The Best Versatile Blouse

blouse casual jeans clutch blouse style casual blouse style Clare V Clutch Yumi Mules

Blouse: Lush [shade: lipstick], Here Too | Jeans: Shopbop | Mules: Sam Edelman | Clutch: Clare V. | Hoops: Gorjana | Sunglasses: Nordstrom | Bracelet: Julie Vos

If there is one thing you buy this summer, this versatile blouse should be it. Let me list the reasons why:

1.It comes in plenty of prints and shades to suit your skin tone or hair.

2. It has a v-neck so it automatically slims you if that is something you look for with tops.

3. The cross-straps provide a dressy element without being overly trendy. Because of this you could pair it with a skirt for date night.

4. It’s a flowy blouse so you can style it with daisy dukes and still feel appropriate since it will balance your look.

5. With its shape, you can front-tuck it in white jeans for date night or leave it out.

6. It’s under $50…need I say more?

7. It’s extremely breathable without being too sheer! We shot 4 looks this day in 95 degree heat in full sun. Even though this is long sleeve, this was the most breathable outfit I shot and I didn’t feel miserable.

8. If you are fuller chested the v-neck isn’t THAT deep. I always struggle with tops that have front details because then it is just a little too revealing. This blouse is modest and you don’t feel like it is too low cut. If you wear dressy jeans to church this top would work beautifully with them!

9. Although lightweight, the top isn’t see through. Now I can’t speak for the white shade, but you don’t see any bra or belly button action in these shots! I feel like so many summer tops are completely see through and even if you wear a cami or tank that’s what your eyes are drawn to. It makes the top really cheap.

10. The sleeve details are my favorite part! They aren’t bell-sleeve and yet they aren’t straight. This kind of sleeve shape is something I find in pricier tops and I love how it shows off your bracelets like shown in the last picture.

I could keep professing my love for this affordable option, but let’s just say I’m ordering black, emerald and a printed option as well! Puttin’ my money where my mouth is! 😉

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  1. Love the set of photos, and the detailings of the blouse! Beautiful colour too!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 27 Jun 17Reply
  2. Leslie wrote:

    Is the top you’re wearing a color that is unavailable currently?

    Published 27 Jun 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Leslie!

      Oh no! Yes the shade must have sold out last night! xo

      Published 27 Jun 17Reply
  3. Katie wrote:

    I have this top in white and it is a bit see through, but I wear a nude cami under it and it’s totally fine!

    Published 27 Jun 17Reply
  4. This color looks stunning on you! I’m also dying over how cute your bow shoes are! Happy Tuesday 🙂
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

    Published 27 Jun 17Reply
  5. Michelle Hammonds wrote:

    Great post Katey! Looking forward to the Nordstrom sale!


    Published 27 Jun 17Reply
  6. Roxy wrote:

    Love it when you shoot pics from the side, that way I can see how the clothes fit you from all angles.

    Published 27 Jun 17Reply
  7. Lisa wrote:

    Does this run large? I’m normally a small, should I buy S or XS?

    Published 27 Jun 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Lisa! It does! I’m a S normally and have on a small and would get an XS next time! xo

      Published 27 Jun 17Reply
  8. Amanda wrote:

    Quick question… How do you keep these shirts from so easily staining? I feel like I get “pit” marks before I even walk out my door. If you have any secrets please do share as I hate drying cleaning these every single time I wear them!

    Published 27 Jun 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Amanda! I am convinced my Donna Karan deodorant is magic! If I wear that I don’t have an issue! xo

      Published 27 Jun 17Reply
  9. Such a cute look, and that color looks great on you! Also, need those shoes!

    xoxo brandi

    Published 27 Jun 17Reply
  10. Stephanie wrote:

    Love this top on you! And thanks for mentioning the v-neck- I’m always worried about tops like this being too low-cut!

    Published 27 Jun 17Reply
  11. Janine wrote:

    Oh!! Feathers!! I love that store! So eclectic and interesting! Beautiful Tomboy looks. What have you bought there?

    Published 16 Jul 17Reply