It’s a Girl!

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Hi everyone, this is Paul. I decided to give my wife a break today since I spent most of our time in New York exploring, watching football and people watching as she was working her tail off everyday. As such, I wanted to give her the chance to catch up on sleep hence me typing this out. Besides, she gets to announce cool stuff like the #NSale (is this how we spell it?) so I figured I would one up her and announce the gender of our first mini human.

If Peaches’ photo shoot didn’t already give it away I’m clearly about to be a dance recital watching, soccer coaching, tea-party throwing dad. And you know what? I can’t wait to be that obnoxious dad who believes dance recitals and 4-year-old soccer leagues can still be quality competition. Bring on the tutus, orange slices and capri suns.

But in all seriousness, from the moment we found out Katey was pregnant I knew we were having a girl. Katey has been the single, greatest blessing of my life so it seemed fitting that God would bless us with a baby girl for our first child. She is my best friend and my muse, so having another one of her is more than words can say. The same qualities, virtues and quirks I fell in love with are even more evident and it has been an amazing 5 months seeing them translate into the mother Katey already is and will be once our little girl is here. When I was a single guy living in Dallas and met Katey, it was clear she was the greatest representation of God’s love through a woman which is why I tried so hard to pursue and date her. I’m always asking her why she is so patient or giving everyone a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th chance and yet those are the exact reasons I love her so much. To me, everything she does isn’t out of some natural, humanly-selfish instinct. So to see her pass along those qualities to our daughter and teach her by example is something  I am so thankful to be able to watch. I’ll have to end this post here, otherwise she will delete everything, tell me I’m never allowed to touch her computer again and be embarrassed for a good 24 hours because I’m bragging on her too much. But you just let her know if you want me to start writing some blog posts for Chronicles of Frivolity. I think I have some great post ideas. I can’t talk about what to get at Sephora [had to google that, thought it was Saphora, that’s how y’all say it], but I have some great tips on allowable itemized deductions. We could bring a whole new tax section to the “edit” button up top.


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  1. Rebecca wrote:

    Congratulations!!! I am so excited for y’all! She will be absolutely beautiful!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  2. Kaitlyn wrote:

    Oh my goodness this is perfect! Paul’s post is making me cry! This is the sweetest thing ever. Congratulations on little baby girl to both of you! <3

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  3. Eeeek!! A girl!! How exciting 🙂 So happy for you both.

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  4. Julie wrote:

    AW congrats on having a girl!!! Katey you are so blessed to have such a great guy like Paul! Y’all are going to make amazing parents to that little girl!


    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  5. Maricia wrote:

    Congratulations!! This was the sweetest post ever! I love that Paul wrote it 🙂 This little girl will be the best dressed in the nursery!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  6. Shannon wrote:

    Congratulations! You guys are going to be wonderful parents!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  7. Veronica wrote:

    Congratulations!!!! So excited for y’all!!!! This post is the sweetest!!!! Saphora ????

    Praying for continued healthy pregnancy and blessings on your sweet family ????????????????

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  8. Alyssa wrote:

    This is the sweetest post ever! God is so good and I think your relationship is a wonderful example of that. Congratulations to you both!
    Paul- I totally think you need your own tab on the blog!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  9. Jordan wrote:

    I love that Paul wrote this, so sweet!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  10. Maria wrote:

    This was hilarious to read! Congratulations to your beautiful, growing family!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  11. Tiffany J wrote:

    Congratulations! I knew it was a girl! Girls are so much fun! Also, I’m going to have my fiancée take notes on Paul’s sweet post! ????????????

