Black & Brown

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Jacket: Nordstrom [wearing size S] | Top: Nordstrom | Jeans: Nordstrom | Booties: Vince, Similar | Bag: Tory Burch | Lip: Brave Lipstick & Soar Lipliner | Watch: Michael Kors

Photography by: Angie Garcia

I’ve got some Southern roots- I mean my Nana was the Garden Club President of Atlanta, if that’s not Southern I don’t know what is! I also have a mother that knows every single etiquette rule in the book. Combine the two and I grew up with a lot of rules “engrained” in me.

“You have six weeks to send a thank you note.”

“Turkeys are done, people are finished.” -My mother always chimed this if I said, “I’m done with dinner!” when I was little. haha. To this day I always remember it.

“Black does not mix with brown in a wardrobe.”

“No running in the house of God.” -Another one I got in trouble for. I’d always run after Sunday School to go pick my sister up from nursery and whenever my mother said those words I knew I was in trouble! Sorry I got so excited to get her and go to Chili’s after church… I needed my pizza and crayons!

While some like rules and others abhor them, there’s something so sweet about remembering my mom’s voice as she would say them as I was little. From using a correct phrase to pairing a look together I like to think of all the little rules she would teach me as I was little. I know Millenials now aren’t as sensitive to rules and there is something really liberating about being a woman now and doing things however you please! But that doesn’t take away that the love and respect I have for everything my mother taught me and I hope I can come up with fun rhymes like my mom did to teach my little girl things I want her to know.

But I do disagree with a few….and don’t worry mom, they are only the ones pertaining to a wardrobe!

I’m all for mixing navy and black and black and brown in a wardrobe.

Long gone are the days of scrutinizing your pants in the closet at 6 a.m. “Is this navy or is this black?!”

Girlfriend, it doesn’t matter! Just mix up your textures! I styled this winter look to show that you can easily mix different neutrals as long as you mix up textures. From black denim jeans, a suede moto jacket and buttery soft booties, I’m breaking a million color rules but somehow it feels like a lived in uniform and not a mistake.

This suede moto jacket is from Nordstrom and it is seriously such a fall and winter staple this year. It comes in a ton of color options and I’ve seen so many bloggers style it from casual to cocktail hour! The cropped jacket and edgy details are a bit unexpected for girly girls, but it’s a piece that feels like it just belongs in your closet and you’ve had it for years. I can’t wait to pair it with feminine dresses for church this fall and winter!

So cheers to rules we love and cheers to breaking rules we don’t! 😉 Thank you so much for reading!


In partnership with Nordstrom. All opinions are my own!

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  1. Katey, I love how you write every blog post incorporating a story- you’re such a gorgeous writer and you truly are my favorite blogger!! I love the black and brown together, wardrobe rules are for the birds <3
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

    Published 16 Nov 16Reply
  2. Lookin’ good as usual, Katey!

    I bet you will pass down a lot of your mothers’ rules to your little girl, but I agree the black/brown/navy one can go!

    Published 16 Nov 16Reply
  3. Grace wrote:

    My favorite Southern mom-ism: “Be a blessing.” I say it to my younger brother and sister now and will say it to my kids as they’re running out the door! Thanks for sharing Katey!


    Published 16 Nov 16Reply
  4. Melanie wrote:

    What a great outfit! I love brown and black together :-*

    Melanie /

    Published 16 Nov 16Reply
  5. Hannah wrote:

    I love the boots, jeans, and the bag! Such a cute look! And I think mixing textures is a great tip.

    Published 16 Nov 16Reply
  6. Love this outfit! Black and brown are one of my favorite combinations!

    Published 16 Nov 16Reply
  7. Leeann wrote:
    Published 16 Nov 16Reply
  8. Irina wrote:

    You look so cute! I’ve been eyeing that jacket but can’t decide if I should get it.

    And you’re seriously the queen of the mini baby bump! Adorable.

    Published 16 Nov 16Reply
  9. Mary-Katherine wrote:

    I grew up watching “What Not to Wear” with my mom and sisters – gosh we bowed down to Stacey and Clinton hahaa. One rule that I got from them is the rule pertaining to neutrals. Neutrals are named as such because they “go with everything” so in their rule, of course you can wear neutrals together. It actually does make sense!

    I always have friends asking me “can I wear black and navy” etc, etc, and I always come back to that rule. So much so that if friends who have heard me tell the rule before are around they’ll fill in for me in a sing-song voice imitating me “They’re neutrals!”

    Adore how you styled that suede jacket – I am still kicking myself for not snagging it during the Anniversary Sale!

    Published 16 Nov 16Reply
  10. Carly Young wrote:

    Oh my goodness you’re going to be the most precious southern mama – just like your mama sounds!!!

    Published 16 Nov 16Reply
  11. Your shoes and jacket are the perfect match <3

    Published 17 Nov 16Reply
  12. Love this outfit Katey! I bought that same suede moto jacket during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and cannot wait until it gets cool enough to pull out. Hope you’re having the best week!


    Published 17 Nov 16Reply