Mar 16Reply
  9. I practically fell in love with The Knickerbocker through your snaps! <3

    Published 23 Mar 16Reply
  10. Taylor wrote:

    This is one of the best travel reviews I’ve read in a long time! I haven’t been to many of the places you mentioned (and I’ve been to NY more times than I can count on my fingers and toes) so I’m looking forward to visiting them the next time I take a trip to Manhattan. Also, I love the photos you took — do you mind if I asked if they were snapped with an iPhone camera or DSLR? Thanks so much! <3

    Published 23 Mar 16Reply
  11. Oh my gosh, literally dying over here!! I’m planning a trip to NYC here in the next few weeks so this came in absolutely the perfect time!!!

    Fabulous as always Katey!!



    Published 23 Mar 16Reply
  12. That cheat sheet is so helpful, totally just pinned it for future reference! 😉

    I’ve been wanting to try Sarabeth’s but haven’t made it yet. You should try Freeman’s for drinks. It’s the infamous blue door brunch at the end of the alley place and while I haven’t gone for brunch, I went for drinks with a friend last time I was in the city and was blown away! None of them sounded that good so we almost left but then just decided to stay and pick random ones and both of us were like “This is the best cocktail I’ve ever had!” – both were so good!

    xo Mary-Katherine |

    Published 23 Mar 16Reply
  13. Such a great post! Im currently employee of the year for Great Britain and Ireland at H&M and as my prize I am going to New York in May so this post interested me straight away! Thank you for sharing these places!!!

    Published 23 Mar 16Reply
  14. Lindsey wrote:

    Your trip looked amazing and your hotel was to die for – loved the snaps!

    stay styled,


    IG: stay_styled

    Published 23 Mar 16Reply
  15. Erin Holleran Carter wrote:

    Headed to the Big Apple in 2 weeks and have been reading for YEARS how good Emilio’s Ballato is! It’s been on my must-eat list, but after reading this I’m even more excited! XO

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  16. Kathryn wrote:

    Eek! I love all of the details here. What a wonderful weekend getaway!

    xx Kathryn

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  17. Belle Mayo wrote:

    I have lived in New York for 3 years and still haven’t been to Jack’s Wife Freda! Hope you enjoyed your trip!

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  18. Becky wrote:

    The banana pudding a Magnolia Bakery is to die for! Must have on an NYC trip for me.

    Published 24 Mar 16Reply
  19. Gretchen wrote:

    Ok, this is my fav photo of your hair! So pretty!

    Published 25 Mar 16Reply
  20. Victoria wrote:

    This post was refreshingly honest. I laughed out loud at the part of you listening in on other people’s conversations… I would have done the exact same thing.

    Published 30 Mar 16Reply