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  12. Amanda wrote:

    I absolutely LOVE this blog and everything that you post. This post from Paul was amazing and I love having him input every once in awhile! Congratulations! You are both going to make amazing parents!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  13. Allison wrote:

    Aww a girl! So happy for y’all! And definitely let Paul keep writing every once in a while–so precious!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  14. Sarah Overbergen wrote:

    This is the cutest post I have ever read! So much love and excitement for you guys! What a blessing you are to each other and what a blessing your baby girl is to you both! Congrats! (And nice work on the post, Paul!) xx

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  15. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH! What an exciting new chapter!!!!! I loved the ending, Paul!! My fiance is a CPA as well, so that is such a funny comment that he’d say too haha! You’re both just so sweet and deserve to enjoy every ounce of happiness this journey bring you! Xoxo Mindy

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  16. Mariah wrote:

    Congratulations to you both! This post was so precious, I can tell you’re over the moon!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  17. Ashley wrote:

    This post is so sweet! Congratulations to you both on your baby girl!


    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  18. Amanda C wrote:

    CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH! I’m loving this post from Paul.

    Having a child is the single most rewarding moment of my husband and I’s life. I can’t wait to see how this little girl changes you both into even more amazing humans!

    Keep spreading love and the word of God. There are those who are following along to see you succeed!

    Much Love, AMANDA C.

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  19. Hannah wrote:

    Paul! That was so sweet. You two are such a great example of what Christian Marriage looks like. So excited for you too. God Bless!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  20. Lindsey wrote:

    Oh goodness, I am so excited for you both! I had a feeling it was a girl. Your family is going to be so blessed with addition of this sweet baby girl. God is preparing you both to be wonderful parents. I am praying for you both to have courage and strength throughout the rest of the pregnancy and delivery. I cannot wait for more updates!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  21. Jamie wrote:

    Oh my goodness! This post made me cry. What a perfect way to announce the baby’s gender and your sweet hubby is awesome.

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  22. Oh my gosh!! Congratulations!!! You are going to be the best mama to a little girl!!

    Love that Paul wrote this. So sweet!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  23. Congratulations you two lovebirds!! Paul, I love this post and how much you love Katey is beyond apparent! I’m so excited for you two to become parents and begin that next chapter in your life! Also, a few tax tips could never hurt 😉 Have a great weekend <3
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  24. Jacklyn wrote:

    Love this so much, I am so happy for you guys! Katey, the way Paul talks about you and treats you is proof that good guys still exist. I am just 19, but thank you for giving me hope for my high standards (:

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  25. Leigh Ann wrote:

    Congratulations! Your and Paul’s love is truly something to aspire to. Your baby girl will grow up in such a beautiful, loving envrionment!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  26. Amber wrote:

    Oh my gosh Katie! Paul had me in tears, and this girlie doesn’t cry. I’m so happy for y’all! You two will be the best and most loving parents! Can’t wait to see your little princess.

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  27. Carly Young wrote:

    This is HILARIOUS. Bravo, Paul! You all are going to be the sweetest, most precious, “#FamGoals” ever!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  28. Kayla Gooch wrote:

    Currently sobbing at work reading this post! Wishing many blessings on your little family!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  29. Tess Gillespie wrote:

    Ugh, my heart. I just cried at my office at work. As I pretend to not be wiping my tears while simultaneously making my office mate think I’ve got a bad case of allergies, my heart is so full of joy for you both. As a young woman entering adulthood, I have looked up to you and Katey not only for your loving, respectful relationship but your responsibility, humility, honesty and authenticity that is so transparent through Katey’s work.

    May God bless you both, your beautiful Peaches and your currently gummy-bear sized little girl.

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  30. Clarissa wrote:

    ???????????????????????? this post made me so teary. Beautiful wonderful congratulations ❤️❤️. More Paul posts plz I would def read the tax edit????. But seriously.

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  31. Kelly wrote:

    This is the most adorable post I’ve ever read. And it also definitely made me cry. So sweet and wonderful! Congratulations to you both!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  32. Madison wrote:

    Ah I’m so excited for you!! And I loved how Paul wrote this post! and to be honest I don’t think any of us would mind a Tax section! haha but congratulations to the both of you! I read your blog every morning – my ritual – and I can’t wait for the more baby posts in the future!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  33. Brooke wrote:

    Congratulations Paul and Katie! I also vote for Paul to be a guest editor on COF!

    Brooke du jour

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  34. cindy wrote:

    Congrats Paul and Katie! Currently sitting at my office desk crying over this post! And from one accountant to the other… would love a tax section! lol

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  35. Tawny wrote:

    This is the sweetest blog post / gender reveal ever! Congratulations to you and Paul!!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  36. Rachel wrote:

    Congratulations!! You and Paul are so sweet, and your baby girl is already SOOO loved! Blessings to you and your little family!!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  37. Lynnlee wrote:

    Congratulations!! So excited for y’all and new baby girl- I’m sure Peaches will love having a little sister too 🙂
    LOVE that Paul wrote this post…so sweet!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  38. Christi L Duke wrote:

    Cutest announcement ever! Paul – you are going to be a great girl dad! We have two girls and my husband is a sports watching boy who can do a tea party or dance party like no other. He LOVES it!

    Congrats to you both – better start saving for the shoes!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  39. Britt M wrote:

    Yay! I love that Paul wrote this, I personally think you should make more guest appearances on the blog!

    I KNEW your first would be a girl! Everyone used to tease my dad about having 3 girls and if he missed the opportunity at having a son. My dad would always say, “As a man, having a little girl softens you in a way you didn’t know possible. Watching them turn into strong, confident women and knowing I have influenced their lives as a father and as a man to see what kind of man they deserve, that is the best reward.”

    Congratulations Katey and Paul! Here’s to a continued happy, healthy pregnancy and to a love that deepens between yourselves as well as your new babe:)

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  40. Augusta wrote:

    i’m dead

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  41. Michelle Crayton wrote:

    Congratulations to you both! Paul, you gave me all the fells this morning and I’m sure you have made all of CofF friends and fans swoon with your love for Katey. Wishing you guys the best with your new little blessing.

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  42. Emma wrote:

    Beautiful. Just beautiful. Congratulations.

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  43. Eeeeeek! Yayayyyyyy! A girl is perfect for you! And so sweet that Paul wrote this. You guys are so great together!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  44. Jen wrote:

    The Sephora/Saphora part made me laugh out loud. God bless Paul. Congrats you guys!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  45. Tanya wrote:

    This post made me teary-eyed. Beautiful tenderhearted words! Congratulations on a baby girl!! God bless y’all.

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  46. This post was so perfect!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your LOVE for each other and can’t wait to see that spill over to your new bundle of joy. Congrats to you both!


    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  47. Breanna wrote:

    Congratulations! I think a Tax/Finance section would be a fantastic idea! 😉

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  48. Gentry wrote:

    SO excited for you Katey and Paul! This was such a sweet post and there is no doubt that baby girl is going to be so loved!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  49. Andrea wrote:

    Congratulations!! I’ve been a fan of your blog for a few years and it’s really neat to have been included on this little journey to Baby Girl!! cant wait to see the cutest little outfits!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  50. I am beyond excited for both of you. I am over the moon that Paul was the one to write this post. It’s like a King announcing to the village of this such blessing, that a princess is coming. I love to get a feel of your relationship and how much he loves you. You guys are definitely #RelationshipGoals

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  51. “…she was the greatest representation of God’s love through a woman”… omg Paul I can’t be crying at 9am! Maybe instead of a tax section in the edit (let’s not get carried away…) you and Katey could both do a post on the business end behind blogging where you can talk about your tax experience and tips in this unique field. Anyway congratulations you two!!!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  52. Maeson Kelley wrote:

    Oh my goodness!! Sweeetest thing I’ve ever read. So so SO happy for you both

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  53. Taylor wrote:

    Beautiful words!! Congratulations!!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  54. Stephany wrote:

    Awww I’m so excited for you guys! Little girls are seriously the best! And what a cute post Paul! You guys are going to make awesome parents! Enjoy every minute of it! 🙂

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  55. Ivy J. wrote:

    Katey, your husband’s post just made me cry! You get brownie points Paul. I am so happy for y’all! A child is truly one of God’s greatest blessings.
    Also my boyfriend is finishing up school as a finance major and his family is from Texas. I feel like he and Paul would get along great! Haha
    I wish you two the best and I am so excited I get to follow along. Congrats!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  56. Ash wrote:

    CONGRATULATIONS! So happy for you two and what a sweet post! More Paul posts!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  57. Kerri Pettigrew wrote:

    Loved your post Paul! You two will make such a wonderful child, inside and out! Can’t wait to meet her????

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  58. Michelle wrote:

    Omg congrats!!! This post is wonderful! I think Paul should write an advice column! I would never imagine a guy writing out beautiful things like that about me, but he is out there somewhere! Great job Paul!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  59. Juliya wrote:

    Congrats you two! Paul – I would love to hear your take on itemization! I never know when I should take the standard deduction or itemize 😉 In all seriousness, I think you’ll find your wife’s readers very receptive to financial services topics.

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  60. Casandra wrote:

    This is the sweetest most heartfelt post! Congrats to you both on the new edition to your family!!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  61. Ellen wrote:

    Congratulations, Katey and Paul! So excited for you and love reading about your journey to parenthood. It seems fitting that you’re going to have a little fashionista!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  62. Kathryn wrote:

    Oh my GOODNESS! My heart is absolutely bursting right now. This is such wonderful news – it’s a girl! She’s sure to be showered with love if she has you two as parents :). Congratulations you guys!

    xx Kathryn

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  63. Mallory wrote:

    I think Paul needs a blog now! That was so sweet! You two are going to be amazing parents!! Congrats!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  64. Kayla wrote:

    Katey, OMG!!!!!!!!! This post is everything!!!!!
    Got emotional with all the beautiful words Paul said! Such a sweet thing to do, you two have such a sweet/strong relationship (especially with God) and it shows through everything ( blog, snapchat, ect.)!
    A baby is such a blessing and I so excited you two are having a girl!!!!! Congratulations!
    You both already show so much that you will be wonderful parents!!!!

    I agree Paul needs to be a guest on here more often hahaha

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  65. Jazz wrote:

    Congratulations! Such a beautiful post to read.

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  66. Katie wrote:

    Seriously the sweetest post! Congratulations, you both are going to be wonderful parents!

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  67. Amy wrote:

    Congrats! How exciting!! I laughed out loud at this post! Love it!


    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  68. Mary wrote:

    Omg, congratulations! This has to be the cutest pregnancy announcement, ever. And the fact that you wrote it for your wifey is the best part! I am so happy for you both!


    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  69. Amanda wrote:

    What a beautiful tribute to your wife. Proverbs 31- Many have done well but you excel them all. There is no greater blessing than for your husband and children to rise up and bless you. Very happy for you both. Katey, I have no doubt you will make a wonderful mom and Paul, a fun dad, definitely an interesting addition to this blog. 🙂

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  70. How stinkin adorable is this post? Y’all are #goals. “Saphora” had me rolling, so true. Congratulations again on the baby girl, and I can’t wait to see the next chapter in y’alls lives and COF unfold. xo

    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  71. yay congratulations!! so excited for you guys!! Loved that Paul wrote the post too…so sweet!!


    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  72. Alyssa wrote:

    Congrats!! And um YES to the tax stuff – especially for blogging!


    Published 16 Sep 16Reply
  73. I am so excited for you two! Also, it was so sweet of paul to write this post. Congratulations!!

    Published 17 Sep 16Reply
  74. Camille wrote:

    Cutest husband post ever! Congratulations!!! #PinkForEveryone


    Published 17 Sep 16Reply
  75. Mel wrote:

    Congrats!!!!! So exciting!!!

    Mel |

    Published 17 Sep 16Reply
  76. Jessica wrote:

    Katey and Paul – I’m so happy for you both in face of the news that you will soon have a baby daughter. Thank you for sharing this sweet post. I can’t wait to see your pregnancy journey unfold. Your daughter will be a lucky girl to have two such kind and generous parents.

    Published 17 Sep 16Reply
  77. Quinley wrote:

    This is so great! Congratulations Katey and Paul!!! My husband thought the exact same thing when we found out we were pregnant:GIRL for sure. We both guessed right and we will have our sweet girl next March. Can’t wait to see how you incorporate maternity wear in your wardrobe and especially your picks for baby! Love reading!!

    Published 17 Sep 16Reply
  78. Brianne wrote:

    Actually, bloggers do need tax tips!!! What a cute post, Paul 🙂

    Xo, Brianne

    Published 18 Sep 16Reply
  79. Congrats, Katey!! Such amazing news! <3

    Published 19 Sep 16Reply
  80. Nina wrote:

    Omg stoppppp this is the sweetest post ever! You’ve got me all teary eyed!! You can tell a man really loves a woman when he’s not afraid to let everyone in the world know how amazing she is. You two are just precious and I’m so happy for you guys!

    xo, Nina

    Published 19 Sep 16Reply
  81. Morgan wrote:

    Congratulations!! Enjoyed hearing from Paul on this special announcement .. he will be a wonderful dad!

    How 2 Wear It []

    Published 19 Sep 16Reply
  82. Yasmina wrote:

    Congrats Katey! I remember following your blog back when you and Paul first got engaged. It’s funny how you feel like you’re friends with bloggers when you’ve never even met them! I’m wishing you so much happiness (and health!) with he coming of your baby girl!



    Published 19 Sep 16Reply
  83. Laura Lily wrote:

    Paul I love that you wrote this post for COF!! And YES, please write a post on allowable itemized deductions!! I was just wondering if I can expense my internet bill for my LLC if I dont have an at-home office!

    Published 19 Sep 16Reply
  84. val f wrote:

    love this!!! congratulations to you both!

    Published 20 Sep 16Reply
  85. Paige Hanners wrote:

    Cutest post ever, congrats y’all!

    Published 21 Sep 16Reply
  86. Kathryn wrote:

    Him writing this was absolute perfection. Ever since finding you/y’all I’ve been so happy to watch your interactions through Snapchat and pray that I find a relationship as loving and fun. Y’all are gonna be great parents! Can’t wait to watch you learn and grow! …and..Yay a girl! ♥

    Published 21 Sep 16Reply
  87. Heather Coday wrote:

    This post is EVERYTHING!! Thank you Paul for making me laugh out loud. I truly enjoy COF and watching your relationship grow through this blog…congrats on being parents, and YAY for a girl….love girls!!

    Published 21 Sep 16Reply
  88. Maya wrote:

    OH MY GOSH THIS IS EVERYTHING!!!! Paul is fantastic; I was so incredibly touched and also laughed out loud numerous times. I’d read his tax section!!!

    Paul, if you’re reading this: my husband has that same forgiving quality you described in Katey where he gives people more chances than they probably deserve and is so incredibly generous and caring. Sometimes I don’t know why he does it, but I admire, respect and love him for it! I agree that this is the truest representation of God’s love for us. So cool to be inspired by your spouse every day! Also…. the “Saphora” comment was so spot on!

    To both of you: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! <3 She is going to be the cutest, more blessed, best dressed little girl!!!!

    Xx Maya from Maya Unmarketed

    Published 21 Sep 16Reply
  89. Melissa Sivley wrote:

    This is the cutest thing I have ever read in my life! This seriously brought a tear to my eye. What a blessing it is to have such love between the two of you. You’re daughter is so very blessed already.


    Published 22 Sep 16Reply